Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton wired mechanical keyboard review

Red Square makes peripherals that are a pleasure to use out of the box. You can find a device to your liking and wallet. And to maintain the image, the company regularly updates existing or releases new devices. Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton skeleton format. Let’s get to know her better.


Model Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton (RSQ-20031)
Type TKL (80%) backlit wired mechanical keyboard
Switches Gateron Red: Linear type, 45 grams of force, 2.2 mm travel before actuation, 4 mm total travel; mechanical
caps ABS double molding
Number of keys 87 pcs
Peculiarities Lubrication of all switches and stabilizers, 2 tilt angles, easy replacement of caps (tool included)
Backlight RGB, mode and color selection without additional software, switchable
Availability of software Keyrox TKL Skeleton
Cable USB 1.8 m
Dimensions 357*130*23mm
The weight 855 g

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The black and red cardboard packaging is tough enough to protect your device on its way to your desktop.

The information on the box is presented in full. There is a color image of the keyboard, features and specifications are listed. You can get some picture about the device and its capabilities.

The keyboard is in TKL format. It has an edit block and function keys, but no number pad. Often, users and players simply do not need it. The body is made of plastic. The skeleton design assumes that the switches are located directly on the case and are not recessed into it, i.e. everything is in sight. This appearance is very popular lately, so they release updated versions of popular devices.

OEM keyboard profile, ANSI format – Enter one-story, wide shifts, F1 key located above “2”. The caps are made of double-molded ABS plastic and have a slight bend, except for the gap, it is convex.

As already mentioned, keycaps are made of ABS plastic, they can be replaced with any other, both in color and in material. Maybe you have your favorite PBT caps in red color with custom font on them. Switches are used mechanical Gateron red type. There is no hot swap, so only the appearance of the keyboard can be changed.

Stabilizers are on all large keys, except for TAB and “|/”, as is often the case – they are no longer small, but not yet large. All stabilizers, like switches, are lubricated, and the first ones are so plentiful that a “surplus” is visible near Enter, well, or someone didn’t wipe the keyboard before assembly. After all, they are lubricated by hand, and it is human to err. In any case, it’s okay, it’s easier to remove the excess with a cotton swab than to smear everything yourself.

On the reverse side there are silicone feet that will prevent slipping on the table. There is also a standard information label.

And of course, there are retractable legs that will allow you to change the angle of the keyboard. Support with a silicone pad, which is also involved in holding the device in one place.

The connection cable, 1.8 meters long, is dressed in paracord and wound with Velcro tape, which we can use to fasten the excess. Medium hard cable.

The kit includes a warranty card, a user manual and a puller for removing keycaps, for example, for cleaning or changing to your favorite ones.

The manual is desirable for reading, because. there are no symbols on the keyboard, except for the main one, and you can find out how to set up the backlight or control the player only through pain (by pressing everything with the Fn key), or by your mind, having studied the manual. In general, RTFM is more suitable here than ever.


After connecting the cable to the PC, we can immediately use the keyboard, which means we can evaluate it.

The behavior of the keys on the red switches does not bring any surprises. Gateron make good switches that are fairly consistent in quality. In the Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton, this fact is not violated, typing and playing on the keyboard is pleasant and easy. It was not necessary to get used to, unless you are moving from a different type of switch. No false positives or underpressures. The keyboard behaves as it should – press = actuation. Unless, of course, you set yourself a goal, so as not to press the key and print with the touch of your fingertips. But if you do not create problems for yourself, then the keyboard will not let you down. The keystroke is standard for a red mechanical switch.

The sound of pressing is moderately deaf and soft. There is only the sound of the end point of the key, which can be reduced with the help of rings / spacers, but only if you need it. If you do not touch anything, then the sound is quite normal, again for red switches. But what is important is that there is no ringing of springs with any force / sharpness / aggression of pressing, which is quite annoying in inexpensive keyboards and frankly incomprehensible in expensive ones. All the same, lubrication is needed in the keyboard, it removes a lot of extraneous sounds and makes the key travel more pleasant. You can evaluate the sound in a short video.

When connecting the keyboard, we immediately find ourselves in Las Vegas.

At the maximum brightness level, the keyboard glows very strongly in the dark. But that’s what the regulation is for. And the most important thing in the backlight is the ability to turn it off completely. Here all this is implemented, you can adjust the brightness, speed, effects and colors at your discretion and without any software, in addition, you can record your own backlight. For me, there is the most important thing – brightness control and the ability to set a static backlight of neutral colors. It can be fine-tuned in the software, which can be downloaded from the link . The kit also includes a file for updating the firmware.

By modern standards, the software is quite poor in functionality and uses rather creepy-looking fonts. Highlighting and macro recording are customizable.

Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton (RSQ-20031) can be purchased at CSN stores



The Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton is a compact keyboard with time-tested red switches. This keyboard is a good introduction to the world of mechanical keyboards. Small size, lubrication of switches and stabilizers, finely tuned lighting, macro recording – all this is basic, but necessary functionality for modern mechanics.

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