In Kolomyia Uniates want not to come to terms but whiten their image, – Mass Media

Rhetoric of the UGCC leadership due to the raider seizure of the Annunciation temple of the UOC in Kolomyia reveals the fact that Uniates actually have no intention of reconciling with the Orthodox but just try to recover their image damaged in the result of excesses of the Uniate clergy in Kolomyia. It was reported by journalist Sergey Nazarchuk, writes Ukrainian News.

The journalist reminded that the UGCC clergymen threatened the UOC believers with Kalashnikov assault rifles, said they would cut their throats, and took part personally in the bashing of the Orthodox faithful.

According to the journalist, head of the Greek Catholics, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, in his statement tries to initially put the local authorities in the position of the guilty. “This is aimed not only at removing from the Uniates responsibility for the seizure, but also “stimulating” it to “wipe out the blame.” In the text of his commentary, the UGCC head gives a clue how this can be done, emphasizing the moral right of the Uniates to occupy the Annunciation church,” he said.

According to Nazarchuk, the goal of the UGCC is to shift the settlement of the issue to a commission, which would include representatives of both denominations and local authorities. “Thus, it can be assumed that within the framework of an incomprehensible commission, the UOC will face pressure not only from the UGCC, but also from local officials,” he stressed.

However, he believes that if the UGCC wants to act in a legal manner, no commissions are needed: it is simply necessary to implement the decision of the Ivano-Frankivsk District Administrative Court, which recognized the right of the UOC community to the Annunciation Cathedral.

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