7 new films and TV series in August to watch online

I would like to call August a dead month. There are few new releases, given that most filming has been suspended due to the coronavirus, it is logical to assume that filmmakers are collecting the remnants of production so that they can at least somehow open the season in September.

“Amediateka” on YouTube launched an advertisement for the available series, and if the calendar does not lie, then in August the service will not show anything new. In the world as a whole, the situation is similar, but I have collected a few interesting films and TV series for you.


  1. Project Power / “Project” Power “
  2. The Great Heist
  3. The Crimes That Bind
  4. Capone / “Al Capone”
  5. Arkansas / “Arkansas”
  6. Lovecraft Country
  7. Fugitive / “The Fugitive”
  8. Conclusion

Project Power / “Project” Power “

When: August 14
Where: Netflix

The main Netflix movie slated for August 2020. If you forgot, then every month Netflix is ​​trying to release a large-scale (but budget) movie with Hollywood stars. In July, it was Charlize Theron in The Ancient Guard, and now Jeremy Fox in the superhero action movie Project The Force. Fox will be assisted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and YouTuber Casey Knystat.

The plot, by the way, is not bad. On the streets of New Orleans, a rumor is spreading about a certain pill that will release superpowers in everyone who takes it. The trick is that the superpower is unknown and given randomly. Someone has invisibility, someone has bulletproof skin, someone has caries and constipation, and someone dies after taking the pill. It is impossible to guess. Superpower is given, if I understood correctly, only for 5 minutes. When the city’s crime rate peaks, the righteous fighters for justice like Jeremy Fox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt decide to take a risk to find and punish those who created the pill.

The Great Heist

When: August 14
Where: Netflix

The original name is “El robo del siglo”, or the robbery of the century. The series is based on a true story when a gang of robbers robbed the Bank of the Republic for $ 1994 million in 33, causing a stir throughout the country.

The release, as you might guess, is aimed at the inhabitants of Latin America. But, most likely, there will be Russian subtitles. So far, there is not even a trailer, only this teaser.

The Crimes That Bind

When: August 19
Where: Netflix

If it were a TV series, I would have passed by, and so, perhaps, a good movie for the evening. Judging by the description, this is a thriller, that is, there should be a tense plot.

Alicia is ready for anything, so long as her son Daniel does not go to jail. And Daniel, by the way, is accused of wanting to kill his ex-wife. In the middle of the trial, Alicia discovers a secret that completely changes her life, turning her into hell.

The film is Spanish-language, the country of production is Argentina. Considering that 92% of the country’s population are righteous Catholics, it is likely that it will turn out that Daniel is of a different orientation, and his ex-wife, with whom he had a fictitious marriage, threatened to expose him. And, of course, such information will break the heart of an Argentine mother. But that would be the plot if I was shooting. And what really is there, we will find out on August 19.

Capone / “Al Capone”

When: August 10
Where: Amazon Prime

In my opinion, one of the main films of the month is Capone. Starring Tom Hardy. This is a movie for cinemas, but due to the coronavirus, it was released immediately online. As they say, it was launched for streaming back in May. But Amazon Prime is only being added in August. The film tells the story of Al Capone’s life after his release from prison, when he, being deprived of his influence, health and friends, recalls his dark past. Critics praised Hardy’s acting, but scolded the script. Well, let’s see. After leaving prison, Capone did not think much, but still enjoyed respect. His work colleagues often stopped by and even came up with reports for him, they say, everything is going well, we are working, what orders, boss? And he gave them orders …

Arkansas / “Arkansas”

When: August 5
Where: Amazon Prime

The older brother played the film for Netflix the month before last, and now the younger Liam Hemsworth has played for Amazon. Apparently there was a family council. The older brother plays on the main platforms, and the younger one plays on the leftover principle. That is for the “quibi”, now for the “amazon”.

This is a crime thriller. Liam plays the role of a drug dealer who is sent to set up logistics and distribution in Arkansas. The film is based on the book of the same name. Critics called the tape boring. But you still won’t subscribe to Amazon and pay per view, right? Well, they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Lovecraft Country

When: August 16
Where: HBO Max

An adaptation of the famous novel about a young black man who travels across America in the Jim Crow era (era of racism, segregation and other nonsense) to hunt down his missing father, facing horrors of both human and supernatural origins. The trailer looks curious. I have to admit that I have not read the book, so I put the release in the notes, and if I don’t watch the film, then at least I will read the novel.

Fugitive / “The Fugitive”

When: August 3
Where: Quibi

Remember when I talked about Quibi, a smartphone-only streaming platform that cuts a movie into 5 minute chunks and lets you watch it vertically? If you don’t remember, here is a link to the introductory material.

New mini-series. The plot is on the topic of the day. There is a bomb explosion in the Los Angeles metro, blue collar Michael Ferro just wants to make sure his wife and daughter are safe, but something is happening there, journalists are posting a tweet on the principle “publish now, prove later”, and to the whole world begins to seem that Ferro is the culprit of what happened. A super cop was sent to capture him. Well, everything is according to the classics of action movies from the 90s. Mister Ferro needs to find the culprit and keep his good name before he gets caught.

I watched Quibi for a couple of weeks and I can say that they are good at making exciting thrillers. Of course, I will not pay them money. And officially they are not in Russia. And you can get a trial for 14 days and watch movies. For several months since the launch, they have already accumulated five interesting films and TV series in their portfolio.


There are not too many novelties, but there is a continuation of the current series. The new fifth season of “Lucifer” and the third season of “Rain” on Netflix. And also the continuation of the Brazilian dystopia “3%”.

In conditions of scarcity, I urge you to actively share films, TV series and books in the comments!

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