UOC KP began its history with the illegal seizure of UAOC – human rights defender

Human rights defender Oleg Denisov, head of the NGO “Public Advocacy”, said that the Kyiv Patriarchate, when being created, also used the raider scheme.

“If we analyze historically how the Kyiv Patriarchate was created, we can see that it was established by introducing changes in the UAOC charter,” Denisov said. “We do not say much about this now, but nevertheless, our human rights report contains a small remark about this, which is connected with the history of the UOC-KP. Well, the introduction of changes to the UAOC charter testifies that the Kyiv Patriarchate was not created as a new religious organization: the confession that was already existing but also unrecognized by the Universal Orthodoxy was changed. Then there was a big conflict. There was a protest by the Prosecutor General who accused Mikhail Denisenko (“Patriarch” Filaret, Ed.) of illegal actions on seizing the legal entity – the UAOC, and this story, in its essence, has not finished now. We can see on different examples in different communities the repetition of the same raider scheme, which is implemented under the same authorship, with the same handwriting.”

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