People’s deputy Yelensky promises speedy adoption of scandalous bill No. 4128

The Verkhovna Rada is ready to approve amendments to the law “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations”, said one of the initiators of the bill, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality Viktor Yelensky expressed to the
“Slovo i Delo” (“Word and Deed”).

“There was an understanding that first of all it is necessary to give time to reforms. Now when pension, medical and judicial reforms, as well as the reform of the education system, have already been adopted, all possibilities have appeared to consider this bill. When the meical reform was being adopted, my colleagues came to me and said: as soon as we approve it, we can consider your project,” the MP said.

According to the deputy, the chances for approval of the bill are quite high. “Of course, it will be opposed by the Oppobloc, which implements the policy of the Moscow Patriarchate, in fact, the Kremlin’s policy. There are no other opponents of the bill in the parliament,” he said.

On October 21, at a meeting of the “synod”, the Kyiv Patriarchate decided to support bills Nos. 4128 and 5309, which make it possible to decide on the transfer to another denomination by a simple majority of persons present at the meeting, who identify themselves with the community, and by political decision make changes to the name of religious organizations.

In May, even the bishop of the RCC Jan Sobylo noted that there is a danger of religious war if bill No. 4128 should be adopted and called it “the end of freedom of conscience in Ukraine”, and Bishop Stanislav Shirokradiuk said about Yelensky’s bill that “everything is done to ensure that the Kyiv Patriarchate can appropriate the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate. A corrupt scheme is being created.”

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