The director of the Kalush Orchestra spoke about the ban on the group at Eurovision 2022

The director of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, which made it to the final of the Eurovision 2022 contest, Mykola Kucheryavy, spoke about the bans on the musical championship.

So, on the air of the telethon “United News” he said that the team still faced political censorship. In particular, the group was banned from showing a patriotic production on stage.

Eurovision is a competition where there are quite a lot of bans. At first, our number had a fairly strong and clear expression about the war in Ukraine and a clear message. But we were banned from it, referring to the politicization of our number. Eurovision argues that this is, first of all, a music competition, and not the UN Council or the G7. But we understand our mission and at every interview, to every person we tell that there is a war in Ukraine,” Kucheryavy said.

In addition, he recalled how a member of the Icelandic group Systur took the stage with a blue and yellow flag on her arm. According to Nikolai, the artist wanted to perform with a large flag, but the organizers of the competition did not allow this.

Also, the director of the band thought that such a crazy success of the Kalush Orchestra at the competition had more influence – condolences to Ukraine because of the war or a song. So, Mykola Kucheryavy noted that Ukraine has always been interested in Ukrainian folk with modern motives in Europe and added that the war also had an impact. However, he noted that before the Russian invasion, the group was promised a place in the top five.

Recall that the performance of the Kalush Orchestra sets a record for views on YouTube. The video of the speech of the representative of Ukraine collected the most views.

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