Filaret consecrates “PR paskas” with symbols of “Batkivschyna” for military

In social media, the consecration of “party Easter cakes” was perceived as blasphemy. The chief of the General Staff of the Supreme Council of Ukraine issued a decree which prohibits taking such paskas for the military. The head of the... Read more

A woman sustains severe head injuries by the temple seizure in Ptichya

The female parishioner of the UOC, who was injured during the capture of the Holy Assumption church in Ptichya village, was diagnosed. Doctors revealed a closed craniocerebral injury, a concussion of the brain and a bruise of the temple. It... Read more

MinCult goes to Zaporozhye to deal with “the most problematic UOC eparchy”

The Expert Council of the Department for Religions and Nationalities of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine plans to hold a retreat in Zaporozhye at the end of April. In the commentary to RISU, Director of the Department Andrei Yurash... Read more

Nationalists demand from Government to take away Pochaev Lavra from UOC

The demand was put forward during the anti-oligarchic march of nationalists, which took place on April 3 in Kiev. Radicals require that the Cabinet of Ministers should abolish the documents of 2003 on the transfer of the Holy Dormition Pochaev... Read more

We are waiting for Ministry of Culture in court! – UOJ statement

Response of the Union of Orthodox Journalists to new manipulative accusations from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. On March 29, 2018, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine published a statement on “confrontational rhetoric in publications on the site of... Read more

End of blockade: UOC community succeeds in unsealing temple in Ptichia

The Dubno District Court lifted the temporarily imposed arrest on the Holy Assumption Church in the village of Ptichia, which belongs to the community of the UOC. As reported by a UOJ the correspondent, on April 2, 2018, the court... Read more

Faithful raise funds to build a temple in Kuty instead of the seized one

The UOC community of Kuty village turned to the Charitable Fund Tabor with a request to assist them in building a new church. The news on launching a new project “Kuty: A House Temple” within the program “40 temples” is... Read more

UOC comments on information about “investigation” of SBU

Because of the ongoing election campaign, the Church theme is constantly being exploited by unscrupulous politicians, believes a representative of the UOC. No official statements about the investigation of the activities of the UOC have ever sounded, and the head... Read more

Host of show “Down with Moscow Patriarchate” urges UGCC to change calendar

The host of the TV channel “Zik” Ostap Drozdov states that all those living according to the Julian calendar are “non-humans”. The author of the show called the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk a “coward”, because he “is afraid”... Read more

SBU in Donbass looking for manipulative texts published by UOC

Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine also claim that the monks of the Sviatogorsk Lavra distributed icons of the Mother of God with a prayer of “pro-Russian content”. The inquiry is made via the study of the church literature... Read more

Ministry of Culture finds opening Phanar Metochion in Ukraine irreversible

According to representatives of the ministry, the state in this issue demonstrates a “unique” unity, despite the multi-confessionalism of the country’s leaders. It is still too early to speak about the exact date of the opening of the Constantinople Patriarchate’s... Read more

A UOC temple in the Verkhovna Rada claimed for closure

Political expert Aleksei Koshel demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs take legal measures regarding St. Vladimir church of the UOC, which had allegedly “seized” the premises of the Rada. The address in the Interior Ministry on behalf of the... Read more

UOC community of Chudnitsa wins a court vs. executive service of Ukraine

On March 28, the Economic Court of the Rovno region satisfied the complaint of the UOC religious community of St. Paraskeva in the village of Chudnitsa, Goshcha district. As reported by the correspondent of the UOJ, the parish complained about... Read more

President asked to protect Trinity Cathedral in Sumy from seizure

Archbishop Eulogius of Sumy and Akhtyrka has sent a letter to Petro Poroshenko. In his message to the Head of State, the archbishop expressed concern over the intentions of the leadership of the UOC KP to initiate the seizure of... Read more

Diocese broken away from UAOC asks UGCC head for intercession

On March 28, the Kharkov-Poltava diocese of the UAOC (r) held the 29th Council, which adopted a plan to merge with Greek Catholics. The draft will be posted on diocesan web resources after the finalization of the results of the... Read more

Pro-family petition “violating LGTB rights” removed from President’s site

The Ombudsman Oksana Filipishina in her letter to the APU stated that it contains signs of incitement to discrimination. The author of petition No. 22/042484-еп “On the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality”, which suddenly disappeared from the site of Petro... Read more

Shevchuk blames Russia and Germany for feud between Ukrainians and Poles

Sviatoslav Shevchuk said that the reason for the hostility between the Poles and Ukrainians is “Russian Soviets” and “German Nazis”. According to the leader of the UGCC, whose members are notable for their radical nationalist rhetoric, the basis of the... Read more

Ukrainians forbidden to refuse ID-cards for religious reasons

The Supreme Court prohibited faithful Ukrainians to refuse ID-cards substituting passports. The Cassation Administrative Court of the Supreme Court took an appropriate decision as an exemplary one. In all similar litigation cases, the decision will be binding, reports Ukrainian News.... Read more

Truce is declared in Donbass for Easter holidays

A truce has been declared in the military zone for the time of Easter holidays. A Tripartite Contact Group on regulating the situation in Donbass announced that the truce would be started from March 30, 2018, at 00:01 am, writes... Read more

Roman Bessmertny: Power must delegate part of the authority to Churches

The state of Ukraine must conclude an agreement (concordat) with the Churches that have representative offices in the occupied Donbass and Crimea, according to Roman Bessmertny. It is necessary to take such a step so that the power could hand... Read more

In Kuty church raiders keep electricians out of UOC church

Filaret’s followers, who seized the Holy Righteous Anna Church of Kuty in the Shumsk district of the Ternopol region, again provoked the conflict round the temple. As a UOJ correspondent reports, the community, the owner of the church, which restored... Read more

Filaret and “Right Sector” discuss issues of mutual interest

The leaders of right-wing radicals discussed with the head of the UOC KP “cooperation” in the transfer of religious communities to the Kiev Patriarchate. At the meeting that took place on March 19, Filaret and members of the “Right Sector”... Read more

UOC community of Kinakhovtsy upholds its right to court defense

The Lvov Court of Appeal has resumed proceedings of the lawsuits of UOC believers of the village of Kinakhovtsy, unlawfully rejected by the Zbarazh District Court. The Court of Appeal upheld the right of UOC believers of vlg. Kinakhovtsy of... Read more

UN expresses concern about the campaign of intolerance against UOC

The UN Human Rights Council condemned the campaign on discrimination, hate speech and manifestations of intolerance towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In the Report on the Human Rights Situation in Ukraine by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner... Read more

UNO condemns radicals’ attack on the UOJ office

The UN believes that the attack of the right-wing group S14 on the editorial office of the UOJ is a direct violation of human rights and freedom of the media. The UN Human Rights Council expressed concern by the incidence... Read more