Honey with a QR code: the director of the Kalush Orchestra shared how the participants of Eurovision 2022 help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Director of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, representing Ukraine at Eurovision 2022, Mykola Kucheryavy spoke about the support of competing participants.

So, Ukrainian performers always talk about the war in Ukraine while communicating with artists and call for help.

As Kucheryavy noted on the air of the “United News” telethon, the feedback from people is crazy. In particular, the group turned to many participants in the competition, who eventually helped with funds for the Ukrainian army.

“We have honey with a QR code for donations to the Ukrainian army, we always give it. And we presented it to almost all the Eurovision participants. They all donated, it is not known how much, but they sent me screenshots,” he shared .

In addition, Nikolai stressed that the representative of Lithuania, Monika Liu, always comes out with the flag of Ukraine. And during a press conference, she spoke about the war in Ukraine, called on everyone to support our country and exclaimed “Glory to Ukraine!” .

Recall that earlier the director of the Kalush Orchestra spoke about the bans for the group at Eurovision 2022. In particular, the team was forbidden to show the first version of the production on stage.

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