Scholz told what he said to Putin about the war in Ukraine during a telephone conversation

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today, May 13, had a telephone conversation with President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin.

The head of the German government named three main theses, which he voiced to the leader of Russia.

“Three points from my lengthy telephone conversation with Putin today: There must be an early ceasefire in Ukraine. The claim that the Nazis are in power there is wrong. And I also reminded him of Russia’s responsibility for the global food situation,” Scholz wrote in hisTwitter .

It is worth noting that after the conversation between Scholz and Putin, the Kremlin’s website reported that the parties discussed the course of the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations, which, according to the Russian president, were allegedly “blocked by Kyiv.” In addition, Scholz and Putin discussed humanitarian aspects. It was about the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

Recall that on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine , inflicting a series of missile and air strikes on our cities, including Kiev. A large-scale invasion has been going on for the 79th day (war of 8 years). The occupiers continue to destroy Ukrainian villages, towns and cities with cruise missiles and air bombs, killing the civilian population and causing devastating destruction to the infrastructure.

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