10 pieces of CES 2021

I would like to believe that the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 will be remembered as the strangest “show” in the entire history of the event. Because if this is a new reality, then, firstly, CES will not last so long, and, secondly, life will become much more boring.

Despite the fact that CES is an event focused on the US market, it played an important role, as they say, launched the new year, set the mood. I have never been to CES, but even following official publications and photos / videos on social networks, I was charged with positive. This year’s CES was held entirely in electronic format, quickly demonstrating that even sour Samsung events will give most CES releases 100 points ahead in terms of interesting presentation of information. A particular absurdity of CES 2021 was given by the fact that many manufacturers had deeply announced all the alleged new items in advance. And it became unclear why pay attention to CES 2021 at all. And in general, the show turned out to be scanty. You can collect more interesting gadgets by walking around AliExpress, but I found a number of interesting things. I tried to choose something that you have not seen yet.


  1. Analogue pocket
  2. Hydropower Shower Speaker by Ampere
  4. GoSun Flow
  5. Oblio by Lexon
  6. Loftie clock
  7. Nighthawk RAXE6 Wi-Fi 500E router from Netgear
  8. RAZER Project Hazel
  9. Coldsnap
  10. Bath by Kohler
  11. Instead of a conclusion: a gadget from Morari Medical

Analogue pocket

The parade of weird Analogue Pocket gadgets begins. It is a handheld game console compatible with 2 games from Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The console also supports Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx. The creators say that support is not provided through emulation, which, in theory, should have a positive effect on the quality of playing games.

The set-top box is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen (rejoice, fans of compact devices, you love that) with a resolution of 1600 x 1400 pixels, protected by Gorilla Glass. By the way, this resolution is 10 times higher than the original resolution of games.

10 pieces of CES 2021

You can play alone, or you can synchronize gadgets with friends to play games together.

Battery life is 6-10 hours. Battery for 4300 m * Ah. Also included are adapters to insert original cartridges.

I don’t know how serious the creators of Analogue Pocket are, but they say that the device also has a melody synthesizer that can be used to create music by connecting the gadget to a PC or MAC.

Analogue Pocket developers say this is a tribute to portable gaming, which will help you experience the great games of the past.

Now the pre-order is open for the gadget. The price is $ 200. I think most readers of Analogue Pocket will leave indifferent. But I think there are a lot of elderly gamers in the US who want to indulge in nostalgia. After all, no, no, they buy old Sega and Dendy consoles to play games of bygone days.

Hydropower Shower Speaker by Ampere

Another gadget that won the innovation prize. This is a shower head / bluetooth speaker. I would like to exclaim: “How low CES has fallen!” But the trick of the column-nozzle is that, firstly, it is made of plastic caught in the ocean. Ecology! Secondly, it does not need batteries and does not need to be plugged into an outlet. The pressure of the water passing through it generates electricity. That is, this is not just a Bluetooth speaker, but a portable hydroelectric power plant!

10 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 2021

The creators promise powerful and juicy sound. And that the nozzle is suitable for absolutely any shower. The price of the nozzle is only $ 100. And on sale they sell for $ 59. In short, the thing is super.


Probably, the idea of ​​the device arose due to the coronavirus pandemic (note: in fact, no, the product has been developed since 2018). The creators of the gadget are catching up with fear that, they say, our lungs are exposed to many dangers every day, and how can their health be determined? By the way, the problem is real. In Moscow during rush hours, there is no breath. It happens that you walk along Rozhdestvensky Boulevard (and there is still a hill), and your head is dizzy from the exhaust gases. And in theory, it all settles in the lungs.

10 pieces of CES 2021

So, BULO is a Korean gadget created with the support of Samsung (like it’s a startup that Samsung has invested in). By the way, translated from Korean, bulo means “not to grow old”. You need to blow into the gadget, and it works in tandem with an application on a smartphone. BULO will help you determine and monitor the dynamics of your lung volume. It also contains some exercises to train the lungs. It also shows the estimated age of your lungs.

10 pieces of CES 2021

The traditional price is $ 99. Somehow expensive. I hope that Samsung will take the idea into service and then integrate it into one of its flagships.

The device is moderately popular. It was sent to local Korean YouTube bloggers. They happily blow into it and make their life better.

GoSun Flow

It is a solar-powered water purifier combined with a faucet. It is understood that this piece can, for example, be taken on a hike, immersed in a lake and enjoy clean drinking water!

10 pieces of CES 2021

Visually, the device is a box with a solar panel. One end of the hose must be thrown into the reservoir, and the other will dispense clean water. As the creators of the gadget say, the pressure is enough even to take a shower. The device weighs 1.25 kg. One full charge of the battery lasts for 6 hours.

The price is 165 euros. And, kidding aside, the trekking or missionary device in Africa is top-notch.

Oblio by Lexon

It turns out that this contraption has been on sale on Yandex.Market for a long time. This is not just a pot, but a sanitizer pot. That is, you throw your smartphone into a pot, and it removes all dangerous microbes from the smartphone, while also recharging the gadget with wireless charging.

10 pieces of CES 2021

This miracle of technology costs 8.5 thousand rubles. I recently laughed at a similar device from Samsung for 3.5 thousand rubles. I take my words back. Was wrong.

Loftie clock

Previously, each of us used an alarm clock. I had my own personal alarm clock for school. A massive mechanical machine with large bells, on which a hammer desperately beat. He called so loudly that both the neighbors above and the neighbors on the floor could hear him. And only I did not hear, continuing to sleep peacefully.

But after the advent of smartphones, alarm clocks disappeared as a class of devices. You can buy it, but who needs it?

10 pieces of CES 2021

Loftie Clock is an advanced bedside clock. They combine an alarm clock, a media player + a Bluetooth speaker, a generator of various white noise options, and a breathing exercise instructor. And the clock also has a night light function. The idea is to take the smartphone out of the bedroom, because every time you pick up your smartphone, it’s hard to resist checking social media. And here again you have to deal, in fact, with an analog alarm clock. You can also hit it with your hand when it calls.

The alarm clock will update itself, delighting the owner with new melodies and white noises, new breathing exercises.

10 pieces of CES 2021

In short, they play on the feelings of wealthy hipsters. The price is $ 165.

Nighthawk RAXE6 Wi-Fi 500E router from Netgear

Netgear’s new state-of-the-art 6GHz router.

10 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 2021

The price is $ 600. You shouldn’t rush to buy, as there are literally no devices on the market that support Wi-Fi 6E. Well, except that the new Galaxy S21 will soon be on sale. However, you should be one of the first to update, since the new 6 GHz frequency means no traffic jams.

RAZER Project Hazel

At CES 2021, many presented their variations on the new normality in which you need to wear masks. The RAZER was no exception, showing the N95 mask that comes with a special UV sterilizing cover.

10 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 2021

The trick of the mask is that the mouth area remains transparent. Thus, others will be able not only to hear you, but also to read your lips. By the way, this is an important thing, because the masks make everyone sound muffled. On the other hand, this is not necessary, since the mask has a microphone and speakers that will amplify the voice of the wearer. And, of course, you can’t ignore the RGB backlighting.

How much it will cost and when it will appear (and whether it will appear) on sale is unknown.


This is a soft ice cream machine. The machine is very tricky and extortionate, because here it is like with capsule coffee machines. You have to buy a car first, and then buy capsules with coffee. Coldsnap will need to buy aluminum cans that contain the ingredients of the future ice cream. You load a can into the car, and in 90 seconds it gives you a full bowl of ice cream. There are jars with different flavors. The theme is super eco-friendly, as aluminum cans are easy to recycle.

10 pieces of CES 2021

There are many flavors and variations on offer: ice cream (dairy and non-dairy), frozen yogurt, smoothies, frozen protein shakes, frozen coffee and frozen shakes. And the car itself does not even need to be washed. When it will be on sale and the price is still unknown. But everyone is thrilled because this is truly a 2021 product! Eco-friendly and no need to wash! Considering the variety of products and the presence of such unusual things as frozen cocktails (judging by the joy of people in the pictures, alcoholic cocktails), this will be a product for wealthy people.

10 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 202110 pieces of CES 2021

Bath by Kohler

The royal thing for $ 16. This is a bathtub for the price of a car. Kohler promises that this Japanese-style bathtub will fill from the bottom, overflowing onto a wooden grate with a soft, soothing sound. The bath owner will be able to customize the lighting. As I understand it, we are talking not only about the illumination of the water, but also about the illumination of the fog that the bathtub generates. By the way, all this will be configured through the application in the phone.

10 pieces of CES 2021

It looks very stylish and beautiful. I desperately want such a bath, and, most importantly, an apartment where such a bath can be shoved.

Instead of a conclusion: a gadget from Morari Medical

Difficult things need to be talked about openly. According to a press release from Morari Medical, one in three men is faced with a problem such as premature ejaculation. Now this article is open for three. As the author of the material, I always have an open tab, Konstantin as the moderator of comments and you, dear reader. Konstantin and I don’t have such a problem. So here, against my will, I remember a meme …

10 pieces of CES 2021

So, Morari Medical has been working hard on this delicate problem for a long time. As a solution, the company offers such a patch. And since the company, apparently, watched the series “The Big Bang Theory”, they remember the immortal quote that everything gets better if you add Bluetooth there.

10 pieces of CES 2021

So, as you can see from the visual aid above, we have in front of us a Bluetooth patch that must be attached to a zone that not everyone knows about. The impulses from the patch affect the nervous system, slowing down or speeding up the transmission of nerve impulses. At the same time, for completeness of pleasure, the patch can be controlled from the application on the smartphone, adjusting the impact power. You can even in the process! Morari says it doesn’t hurt at all or cause any discomfort.

10 pieces of CES 2021

Morari Medical are active guys. They go to morning shows, men’s magazines and all sorts of bloggers write about them. We can say that the whole world, with bated breath, is waiting for the product to enter the market. Unfortunately, the terms and price have not yet been specified. The company only says that soon, as they have “made significant progress.”

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