"So many aircraft of the Russian Federation have not lost in any war for decades": Zelensky reported on the downed anniversary aircraft of the occupiers

The Russian Federation continues to suffer significant losses both in military equipment and manpower.

According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, since the beginning of the war unleashed by Russia, the army of the aggressor country has lost 27,000 soldiers. The head of state also announced the 200th downed Russian military aircraft.

The head of Ukraine spoke about this in a traditional evening video message on Friday, May 13.

“Today we can report on the 200th downed Russian military aircraft . Russia has not lost so many aircraft in any war in decades. And Russia has lost almost 27 thousand soldiers , and many of them are young conscripts. Russia has lost more than three thousand tanks,Armored combat vehicles, a large number of conventional military vehicles, helicopters, drones and all their prospects as a state. And what is all this for? So that a monument to Lenin would stand in the temporarily occupied Genichesk for a little while? There is no other result in Russia and there will not be,” he said. Zelensky.

The head of state cannot foresee the timing of the end of the war , but he stressed that the authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to speed up the end of hostilities and the liberation of the occupied Ukrainian territories.

“In fact, no one today can predict how long this war will last. But we are doing everything so that our land can be liberated quickly. This is our priority – every day to work so that the war is shorter. However, it depends “Unfortunately, not only from our people, who are already taught to the maximum. It depends on our partners. From European countries, from the entire free world. I am grateful to everyone who is working to strengthen sanctions against Russia and to increase defense and financial support for us, for Ukraine . This is the only recipe for protecting freedom in the face of Russian invasion. And for Western countries, this is not just an expense. This is not about accounting. This is about the future,” the Ukrainian president said.

Zelensky also addressed the states of Europe, which are slowing down the sanctions packages against Russia. He recalled that due to the blocking of Ukrainian ports by Russia , a food crisis is expected in the world, and millions of people will suffer from hunger.

“The world has already recognized that Russia’s blockade of our ports and this war are provoking a large-scale food crisis. Russian officials are also openly threatening the world with the fact that there will be famine in dozens of states. And what could be the consequences of such a famine? To what political instability and what migration? “What flows will it bring? How much then will have to be spent to overcome the consequences? These are the questions that need to be answered by those who slow down the sanctions packages against Russia or try to postpone assistance to Ukraine,” he stressed.

The President of Ukraine called on the world community to increase pressure on Russia.

“Every day of war is an increase in global threats, these are new opportunities for Russia to provoke instability in other regions of the world, not only here in Europe. And these are new lives lost in Ukraine: Ukrainians, Ukrainian women who give the most so that everyone can live freely “I emphasize this: everyone, including those in countries where they still find time to argue instead of investing in assistance to the maximum. Therefore, much more pressure is needed on Russia. And I say this very frankly and every day to everyone, who it depends on,” Zelensky said.

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