In Gribovitsa Filaret followers break into the house of UOC clergyman

In the village of Gribovitsa, Volyn region, representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate broke into the house where the family of the priest of the local UOC community resides. Raiders are taking things out of the house, enjoying the inaction of the police present. This was reported by Archpriest Oleg Tochinsky, a press secretary of the Volyn diocese of the UOC, on
his Facebook page.

The house, in which Archpriest Igor Margita, his wife, his daughter and a minor son are registered, was built by the Holy Protection community of the UOC for the clergyman.

Members of the Kyiv Patriarchate, who seized the temple of the UOC in Gribovitsa in the autumn of 2015, has been blackmailing the rector who lives in the church house for the last two years, demanding that he move out.

In 2017, the Gribovitsa village council refused to register the ownership of the land on which the church house stands. Archpriest Igor Margita filed a lawsuit on the refusal of the local authorities to provide this property for his use.

On October 26, 2017, on the day of the attack, at 14:30 a court session was to be held in Ivanichi, but the trial was again postponed.

The UOJ is following the developments.

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