7 main gadgets of September


  1. Amazfit Bip S Lite
  2. HP ZBook Create G7
  3. ONYX BOOX Poke 2 Color
  4. Nokia 8.3
  5. Nvidia RTX 30-series
  6. Microsoft Surface Duo
  7. Heater from Xiaomi
  8. Conclusion

Amazfit Bip S Lite

The main reason why the watch was included in the collection is its unusual screen. The peculiarity of the LCD transflective display is that it not only emits light, but also reflects it. This makes the screen brighter in bright sunlight. Why don’t other manufacturers do this?

7 main gadgets of September

The second captivating feature of the watch is its battery life up to 30 days. And this despite the fact that the watch has an Always-On screen. Amazfit Bip S Lite weighs, by the way, only 30 grams. It turns out one gram of weight for every day of work.

The rest is quite a typical set of functions. You can customize the screen appearance and widgets to your liking. More than 150 combinations have been announced in total. Screen size 1.28 inches, resolution 176 x 176 pixels. The screen is protected by 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with an additional anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating.

7 main gadgets of September

There is protection against water – 5 ATM, that is, you can go to the shower or swim in the pool. Of course, heart rate monitoring is available, as well as the recently fashionable Personal Activity Index (PAI). A game element is involved in the index. The idea is that you need to knock out 100 points or complete all the scales. We can say that PAI is the next step: before, 10 steps were measured, and now PAI. In fairness, it should be noted that PAI is a more useful thing, since the index is calculated not only on the basis of distance, but also monitors the collected indicators (heart rate, pulse). That is, it gives a more comprehensive assessment of your activity.

Also, the watch is able to determine the phases of sleep, distinguishing between deep and light sleep, and make recommendations based on data analysis. You can also use them to view notifications from your smartphone. A large screen will play its role here, on which 7 lines of text fit. And when there is an incoming call, the watch vibrates on the wrist.

7 main gadgets of September

Amazfit Bip S Lite are sold at a nice price – 3 rubles. You can buy, for example, in “Svyaznoy”, by the way, there is an installment plan for the watch.

HP ZBook Create G7

The main laptop of the month for me was the HP ZBook Create G7. Perhaps it represents the pinnacle of engineering for the first half of 2020. In the thinnest case 1.79 cm (and even Nvidia, showing the reference designs, says that the minimum thickness can be 1.8 cm) were able to supply the GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, 32 GB of memory and processors from i7-10750H to i9-10885H vPro (8 cores , up to 5.3 GHz). The maximum storage capacity is 1 terabyte, and the screen brightness is up to 1000 nits. At the same time, the laptop is certified according to MIL-STD 810H (26 falls from a height of 76 cm onto a 5 cm wooden board lying on a concrete floor).

7 main gadgets of September

The price of a laptop is slightly cosmic, from 260 thousand rubles, and I can’t even imagine how I pay such an amount in a store. But given that the ZBook’i G series are the most popular corporate notebooks in the world, it is likely that the described G7 will sell quite successfully. And companies around the world will buy such toys for their top specialists.

7 main gadgets of September

I think that the average person will not be impressed by the HP ZBook Create G7, because visually the laptop is austere and unremarkable. By the way, if everything goes according to the schedule and the text is published on September 29, then at 12 noon the NDA on the space ThinkPad from Lenovo will drop, which we will talk about in more detail in the Echo issue on Wednesday, September 30.

7 main gadgets of September

By the way, this month I also had a chance to use the new G-series from Dell. Formally, this is a gaming solution, but in fact it turned out to be just an excellent versatile powerful laptop. If you haven’t seen the review, then pay attention.

ONYX BOOX Poke 2 Color

Books on e-INK technology are my long-standing weakness. Although, frankly, lately I’ve started reading more from my smartphone. This is partly due to the fact that more often he began to walk light, leaving his backpack either at home or in the car, partly with the discovery of the ReadEra application – free, no ads, concise interface, you can set a perfectly black background on the AMOLED screen. There is also a moment that I experience a certain aesthetic pleasure. If you remember, in AMOLED screens black is achieved by simply turning off the screen. Thus, the smartphone is visually perceived as a black block on which the text appears.

7 main gadgets of September

However, we are distracted. In any case, reading from e-INK screens is more useful for the eyes. And since buying the first Kindle, I’ve been waiting for color screen technology to hit the masses. And finally, quite commercial products. So far, everything looks like the dawn of the era of smartphones – it’s expensive and not enough: the price is 19 rubles and a screen for 990 colors. But the trouble is the beginning.

7 main gadgets of September

ONYX BOOX Poke 2 Color looks quite interesting gadget. I hope I’ll find a reading room in the office to play it live.

An interesting review came out on our website. And I have a thought in my head: is it not enough 6 inches for a color screen? And, of course, you should wait for the Kindle. Not even for the sake of buying, but just to know what Amazon will show, since this product is destined to become a role model to be surpassed.

By the way, PocketBook 633 Color also entered the market. Also a color screen, also 4096 colors. The main problem of color readers at the moment is the low density of dots, as a result of which the image looks friable and becomes difficult to read.

7 main gadgets of September7 main gadgets of September

Nokia 8.3

They wrote from HMD Global, which is “Home for Nokia Phones”, and they say: come watch Nokia 8.3 5G. And, of course, I came happily. Firstly, because the phone is beautiful, and secondly, there are few offline presentations, so any event (or even gatherings in the office) is a joy. You come, and there colleagues from other publications are sitting in masks and cookies are grumbling. Nicely.

The most important thing for the readers first. The smartphone will be on sale in the 4th quarter of 2020 at a price of 49 rubles for the 990/8 GB version.

Now the most important thing for Nokia. The smartphone will be featured in the James Bond film No Time to Die. In my opinion, by the way, a great slogan for 2020. The name is perfect for Nokia as well: this is not the time to die, we must conquer the markets!

And now the most important thing for me. Firstly, you can purchase a stand case for your smartphone. The cover is made of VEGAN leather! It was shown on slides in the presentation, but damn it, I can’t find a good picture. And the thing is remarkable. Well, it turns out, they found an agreeable vegan somewhere …

Secondly, I liked how smartphones were given out for the test. They were all in rubber cases and tightly packed in rows in a small box with rather thin walls. Apparently, this is how we arrived in this box from the factory. I immediately decided that the devices were of very high quality, since they were able to survive the road.

Thirdly, I found out why there are no more smartphones with Android One branding in Russia. If you forgot, then Android One means pure Android, such devices are among the first to receive all the updates. It turns out that Google has very strict criteria that such devices must meet, and any interference with the “cleanliness” of the system immediately cancels the device. And in Russia, at the legislative level, it was decided that, for example, at the first launch, the smartphone should ask which search engine you want to use (Google, Yandex, Mail.ru). Well, and, accordingly, have now adopted a decree on pre-installed domestic applications, which, of course, also goes against the principles of Android One.

7 main gadgets of September

Due to the heavy workload and the abundance of devices on the test, I used my smartphone quite a bit. But it seems that this is the first smartphone from Nokia, which I really like and evokes entirely positive emotions. The screen, design, battery life and performance are all at a very good level (all these parameters I have so far mainly estimated from playing Call of Duty Mobile). The smartphone is pleasant to use. To be honest, I would like it to become popular in sales.

7 main gadgets of September

I’m not a huge fan of pure Android. As an example, I usually cite the lack of a good weather widget. Smartphones with a proprietary shell (Samsung, Huawei) usually always have one, in the case of pure Android, the rule was “find and buy” (because free weather widgets are terrible). By the way, Nokia 8.3 has a good built-in widget. But what cannot be taken away from pure Android, since these are the ability to delete any applications. When I first turned it on, some of the “must-have” apps weren’t even loaded, so I immediately removed Google Movies and other crap.

7 main gadgets of September7 main gadgets of September

In general, the main selling features of a smartphone are:

  • 5G, which will work equally well around the world (one problem: the world is closed)
  • The main camera is 64 MP, the front camera is 24 MP. ZEISS optics. Shoots well
  • 4 500 mAh + Snapdragon 765G. A worthy combination. The smartphone is tenacious. Nokia claims up to 2 days of work, but I’m looking at the behavior of the smartphone in Call of Duty Mobile. Much better than my Samsung, Xiaomi or Motorola
  • The update to Android 11 is almost ready
  • 6.81 inches screen, aspect ratio 20: 9, 1080 × 2400 pixels, PureDisplay technology (the name is pure marketing, but the screen is excellent).

If among the readers there are those who ask the price of a purchase, and have questions, then write in the comments. In general, we’ll talk about Nokia and the presented novelties in tomorrow’s Echo issue.

Nvidia RTX 30-series

The graphics card isn’t exactly a gadget, but the new graphics from Nvidia are what they call a game changer. This statement especially underlines the fact that new cards are released at about the same time as game consoles. And on the Internet there is a lot of reasoning on the topic, is it worth taking a console (will there be exclusives?), If in general the new RTX 30 series definitely give a more interesting picture.

7 main gadgets of September

For example, Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon. And to play it for real, soak up and enjoy the views of the cyber future with ray tracing and all other Orthodox joys, you need graphics from Nvidia. Because otherwise you will have to wait for the game to be released there on consoles in the required quality.

Another point is that the new cards are suitable for 4K gaming and are capable of delivering significantly more FPS than consoles. For example, early tests show the RTX 3080 can hit 135 fps in Death Stranding.

However, I’ll add a fly in the ointment. There is such a game. It’s called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here. RTX 3080 Founders Edition in 4K resolution produces 29 fps there. And then there’s Metro Exodus. If you turn on ultragraphics and ray tracing, it will be 17 fps … In the latter case (I played Exodus!) The thought of curvature creeps in.

I completely agree with Frank Azor from AMD, who said that this year is a holiday for gamers.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo is such a smartphone / notebook from the future. These are just the first indications, a trial balloon. Of course, I do not recommend buying it to you. First, it’s expensive. Secondly, for now, it’s a geek’s toy. And it needs to be treated accordingly. On our website, a review was released by Eldar, who approached the writing as pragmatically as possible. What about? Has the right to! Since the device went on sale and is expensive, it means that the buyer is obliged to get the appropriate quality.

7 main gadgets of September

Judging by the text, first of all, the chief attached his Galaxy Fold to the Surface, after which he wrote about the wretched camera, the gaps in the assembly, the soft curve, and even about the absence of an Always-On screen (however, later it was logical that he admitted that the gadget, which is closed, and does not need an Always-On screen). Then he concluded that “the Surface Duo story is madness brought to life.”

7 main gadgets of September7 main gadgets of September

It is difficult to argue with his words, because the closest analogue is smartphones with a screen-case from LG. These devices are of certain interest, but LG has not yet succeeded in promoting them to the masses. I would like to hope that for Microsoft this is really a kind of testing, that the company will find a competent partner in the smartphone market who will help solve children’s problems with build quality, supply the correct cameras, and, in general, polish the device based on its experience. It might seem that the best partner is Samsung, with which Microsoft has worked closely for the past couple of years. But this is not the case. Samsung is busy promoting its flexible screens. The Surface Duo is a side step. Microsoft should pay attention to LG (they just have experience) or Sony. Perhaps Sony, due to their special sense of style, is the preferred option.

Speaking of unusual smartphones, we must not forget about the new version of Motorola razr 5G and the T-shaped smartphone from LG. Motorola razr will definitely be in Russia, but there is no information about T-Wing, but the price has become known. In Korea, the device is sold for $ 944, which, in my opinion, is quite a reasonable price tag, given that the smartphone is made in small batches, and the assembly of such devices differs from the usual, therefore it takes more time.

7 main gadgets of September

Got some thoughts on razr and Wing in Echo88. Here is a direct link to the paragraph:

Heater from Xiaomi

I know that most of the selection of gadgets wants to see something unusual, amazing, striking right into the soul. For example, the first electric car from Xiaomi. I bought it, picked it up in the Mi Home application via Bluetooth, waited there until it was updated, and went such a business all the declared 305 km of travel. This tin can on wheels is also inexpensive – only $ 9. If the course was 700 and would be sold with us, I would buy right away and without thinking. I’ve been asking the price for motorcycles, which is better. Traveling around Moscow is the very thing. Three people also fit in – two in front, one behind. In my case, two in the front, an O’Key bag in the back.

7 main gadgets of September

But all these electric cars, smartwatches, video cards and smartphones are only good as long as it’s warm outside. Or when they have already given heating. But what will you do when it is +9 degrees outside the window and the batteries are cold? I remember how this spring, crazed from the cold, I arrived at the store (I spent my pass!), And there was a sign “No heaters! We don’t know where it is! ”

And now Xiaomi launches the voice-controlled heater Mijia Baseboard Electric Heater 1S. The Nego has 127 fins with double heating elements. Three power modes: 900, 1300 and 2200 W. Can maintain the preset temperature, and can be controlled by voice. The price is $ 103. So in the morning I sat on the bed, and it’s good.

7 main gadgets of September7 main gadgets of September

I don’t know when it will appear in Russia and whether it will be available for testing. But if so, I will take it and test it as long as possible. Until July.

It seems to me that the thing is as good as possible. However, I bought an oil heater for half the price and was very happy with how the temperature in the apartment had changed.


September was an extremely interesting and busy month, but October will be even better! Tell us in the comments which gadgets you liked the most in September. Write what you bought yourself or plan to buy.

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