10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

Following the results of the first 100 days of self-isolation, Beeline made a great big analytical report “Great self-isolation through the eyes of a telecom operator”. In this text I want to share some excerpts. But I recommend reading the original report on the site. And also in “Beeline” they discussed the report, inviting Alexey Pivovarov to the role of the presenter. He also has a channel “Editorial” on YouTube. I highly recommend subscribing. And here is a video of the discussion of the Beeline report.

So, “Beeline” made cuts in accordance with the classic Maslow pyramid, hierarchically building human needs.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

There are 7 steps in the pyramid. 4 of them, one way or another, imply a significant consumption of Internet traffic. During self-isolation, the load on the networks increased many times over, because we all watched online videos, listened to music, and used video communication for personal communication and work meetings. For example, according to Beeline statistics, the average traffic of a Skype user increased 3.2 times, and Facetime traffic – 2.9 times. At the same time, the traffic of the most popular messengers among Russians – WhatsApp and Viber – during the period of self-isolation increased by 42% and 52%, respectively. And the traffic growth on Facebook was almost 32% compared to the usual level. The growth was in all social networks and messengers. And, I think, I’m not the only one who faced a drop in speed, when the buffering of a movie is stretched, and the image in a videoconference crumbles into squares. Self-isolation has shown that current bandwidth is not enough and new technologies are needed. Other consequences of the pandemic have also become clear.


  1. #one. Growth in demand for distance format
  2. # 2. Growing demand for contactless services
  3. # 3. Remote identification
  4. #four. Increased demand for cyber defense
  5. #five. Growing demand for telemedicine
  6. # 6. Thorough cleaning
  7. # 7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. #8. Robotization
  9. #9. Online self-development technologies
  10. Instead of a conclusion: a few fun facts about self-isolation
  11. Finally: # 10. Homo Remoticus and why you need 5G

#one. Growth in demand for distance format

Large companies are talking about the extension of the “remote” mode, the use of video communication has become a habit, and video views have grown significantly. The demand for content consumption and for telecommuting office space has increased significantly and will continue to grow. All this means an increased load on the network and requires additional capacities and bandwidth. And if you think that after the abolition of quarantine everything will return to normal, then you are mistaken. Over the months of self-isolation, many have changed their habits. The need for 5G is becoming clear. Beeline believes that in view of these requests, operators are faced with an even more acute need to address the issue of 5G frequencies, primarily in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range, as the most economically feasible to relieve the current range.

# 2. Growing demand for contactless services

Looking at the cashier in a mask and gloves is, of course, fun, but it is obvious that there is a request for “self-service”: the ability to buy food online, clothes, and even order SIM cards without visiting the office. All this requires a huge number of couriers. I believe that you, like me, especially in the early days of self-isolation, faced a shortage of couriers, as a result of which the delivery time increased by days, and sometimes by weeks. If the trend continues, then, firstly, there will be a decrease in the number of stores we are accustomed to, since it will be easier to keep an online storefront than to pay for offline retail. By the way, some large chains have already decided to reduce the number of stores, so that shopping centers will not receive rental income.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

Secondly, the business will face a shortage of couriers. Solving this problem, there will be new players offering delivery as a service, that is, “delivery as a service”. Well, if earlier delivery by drones seemed ridiculous fantasy, now there is a real need. Beeline is confident that “drones and drones will definitely take a certain place in this system. Developed c2c-logistics services will become the peak of the trend development ”.

# 3. Remote identification

This is a logical consequence of the previous point. The wider and more complex the range of services that people want to receive remotely, the higher the reliability of the services themselves should be. Beeline believes that SMS and push notifications will be replaced by biometrics, so that people can accurately and reliably confirm their identity in digital ways without being physically present.

#four. Increased demand for cyber defense

The protection of personal data is always of concern to users. Some companies, such as Apple, even make a USP (Unique Product Proposition) out of it. However, Beeline makes a very sensible remark: the fastest growing popularity of Zoom in these months was only an increase in the number of publications about the vulnerabilities of this platform of group video calls. And this did not bother anyone: everyone continued to rejoice at the opportunity to put in the background a beautiful view of Hogwarts or Sauron’s Tower. The consequence was various hacker attacks, when cybercriminals disrupted lessons and meetings in Zoom. You can still accept this if this is a one-time action, but when video conferencing and video tutorials become an everyday routine, then failures are unacceptable. Accordingly, the requirements for the quality of the applications themselves will increase, and those who will monitor the gaps in the code will be needed.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

#five. Growing demand for telemedicine

The fear of getting sick, as well as the feeling of anxiety, when the person who followed the elevator coughed, they won’t let us go for a long time. Visits to pharmacy websites grew by 22%, while purchases in the Pharmacy category increased by 13%. The highest growth in demand in this category was recorded among users under 25 (+ 22,2%). It is quite obvious that the demand for telemedicine, which until recently was more of a toy, will grow.

Agree that the idea of ​​visiting a clinic or hospital during an epidemic is not enthusiastic. Another thing is if the doctor makes an appointment online. Remote diagnostic tools will also be developed here, and the demand for increased accuracy in smart bracelets and other gadgets that measure health indicators will increase.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

However, this is not only about online consultations. At the end of November, Beeline held a demonstration of how 5G communication allows transmitting 4K video from the operating room, how a council of doctors can take part in diagnostics, being hundreds of kilometers away from each other. Then, in the dock era, it seemed entertaining, but still very far from reality. Now it is obvious that there is a need and there will be a demand. And again, 5G is needed. You can read about that Beeline operation in our material:

# 6. Thorough cleaning

It may seem that this trend is not directly related to technology, but it is not. The cleanliness industry is experiencing a boom in demand, and disinfectants are pouring in liters. In all public areas, floors, handrails and door handles are regularly washed. Now people are doing this, but it is obvious that, firstly, this is an increased workload on staff, and secondly, a significant consumption of detergents. It’s funny, but smart gadgets or robots are needed that economically, but will definitely process all contact surfaces or rooms in general.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

# 7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and robotization are another logical consequence of the growing demand for smart gadgets and cyber defense. Here, however, it should be understood that artificial intelligence is meant not as in the films about “Iron Man”, but such that it optimizes business processes, distributes Internet traffic and, of course, processes a huge flow of Internet orders, with the number of which manually not to cope with both in terms of processing and in terms of communicating with customers in chats.

#8. Robotization

Along the way, the coronavirus has accelerated the process of robotization in factories. Due to the quarantine, many factories were idle. It is a well-known story that in the United States, people faced a shortage of meat as factories were closed. Now enterprises are actively investing in modernization. The robotization of production allows us to solve the problem. Beeline believes that this will not happen for a long time, since many operations are too complex and require control. But it is absolutely certain that they will try to establish remote control of many processes.

#9. Online self-development technologies

I think you, like me, noticed how during the quarantine everything moved online, including even playing sports, when a Zoom trainer or even via a live Instagram feed shows exercises, and everyone tries to repeat at home. For example, I tried to do yoga. And when we could not meet with friends, we played board games over the Internet (there are direct computer versions where you throw a virtual cube, take out cards, etc.).

Of course, no one will refuse offline formats, but thanks to the quarantine, everyone realized that online can be no worse. Beeline correctly notes that “people have received a huge incentive to do all this online. And this is good, because in the field of education, entertainment and wellness, there will be even more competition, which means an incentive to develop products and services in the interests of customers. ”

Instead of a conclusion: a few fun facts about self-isolation

A detailed study can be found on the website: gggggreport.ru. Here we will go through the most interesting discoveries.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

The consumption of operator and OTT services, typical for satisfying physiological needs (to drink, eat, sleep, multiply), increased by 78.35% in total. Thus, the number of users of delivery services such as Yandex.Food and Delivery Club increased by 35,5%. The most popular days for orders were Friday, Saturday and Monday, which once again confirms the truth about a hard day.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

And adult sites have a cherished dream come true. In conditions of self-isolation, when everything is closed, and you cannot leave the house without urgent need, nothing distracts users from visiting thematic resources. The growth was almost 58%. Apparently, men were especially bored, as they entered 7 times more actively than women.

Interestingly, studies in the United States report that during the quarantine period, many lost their daily routine, and also people began to sleep less. And if the first statement “Beeline” confirms, saying that the schedule of activity has become more consistent with the period of New Year’s holidays with late bedtime, then the second point is refuted by the participants of the action “Gigi for Sleep”. People began to sleep on average one hour more, 9-10 hours a day.

Beeline also noted an increase of 15% in the number of users of the Beeline.Books reading service. The most popular books at the end of April in the service are the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett “Good Omens” (16+), “The Kite Runner” (16+) by Khaled Hosseini and “NOW. Eastern wisdom that says: be confident in your abilities and do not let doubts prevent you from moving forward ”(16+) by Jen Cinsero. The conclusion suggests itself. People tried to calm down and escape reality using Pratchett’s fictional worlds.

During the period of self-isolation, the number of those who have a cat or a dog increased by 54.2%. And if the interest in cats was not very significant (+ 5,4% of “cat-lovers” on self-isolation), then the number of “dog lovers” during this time has more than doubled. It is interesting that men were the most active of all dogs. Their number in different age categories has increased 2-2 times. There are also more women with dogs, but the number is more modest, + 3%.

And finally, another obvious, but curious fact. According to Beeline.Analytika, the number of visits to dating sites increased by 20%. To quote: “The number of visits to Badoo during the period of isolation increased by almost 30%, while Tinder and Fotostrana grew by 14,2% and 14,6%, respectively. The leader in the growth of interest on the part of Russians in self-isolation was the site of “dating for serious relationships” Teamo (the number of visits increased by 93,7%) ”.

Finally: # 10. Homo Remoticus and why you need 5G

Beeline came up with a name for a man in self-isolation – Homo Remotecus. The Internet for such a person has become a basic need, just as important as food, water or sleep.

10 trends that became apparent after self-isolation

Homo remotecus

The coronavirus has helped answer a question that has often been raised in narrow professional circles: is 5G primarily for smart cars or for humans? B2B or B2C? It became clear that everyone needs 5G. Taking into account even the natural development, it is clear that in a few years the quarantine load will turn from peak to baseline. The high capacity and bandwidth of 5G networks will just help unload current generation networks and pave the way for new services and services that will appear to meet the digital needs of homo remoticus.

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