A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

We have already released a selection of auto accessories from Baseus, which you liked, so we decided to continue, and today we have a selection of useful accessories for motorists from the well-known Chinese company Xiaomi. For the devices, we express our gratitude to the BIGgeek store, which assembled such a set for us and provided it for the test.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W

Let’s start with the holder with built-in wireless charger – Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W. The device looks quite stylish, it is made of high-quality materials, it is plastic and glass on the platform, under which the wireless charging coil is hidden. In addition to the holder itself, the kit includes a meter-long Type-C to USB-A wire, an adapter to a car socket with two USB-A connectors and a car torpedo mount with an adhesive base.

By default, Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W can be attached to the air duct grille, but due to the decent weight, not in all cars such a solution can be implemented so that the device does not fall off on another bump. It is for this reason that the manufacturer also offers the second option, this is a special stand with an adhesive base, which you can permanently install on the front panel of the car and already attach the holder to it. In general, the holder has good attachment to the air duct grill, the legs close tightly, and besides, they have a rubberized base. If the air ducts in the car are installed at an angle or below them, there is a ledge on which you can lean the device, then you can safely choose this method of attaching the Wireless Car Charger 20W, it will not jump off your first speed bump. The stationary installation method, of course, is more reliable and versatile, but the stand can be installed only once, it will be problematic to rearrange it in the future, since it is doubtful that the adhesive base will securely grab a second time.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

When Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W is connected, a blue circle lights up on the charging pad to inform you that the device is ready to go. The paws that fix the smartphone in this holder do not need to be opened and closed with your hands, there is a sensor here that, when the device approaches, independently moves them apart, and closes after installation. To remove the device, you need to press a small button on the left end of the holder, after which it will open the legs and you can remove the device. There is only one downside to such an automatic mechanism: if you have already drowned out the car, then you will not be able to get the smartphone, you have to turn on the ignition again, take out the device and turn off the car.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

Smartphones from Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W charge quite quickly, and Xiaomi Mi 10 fully uses all the possibilities of wireless charging, the main thing is to use the cable and adapter included in the kit. The adapter for the cigarette lighter is plastic, quite long, but the plus is that it has two USB ports with white backlighting. The charger has active cooling, which is almost inaudible, so there is no need to worry about overheating. But in winter, when hot air comes out of your air ducts, it is better to shut off the one on which the holder is installed.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W in Russia costs an average of 3 rubles. This is a very good charger with a nice design, two mounting methods, its own adapter with two USBs and an automatic smartphone fixation system. Of the minuses, I will note the decent weight of the device, so not in all cars it will be possible to hang it on the air duct grill.

Xiaomi ZMI AP621

The second device in our selection is the Xiaomi ZMI AP621 car adapter. A fairly compact device, the body of which is made of metal, so that when installed it looks interesting and even expensive, even if you put it in a LADA, even in a Porsche. ZMI AP621 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 technology, provides 18W maximum power and 2A current per connector. The advantage of the device is the presence of two USB-A connectors, between which there is a display showing the voltage in the on-board network. The adapter has several degrees of protection, including temperature control, so you should not be afraid for your smartphones, while they are not in danger of being charged.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessoriesA selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

Xiaomi ZMI AP621 costs about 900 rubles in Russia, which is quite acceptable for a high-quality compact adapter.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pump

The third accessory for today is the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pump, a compact pump with its own battery that allows you to inflate the tires of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even inflate balls as needed. The device has a 2000 mAh battery, according to the manufacturer, it should be enough to pump 6-8 tires or more than 40 balls. I don’t know how long the battery really lasts, but I inflated the tires of three cars, one bicycle and blew up one volleyball, and the charge didn’t even drop by half. Of course, I wonder how a compact pump will cope with completely deflated car wheels, but to be honest, he did not dare to lower them from his cars for the sake of this experiment.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

The pump is quite compact, a man can hold it in one hand without any problems, although the weight is palpable – 430 grams. The body is made of high quality plastic with a rough surface. The device has a simple monochrome backlit display, so you can pump up the wheels even at night. There are only five buttons, they are arranged like in old iPods, which is quite funny, the travel is soft, but not excessive. From the buttons you can choose what exactly you want to inflate: a bicycle tire, motorcycle wheels, a car or a ball. Next, set the required parameters and press the center key. On the bottom of the device there is a battery indicator, and on the bottom there is a MicroUSB connector for recharging the battery, sorry, not Type-C. During operation, the compressor of the pump does not make much noise, and the vibration to the casing is insignificant.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pump comes with a soft case, inside of which there is a Velcro pocket in which you can store accessories. The pump does not take up much space in the car, it can even be stored in the glove compartment, which, of course, is a plus. You can charge the device without any problems from the vehicle’s on-board network.

The price of Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pump in Russia is about 3 rubles. The pump is worth its money, I can safely recommend it to all motorists.

Xiaomi Bcase TITA Temporary Parking Card

And our material is closed by the Xiaomi Bcase TITA Temporary Parking Card. A small neat plastic case, which can be black or silver, with a flip cover, allows you to leave your number if necessary if you suddenly blocked someone in the parking lot. The set includes the auto business card itself, cards with numbers and a small pick for removing the plate and numbers. The set contains numbers from 0 to 9, each is presented in 6 copies. The numbers are made of high-quality silicone with a magnetic base, thanks to which they are reliably magnetized to the metal plate. The color of the symbols is orange on a black background, they are applied with fluorescent paint, so they are easy to read even in the dark. After dialing your number on the plate, you put it back in the case, which, if necessary, can be fixed to the car dashboard using adhesive legs. If you want to open a number, then just press one side of the flip cover, if you need to close it, then press the other. The case does not have to be installed permanently, you can, for example, store it in the glove compartment and, if necessary, install it under the windshield.

A selection of Xiaomi auto accessoriesA selection of Xiaomi auto accessories

The Xiaomi Bcase TITA Temporary Parking Card costs an average of 900 rubles. This is a good replacement for paper auto business cards, and besides, it is stylish and with the ability to change the number.


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