More than 100 thousand believers expected at Goloseevo Monastery of Kiev on October 30

On October 30, the Holy Protection Goloseevo monastery of Kiev will celebrate the 29th anniversary of the repose of nun Alipia (Avdeeva) – a hermit, especially revered by Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, according to
the Information Centre of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“Mother Alipia left her will:” Come to me, cry, and I will hear.” For many years, the doors of the monastery are open all day on this feast. At night, tens of thousands of Kievites come here, trying to have time to pray and pay their respect to Mother Alipia before the start of the working day. On the anniversary of the repose of the honored devotee, many pilgrims come from different parts of Ukraine and abroad,” said Bishop Isaac (Andronik), the abbot of the Goloseevo Monastery.

“Mother Alipia continued the spiritual feats of the Goloseevo elders. She carried a feat of foolishness for Christ’s sake, day and night prayed, accepted people, treated their soul and body. By the humble bearing of sorrows, the Lord bestowed upon her the gift of healing and prophecy. People still go to the nun with their troubles and pain every day. In the tomb, where the blessed elder rests, at any moment, on any day, 20-30 people stand in a kneeling prayer. And today, through Mother Alipia, people come to God,” said Bishop Isaac.

On October 30, the Bishop’s Divine Liturgy will start at 08.00, followed by the requiem for Mother Alipia. Then there will be a traditional festive meal for pilgrims – the distribution of a famous monastic treat in memory of my mother. The location map of the monastery is here.

The publication of a new book with the testimonies of people who had a miracle in the prayers of Mother Alipia to the Lord is scheduled for the end of the year.

According to the Goloseevo Monastery, in 2016, on the day of memory of Mother Alipia, about 130 thousand believers attended the monastery.

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