FX-Audio showed a new budget stereo amplifier FX 502E-L

While there is a new quarantine in China due to the coronavirus epidemic, new technology is presented on video presentations. On the alibaba platform, the Chinese manufacturer of affordable audio equipment FX-Audio showed its new products on video. We will focus on the FX 502E-L stereo amplifier.

The 2022 FX 502E-L is a deep upgrade of the 2020 FX-502SPRO. The 502SPRO was simple and built on a TPA3250 class D chip and had a maximum output of about 70W. Both devices are essentially budget desktop amplifiers for compact audio systems.

Here is a small backstage photo from the filming of the video presentation of the brand’s new audio equipment:

The technique shown in the presentation (from left to right):

DAC FX Audio DAC M1 in a blue case ( there is an overview of this solid device);

Tube preamplifier with built-in DAC: FX-AUDIO 6N3 (built on STM8S MCU+ES9018K2M+CM6642+NE5532+OPA2134);

And the novelty under discussion: the FX 502E-L stereo amplifier.

Acoustics from Summer Audio (this is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Fydea Digital Technology Company Limited, which we know as FX-Audio). We list the models by size:

  • Tiny acoustics Summer Audio S3 (ShP speaker 3″);
  • Desktop two-way acoustics Summer Audio A-401 (there is a detailed review of this model);
  • Large bookshelf two-way speakers Summer Audio H6 (6 inch bass / midrange speaker).

What is the FX-Audio FX 502E-L amplifier:

This is a compact (aluminum case dimensions 98x107x33 mm) class D amplifier with two signal inputs: linear on RCA connectors and Bluetooth 5.1 (SBC/AAC BR+EDR+BLE) with an external antenna. There is a black and silver version of the case.

On the front panel of the tone control knob for bass and treble, 7 dB of adjustment span. On the rear panel there are screw connectors for connecting acoustics with the ability to use 4 mm banana connectors.

Device architecture: SGM4806+NE5532+CS8673E+AC6951C. The amplifier delivers 45 watts per channel into 4 ohms with stock power, THD+N <0.05% at 1 watt.

The amplifier is equipped with a network switching power supply 19 V with a current of 4.7 A.

The new amplifier has already appeared in the company store on Aliexpress:


Source : alibaba.com

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