Lutsk deputy offers his colleagues to grab the UOC temple

On October 25, at the session of the City Council, deputy from Lutsk Pavel Danilchuk offered his colleagues to take away in “quite an unlawful way” the temple of All Saints of Volyn Lands from the UOC eparchy in Volyn, writes

Reportedly, during the discussion on the construction of the church on Konyakina Street in Lutsk, Danilchuk said that in this neighborhood there already exists a church that has been built for several years now.

“I invite all factions, all deputies, let’s take this temple. Perhaps this is not entirely legal, but let’s all go out to the rally, we will gather activists. I am sure that “Svoboda” (radical organization – ed.) will support me, because we met Kirill together (ROC Patriarch – ed.) in 2008. Let’s fight for the Ukrainian church,” the deputy called.

He said that on this street it is better to build a kindergarten than another temple.

The situation was commented by the spokesman of Volyn eparchy of the UOC, Protopriest Oleg Tochinsky.

“It is not clear which article of the Constitution of Ukraine the deputy of Lutsk City Council Pavel Danilchuk is guided by, expressing such judgments. If we live in a state governed by the rule of law and act solely in the legal field, then the relevant authorities should respond to such an official statement,” he said.

He added that deputies of any of the European countries would not allow themselves such statements. “We hope that the commission of Lutsk City Council on the observance of human rights, legality, fight against crime and corruption, deputy activity, ethics and regulations will give a proper assessment of Mr. Danilchuk’s statement in order to prevent such situations,” the priest added.

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