Ukrainian army disrupts Russian offensive in Donbas – Pentagon

Ukrainian artillery disrupts Russian efforts to advance in the Donbas.

According to a senior US defense official, in particular, the Russian army is being defeated while crossing the Seversky Donetsk River in order to strengthen its position in the north of Donbass.

This was stated by a senior official from the US Department of Defense, reports CNN .

Also, according to the official, there is a lot of fighting between Izyum and Slavyansk, but the Russians are not making much progress there. At the same time, he notes, Russian forces have made gradual gains west of Popasnaya.

Meanwhile, most of the M777 howitzer artillery systems the U.S. handed over to Ukraine are in forward deployment, the official told reporters on Friday. “The feedback we’re getting from gunners in Ukraine is very positive about the usefulness of the M777,” the official said.

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