Ukrzaliznytsia cancels evacuation trains: only one flight remains

“Ukrzaliznytsia” completes the program of evacuation trains due to a significant decrease in the number of passengers using such flights.

At the same time, the company leaves one such evacuation flight running from Pokrovsk, Donetsk region.

Oleksandr Kamyshin, head of Ukrzaliznytsia, spoke about this at a briefing.

“The railway continues to operate on schedule. We are finishing the evacuation program. We continue it only in the direction from Donbass. We have only one evacuation train for yesterday. And more and more people use the normal regular service of Ukrzaliznytsia,” the director of the company said.

He also said that during May 12, the company carried 30,000 passengers and only 177 were passengers on evacuation flights.

“At the same time, we continue to provide an evacuation service where it is really needed . We are currently doing it with Pokrovsk and will do it as long as it is needed. Fewer and fewer people use it, but these are people who have limited mobility and the railway is the only way to leave,” Kamyshin explained.

Recall that Ukrzaliznytsia offers a new hub route to and from Warsaw : the schedule has been published.

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