Budget headphones Hiper TWS Lazo X10 Black

Hello friends, today we will consider an interesting and budget analogue of Apple AirPods headphones in black, HIPER TWS Lazo X10 Black headphones. Let’s not forget about unpacking and a detailed review of the appearance with nuances. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments or share this review with your friends.

Main characteristics
Type wireless tws earbuds
Wireless standard IEEE 802.15.1, 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz
Charging time 1 hour
Charging port Lightning
Supported codecs SBC
Degree of protection IP54
Headphone battery capacity 60mAh(2x30mAh)
Case battery capacity 180 mAh
Headphone speakers 13 mm, 32 Ohm
Battery life in case 6 h
Waiting time 140 h
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity 112 dB
Wireless connection Bluetooth 5.1
Buttons sensory
Wireless coverage 10 m
Working temperature -10 +50 °C
Unpacking, kit overview

After we got acquainted with the main characteristics of the headphones, let’s start unpacking and see what awaits us in the kit. Meets packaging made in black. The front side shows the headphones themselves, the name and model. We can also notice in the lower right corner that we have a promo code for free use of VK combo for three months (only for new users). On the sides, we have the headphone colors available for selection (blue, white and black) and their main advantages. On the back of the packaging, we have the main technical characteristics of the headphones and basic legal information.

Inside the package, we are greeted by headphones and a charging case in a white plastic package, very tightly fixed, which will avoid movement and scratches of the headphones during transportation.

Under it we have: charging wire, instruction manual and stickers.


Headphones are made in black glossy color. A small minus is that such a coating is poorly resistant to scratches in the long term.

The case is made similar to the case from Airpods, only shorter. On the front side we have an extruded part for opening the lid and a light with an indication of operation. On the back we have a button for connecting to the phone via Bluetooth, the name and model number. At the bottom there is a lightning connector for charging the case.

Inside the case are connectors for charging headphones.

The headphones themselves, similarly to Airpods, have the most similar shape, only shorter than that of Apple. On the headphones themselves there is a sensor for controlling music and voice assistants. At the bottom of the connector for charging in the case. The headphone speakers themselves are covered with a special mesh.


Use begins with a full charge of the case. You can use the wire that is included, but it is short and I tested it on the wire from the iPhone and everything is charging well.

After the device has been charged, a burning indicator signals this to us, we can start using it. To do this, you need to get both headphones out of the case and the inclusion will happen automatically. Headphones are paired and paired automatically, then add the ”HIPER TWS LAZO” device in the phone settings. If you wish, you can use one of the headphones, for this you need to get the right one from the case and connect via bluetooth. I was pleased that in the headphones many actions, for example, the connection are spoken in Russian. On iOS, the remaining charge of the headphones is displayed.

Headphones are controlled at an intuitive level, namely:

  • one short press play/pause
  • long touch – call the voice assistant
  • two touches (right) – next track
  • two taps (left) – previous
  • when calling, one touch – answer the call (reverse actions end the conversation)
  • three short touches (left) – volume down
  • three short touches (right) – increase the volume

For visual comparison, I took some photos of HIPER TWS Lazo X10 Black with Apple airpods. Since they are similar in shape to Apple, the headphones do not cause any discomfort when worn. (I foresee questions about the condition of my old headphones, I will say that they were collectively painted and then the paint was only partially removed)

In terms of sound, everything is also good, namely deep bass (despite the fact that the headphones are not vacuum), well-designed highs and mids. I won’t say that the microphone is chic, but for short calls it’s not a bad option.

The headphones have an IP54 rating, which promises us protection from dust and splashing water.


With regards to autonomy and all the moments associated with the battery, the battery life in the case will last up to 6 hours, the time in playback mode is up to 4.5 hours, the standby time is up to 140 hours, but the charging time (case battery, 180 mAh capacity) from zero to 100% in about 1 hour. The battery capacity of one earphone is 30 mAh.


Of the minuses, I will only note that the case and the headphones themselves are poorly resistant to scratches.


From the positive points I will note:

  • simple and clear control
  • fast battery charging
  • You can charge the case with an iPhone cable
  • The dimensions of the case and earphones are smaller than those of the analog from Apple
Where can I buy?

You can buy HIPER TWS Lazo headphones in blue from the official supplier on Aliexpress with the possibility of sending from the Russian Federation by clicking on the link here .


Summing up, I’ll say that the HIPER TWS Lazo X10 Black headphones are an excellent budget analogue of Apple headphones, there are three colors to choose from, a compact size and a lightning port for charging. Do not forget to go to my profile, there you can find reviews on other technical devices and collections from Aliexpress.

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