Church calendar for May 14 – to whom believers pray

Which saint to pray on May 14 and whom the church honors, read in the material

What holiday is May 14 in the church calendar

On May 14, the church honors the memory of the Hieromartyr Macarius . What do we know about this day?

Church calendar for May 14 – the day of memory of the holy martyr Macarius

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the church honors the Hieromartyr Macarius.

Hieromartyr Macarius lived and performed his archpastoral activity in the Grand Duchy of Russia, Lithuania and Samogitia. It was the state of Ukrainians and Belarusians, which existed for 250 years and was formed after the victory over the Golden (Volga) Horde. Its official language was Old Russian (modern Ukrainian), and the vast majority of the population had a Christian faith.

In 1495, Hieromartyr Macarius became Metropolitan of Kyiv. At that time, the Kyiv and Moscow Metropolitan Churches already existed and developed separately. The final division of the Kyiv Metropolis took place between 1448 and 1458. Then Metropolitan Simeon made Saint Macarius Archimandrite of the Vilna Trinity Monastery. When Metropolitan Ion of Kyiv died in 1495, Macarius was appointed to this post by the Council of Russian (that is, Kyiv) bishops. Elders Dionysius and monk Herman were sent to receive a blessing to govern the metropolis.

Metropolitan Macarius was distinguished by great wisdom, he made considerable efforts to ease internal strife between the clergy and laity, and also took care of the development of the Kyiv Metropolis.

The saint lived in the city of Novogrudok (now Novogrudok, Belarus), where the main residence of the Kyiv metropolitans of that time was located. It was under Macarius that the plan for the possible restoration of the Kyiv principality, which was created by Grand Duke Alexander Kazimirovich, was discussed in the ruling circles of the Lithuanian-Russian state. And according to the ancient Kyiv tradition, they were seated on the princely throne only in St. Sophia of Kyiv. Therefore, Metropolitan Macarius had to go to Kyiv. He decided to do so in the spring of 1497.

In those days, traveling to Kyiv was very dangerous. The Tatars made frequent raids on the territory of Ukraine, but the way through the Mozyr region was considered free.

At the end of April 1497, Metropolitan Macarius and several clergymen and a few guards went to Kyiv. At the Pripyat River, the saint decided to stop for a rest. On May 1, 1497, he celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the local church. At this time, the Tatars attacked. The metropolitan urged all those gathered to hide, while he himself remained at the altar. There he was martyred.

Church calendar for May 14: video

Folk omens

  • May 14 is a clear day when you collect bread, the weather will also be clear.
  • On this day, ants fuss in the anthill, the next month will be rainy.
  • There are no clouds at sunrise, which means it will be a hot summer.

What not to do on May 14

  • On this day, you can not be lazy.
  • Can’t lend.
  • It is not advisable to quarrel and swear.

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