On the eve of a favorable match Match for peace #StopWarInUkraine, Ukrainian artists called to stop the extraction procedure for the "Azov"

On Friday, May 13, at 19:00 in the capital of Estonia, the final match of the first series Match for peace #StopWarInUkraine of Dynamo Kyiv took place. The football club “Flora” became the superman of this duel for support of Ukraine, the match ended with a score of 3:0 to the fury of “Dynamo”.

To the gazidachiv, the seriy of the attached vitasky vyd Ukrainian artists, the yaki beasted to the miracles of the Audituations of the MISTOVAMA MARIUPOL TAL TAKE OF ECSTROSKI-ARISH “Azovtsya”. The football players of “Dynamo” were chosen for the match by the T-shirts with images of the Mother of God Oranti and Sophia of Kiev. Symbolically, Aje Mariupol is named in honor of the Divine Mary. And leading the sunset, the stars and the guests of the stadium were dressed in thin T-shirts with the sweatlines of Ukrainian heroes, like to harrow “Azovstal” near Mariupol, in the middle of them, the paramedic of the Azov regiment Khasan, Kateryna “Ptashka”, Bogdan Krotevich, Illya Samoylenko, Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalina Palamar ), Sergiy Volinsky (Volina), Denis Prokopenko.

An artistic performance, which has become a special feature of the Dynamo’s practically skin-friendly make-up, which has once united eight diverse artists with a laborious huge position. The podiya rose with the sensitive lip of Oleksandra Lіshchuk , a bagger from Mariupol, who wrote a shrill song dedicated to Mary.

The anthem of Ukraine was chanted for the first time by two artists – the leader of the Antitila group, the fighter of the territorial defense forces of the ZSU Taras Topolya , who at the same time sang with his brothers from Kharkiv, that Ukrainian rap-vikonavitsa alyona alyona , who performed from the stands .

So alyona alyona together with Jerry Heil sang the author’s “Prayer”, as if uniting millions of Ukrainians in their sleep experiences.

Already traditionally, on the lookout, she checked “Oh, at the puddle of red viburnum” – the legendary arrow song, which became a symbol of the Ukrainian opposite, at the Vikonan alyona alyona, Jerry Heil and Khristina Solovyi .

Having unmistakably sung Khristina Solovyi’s song ” Trymay “, as if she was victorious in duet with the 12-year-old Ksenia Reznitskaya – a young couple who was born that formerly lived in Mariupol, entrusted with the theater, which is so ruthlessly roaring the enemy.

After the end of the match , Vira Kekelia, Marta Adamchuk and the Estonian couple gave the watchers the hit “Imagine” – John Lennon’s cult song, which is a symbol of pacifism.

Krym tsgogo, this year’s match was celebrated with an important date – the 95th anniversary of the football club “Dynamo Kyiv” . The club with a glorious history, traditions and great achievements was founded exactly 95 years ago, on May 13, 1927. Dynamo is the most titled club in Ukraine. Kiyani girls in their history won the Cup of Volodar Cups and once the European Super Cup. 29 times Dynamo became the champion. Among the famous graves of Dynamo are three heroes of the Golden Ball – Oleg Blokhin, Igor Belanov and Andriy Shevchenko. The legendary coach of Dynamo Valery Lobanovsky, who died exactly 20 years ago, is considered one of the best football specialists of his time. The same wine was your own person, as she set the whole vector for the development of football science.

Hopefully, we will help you to sell tickets for pennies, as well as donate, as it is necessary to support the TV broadcast, will be directed towards the greatest humanitarian problems that have been blamed through the full-scale war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine . Зокрема, кошти безпосередньо потраплять на рахунки Міністерства соціальної політики України і підуть на задоволення продовольчих потреб та облаштування місць розміщення біженців та громадян, які у зв’язку з бойовими діями залишили місце свого проживання, забезпечення їх одягом та взуттям, надання ліків та медичних препаратів; providing the population with the goods of the first necessity, the provision of one-time penny assistance, the satisfaction of the other first needs of the life of the people.

The initiator of the Match for peace #StopWarInUkraine project is the football club “Dynamo”, which celebrated its 95th anniversary on May 13, which is one of the largest media holdings in Northern Europe 1 + 1 media. The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. Maxim Radutskiy is the sponsor of the favorable tour of FC Dynamo.

Usi financial vitrati in the boundaries of the project cover the football club “Dynamo Kiev”.

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