Lines of solidarity and integration into European projects: Shmyhal announced new export opportunities

Ukraine will get new opportunities for exporting products abroad.

We are talking about “lines of solidarity” and integration into European projects.

This was announced on May 13 by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

“Yesterday, the European Commission announced the creation of “solidarity lines”. These are routes that will speed up exports and the work of customs between Ukraine and the EU. To speed up logistics, the European Commission will also create a special platform to facilitate border crossing through the “solidarity lines” and recommend trucks to EU market participants and other capacities for transportation,” Shmihal emphasized.

Also, the European Commission has already decided to conclude an agreement with Ukraine and update the map of the Trans-European Transport Network.

“That is, we are not only significantly expanding our export opportunities, but also continuing to integrate as much as possible into European projects. This is extremely important on the path of our full-fledged membership in the EU,” Shmihal said.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers resumes checks in Ukrainian companies providing utilities, in particular in the energy sector.

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