Modern clock in the interior: an overview of trends for the living room, kitchen, bedroom

Clocks in the interior are still relevant, the abundance of gadgets is not able to replace them. However, modern interior clocks bear little resemblance to those that were 10 years ago. How to choose a functional accessory that will effectively complement your trendy interior, emphasize your style and create a mood? The Air-Flip online store tells which clocks in home decoration are at the peak of popularity today.

Types of interior clocks

The first clock is considered to be solar. Time with their help was determined by the length and direction of the shadow on the dial. They were useless at night and in cloudy weather, so they were replaced by water, sand and candle. In the 8th century, Chinese craftsmen created mechanical watches, which later spread throughout the world. Already in the XIII-XIV centuries, such devices began to be installed on towers in Europe.

What types of watches do we use now?


These are the same mechanical watches that have been serving mankind for several centuries. The mainspring drives a set of gears. The arrows on the dial display the speed of movement of the wheels of the mechanism.

Grandfather clocks with weights in the interiors of living rooms first appeared in the 17th century and are still relevant in rooms decorated in Art Deco, Empire, Baroque and Classicism styles.

Modern models do not require manual winding. They run on batteries. Models with gears placed on the dial, which are in constant motion, are popular.

Air -Flip offers a wall-mounted RW model , where the gear mechanism is complemented by a pendulum. Parts move continuously, but absolutely silently. The interior becomes dynamic. Roman numerals and craquelure effect on the dial emphasize the vintage style of the accessory. Such a clock will look good in the interior of the bedroom .


Cards with numbers are attached to the rotating cylinder. When rotated, the top plate flips over to show the next character. The advantage of such a device is that energy is consumed only at the moment of changing numbers. It is believed that flip clocks are quite noisy, but modern models are completely silent.

The first such devices appeared in the middle of the 20th century, so we strongly associate them with retro design. Today, a flip clock on a wall or table looks perfect in a loft or minimalist interior.

The actual option for the interior of the living room will be the Air -Flip model  bronze . Streamlined glossy bronze-look case, black flip-over plates with large white numerals. Such an accessory will be the final detail in the design of the room.


There is no dial on such devices. The time is displayed on the screen as numbers. This clock is battery operated or plugged into an outlet.

An electronic wall clock looks appropriate in the interior of the office, as well as on the bedside table in the bedroom. Modern models allow you to place them in rooms decorated in scandi styles, functionalism, constructivism, etc.

Floor, table and wall clocks in the interior

Watch models differ not only in the type of device, but also in the possibility of installation. People place the clock on the wall in the interior of their room, as well as on the floor, table or nightstand. The choice depends on the purpose of the room, its design and convenience for the owner.

Wall clock in the interior

This type of device is the most popular, as it does not occupy functional surfaces. These clocks are especially convenient in the interior of the kitchen, where there is no place for extra accessories.

However, the accessory is suitable for any space: hallway and living room, office reception and waiting room. Thanks to the right design solution, the interior with a clock on the wall takes on a new look. There is a large selection of models for any style, size and purpose of space.

The accessory should be placed at the eye level of a person of average height. Calculate a comfortable viewing angle from anywhere in the room. Shelves and cupboards must not block the appliance.

Hang a wall clock in two ways:

  • with drilling the wall – for a hook on a self-tapping screw;
  • without drilling – using double-sided tape or special Velcro that does not leave marks on the walls.

Pay attention to the overturned wall model Big black. A fashionable minimalist accessory that will delightfully complement the interior of an industrial-style home or office. The clock mechanism is highly accurate and works completely silently.

Floor clock in the interior

Massive “lockers” with weights and a pendulum, made in a classic style for traditional interiors, are not relevant today. The opulent baroque and sophisticated Victorian style do not match the values and dynamics of modern life. Architecture and design today are concise, urban and technological.

Air-Flip offers a stylish flip-over Long model . The telescopic leg allows you to set the desired height of the accessory. The chrome body and matte black plates are an ultra-fashionable combination.

Table clock in the interior

These products are installed in different rooms on any surface: desktop, bedside table, chest of drawers or shelf. The main condition is that neighboring objects should not block the scoreboard, which can be viewed from all corners of the room.

The area of the room and the purpose of the clock determine their size. If the device is on the nightstand at the head of the bed and acts as an alarm clock, the numbers and arrows can be of medium size. As well as decorative items located on the makeup table. Another thing is the interior of the living room with a clock on a chest of drawers, which is located 5-6 meters from the sofa. In this case, the dial or display should be large enough and noticeable.

Time Capsule is a unique design model from the Air-Flip range that creates a unique mood. This is an unusual clock of futuristic design in a glass flask for high-tech interiors, minimalism and loft.

Clock in the interior of the kitchen, living room and other rooms

Whatever type of device you choose, it is important to position it correctly. Consider where to hang or place clocks in different rooms so that they are in a convenient place and are clearly visible.

Clock in the interior of the living room

Beautiful designer wall clocks can replace a picture or a panel, become the main focus in the design of the hall. To do this, they are hung on a section of the wall that is visible from the entrance itself, or in an area highlighted in a different color. A good place for an accessory is in front of a sofa or armchair. The desktop device is placed on a chest of drawers or a shelf near the TV.

Cloudnola 650 Number – a model from Air Flip , which deserves special attention. Impressive size, length – 65 cm, metal case, instead of numbers, Latin text is applied to the flip plates – all this makes the watch an accent item and gives originality to the room as a whole.

Clock in the interior of the hallway

We see this accessory first when entering the house. It should not stand out from the design of the room, but on the contrary, stylishly complement it. It can be either a large product that occupies a free wall, or a standard device that supports the concept of the entire hallway. Table clocks on a shelf or bedside table are usually less visible, so it is recommended to hang the accessory on the wall.

Gear Model  Bronze 009 with an open gear mechanism will become an indispensable decorative element in a loft, vintage or minimalist hallway. The aged bronze-effect dial features continuously rotating gears .

Clock in the interior of the bedroom

The ticking of hands, the cuckoo and other clock noises prevent people from resting. Therefore, usually in the bedroom there are alarm clocks on the bedside table. If it was decided to hang the accessory on the wall, it is better to choose models of a neutral color that is in harmony with the overall gamut of the room.

For lovers of unusual accessories and owners of pop-art interiors, Air-Flip offers flip clock TV with backlight. They will take their place on the nightstand next to the bed. The unique design will decorate the interior, will cheer you up and energize you for the whole day!

If you are looking for interior clocks, the Air-Flip online store has a large selection of unusual designs for different rooms and styles. Here they carry out individual and corporate orders, make laser engraving of company symbols and inscriptions.

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