UGCC “chaplains” who seized a temple in Kolomyia turn out impostors, – UOC

Following the raider seizure by the “Uniate chaplains” of the Annunciation temple in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy forwarded an inquiry to the law enforcement bodies of the AFU. The reply was that “the UGCC priests in question are not subordinated to the regular Ukrainian troops.” It is reported by the press-service of the eparchy.

On October 18, the so-called Coordination Council of military chaplains, which includes Uniate priests – Nikolai Medinsky, Mikhail Arsenich, Yuri Atamaniuk, Vasily Dovganiuk, Mikhail Dziuba, Nikolai Ostafiychuk and others – illegally seized the Annunciation church in Kolomyia.

The parishioners of the UOC, whose legal right to the church was recognized by the court on October 4, are not admitted to the temple.

The so-called “chaplains” of the UGCC have brought aboard representatives of the “Black Hundred”, who pitched tents around the church.

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