Back to School – 2020. Learning in Comfort

Even the Second World War could not cope with the onset of the new school year, so the coronavirus had no chance at all. But, nevertheless, in 2020, the study will clearly take place in conditions far from normal. This means that it will take more effort than usual to focus on the educational process. Therefore, our heading “Back to School” this time will not be quite ordinary. This year we will talk not just about what is useful for a schoolchild or student, but about those things that will make the process of assimilating new knowledge more comfortable. Or they may even help stimulate the craving for learning, which should justify the high trust of parents who have forked out for a cool new gadget.

iPhone SE

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Let’s not dissemble and admit that for the younger generation there is an iPhone and there are all other smartphones that are not so cool at all. Difference? Well, about the same as between the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. Therefore, if you want to please the student with a new smartphone by the beginning of the new school year, your path cannot run past the Apple hardware store. Another thing is that Apple itself is not the same, and by going to the site section, you will not see the current and last year’s models, but a whole zoo of devices, to which an obscure comparison chart is also attached – it does not even give you confidence that by paying maximum, you will get the real best, that’s exactly what you need. Indeed, just for young people, not the top-end, but the most budgetary model is more suitable. Firstly, the top will change just in September, and instead of the coolest and the newest, you will provide the child with “not so cool stuff.” For some 90 thousand rubles. Not the most rational choice. But the iPhone SE will be the top in its class until next year. Yes, overrated. But children are the main specialists in implementing the entire performance of the chipset (adults usually do not like to show off virtual parrots in a benchmark so much). And besides, what Android background can compete with the iPhone in terms of the number of various accessories that change the look of the phone? That’s just it, there will be a tragedy later, that the cover, reflecting the current hobbies, is not on sale and is not expected.

MSI GL65 10SFK-449XRU Laptop

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Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

The times when gaming laptops were significantly inferior to gaming computers in performance were replaced by an era when the incredibly high price became the main argument against them. But even that time is a thing of the past. A gaming laptop is simply a high-performance platform with an ingenious design that’s great for both entertainment and study. And 110 thousand rubles – by now, is not the amount to be regretted if you get a tenth generation Intel Core i7 processor and a GeForce RTX 2070 video card in a compact 15-inch gaming laptop made of metal and plastic. And don’t be intimidated by the word “playful”. This is not a console, which in studies can only be useful as a means of demonstrating educational films, but a good alternative to a classic PC or monoblock, which allows you not to think about whether there is enough performance if you suddenly need to master graphic design programs. Moreover, the current world is such that it is not only children who need to study, and the workplace from the office can suddenly move anywhere.

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Acer TravelMate P6 Notebook

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Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Mobility, mobility, and again mobility – these are the main trends in all electronics in recent decades. And if once you could be delighted with the fact that you can take your computer with you, now it should be as lightweight as possible, stylish in design, productive and provide autonomy for at least a whole working day. And the Acer TravelMate P6 has all these features. Responsible for performance is a platform based on an eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor with a maximum possible 24GB of DDR4 RAM, and the battery capacity is such that it provides up to 20 hours of battery life. At the same time, like modern smartphones, the laptop is able to charge extremely quickly – to get half the battery capacity, it only needs a 45-minute connection to the mains. And with a weight of 1.1 kg and a body thickness of 16.6 mm, it meets the military strength standard MIL-STD 810G2. But shock protection (an extremely useful thing for a laptop that a young man will take everywhere with him) is not the only level of security. Your data stored on your SSD (up to 1TB capacity!) Is secured by a fingerprint reader with Windows Hello authentication. At the same time, in the minimum configuration TravelMate P6 costs quite affordable 45 thousand rubles.

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PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Yes, you are not mistaken. In the list of gadgets for the new academic year there are those that have a very indirect relationship to study, and are not available at all. And that’s why. I’ll start with the latter. Even if these consoles were already available for purchase, their appearance on the list would be less justified. When you have a new console and new games, it becomes difficult to think about the learning process, even during class. But if there is no “toy” yet, but it has already been promised for good results, then this is an excellent incentive. Parents do not look insidious, because they cannot buy a new product right now for quite objective reasons. And the end of November is a period that, on the one hand, is long enough to have time to pull up studies to the desired level and demonstrate the result. On the other hand, it is so big, even for those whose time has not yet picked up the pace of a courier starship to Mars. The choice between Sony and Microsoft should be made not by the sponsor of the purchase, but by the future user (unless, of course, this is not one person, but maybe someone will reward himself for mastering a new profession or prepare properly for a new self-isolation).

Apple Watch Series 5

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Another gadget from Apple. Again, the reason for the listing is precisely because it is Apple. No, of course, if you know that your child is prone to extreme sports, the choice can only be in favor of a protected device, ordinary smartwatches will not stand such a rhythm of life. In other cases – the choice in favor of Apple for the widest possibilities of customizing the watch, both in terms of replaceable bracelet straps and the software that comes with them. Again, I remind you that rational choice from an adult’s point of view may be the worst choice for a child. And also do not forget that, in addition to being useful, the ability to play and demonstrate new gadget functions among friends is a significant advantage, it does not matter if it is a student or a high school student (those who are younger should still choose simpler devices).

PocketBook X e-reader

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Someone, reaching this point, will say: “Well, finally, at least something really necessary in the study!” However, our world consists of so many little things that it is almost impossible to call something unnecessary and insignificant. And you shouldn’t think that the most correct choice would be the gadget that minimally meets this or that need. It is more correct to choose with a margin, so that the new use case does not become a pain and does not cause a desire to pound the device against the wall. Even if a child does not break the same phone due to lags in the game, the life of such a smartphone will still be several times less than that of a truly beloved one. And with e-books, the approach to choice with a margin is also due to concern for health and convenience in learning. Most e-book readers now are compact format with a screen diagonal of 6-8 inches. They are lightweight, comfortable, and due to the transition to screens with a clarity of the order of 300 ppi, they provide convenience when reading comics. But as soon as we talk about learning, such a diagonal is not sufficient to admit. The child may need to examine the drawing or even just move the device on the table away from him, and scans of textbooks in pdf of disgusting quality, alas, are not uncommon. And here the Pocketbook X 10-inch screen has no alternatives. But also note that the best is the enemy of the good. It may seem that then you really need to choose a model with a screen even more and at the same time with the ability to take notes. However, if your student needs to constantly scribble on the screen, then he needs not a book reader, but a tablet with incomparably greater capabilities and a higher quality of implementation of touch input with a stylus. And 13-inch e-book readers go beyond the limits of comfortable use due to their larger size and weight, without giving the same proportional increase in the usable area of ​​the screen, which at the same time begins to lose in picture quality in terms of pixel density.

DXRacer Drifting OH / DM61 Gaming Chair

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

And again in the selection of devices for learning “game gadget”. Although, if you think about it, the gaming chairs have absolutely nothing but the name. Well, maybe a logo. In fact, this is a natural must-have for a student if his health is dear to you. I remember how in childhood I was taught that only wooden desks and benches would save schoolchildren from scoliosis, improper posture and impaired vision. Not saved. Therefore, if your child spends a lot of time at the table (with or without a computer – this is not a matter of principle), then he needs a seat that can be maximally adjusted for him. And with gaming chairs in terms of customization, no other model can compare. And their manufacturers really know how to make sure that prolonged sitting has as little negative consequences as possible. For example, the DXRacer Drifting OH / DM61 has a more “office” design, but retains the anatomical back, lumbar support and lateral back support, borrowed from the experience of creating motorsport seats. You can choose a model that is more budgetary and simpler, but the more built-in adjustments there are, the better, nevertheless, the main audience of such furniture is already out of childhood, so typical solutions (designed for growth from 170 cm) may not be suitable for a student.

Electronic posture corrector

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

A comfortable seat and table are not something that you can take with you anywhere and anytime. And, being carried away by the process of absorbing new knowledge, no one will think about what position to sit in. It is easy to acquire a curvature of the spine, but not very good to correct it. The “Posture Master” electronic corrector is a small and extremely primitive gadget that is useful for a schoolchild, student, or in general any person who spends a lot of time sitting at a table. Its idea is outrageously simple: a small device is attached directly to the body or clothing in the area of ​​the collarbone and controls its position in space. As soon as you deviate from the optimal parameters, the gadget vibrates, signaling that your back is curved. You can’t call it a “smart” device, but if it works, then what’s the difference? The main thing is not to perceive its vibration as a pleasant massage.

ViewSonic M1 + Portable Projector

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Life on the go is life with your phone. Even such a compact device as a laptop or tablet already requires a bag or a backpack, and this is not always convenient for those who are used to stuffing everything in their pockets (for obvious reasons, we do not consider the variant of Anatoly Wasserman’s vest and the MOLLE fastening system). But the smartphone screen is something that two or three people can watch at the same time more or less comfortably. A compact laptop or tablet with a stand is little more. If you need to show something to a larger audience, you need to connect to some kind of external projector, which is traditionally perceived as something stationary or almost stationary, and in vain. There is a separate class of devices in the form of compact stand-alone projectors. Yes, they are significantly inferior to their larger counterparts in brightness and resolution, but, working on battery power, they provide much greater mobility. For example, ViewSonic M1 + is able to broadcast the phone screen to any surface that is more or less suitable as a screen (there is an automatic keystone correction system) and is equipped with a built-in stand, which at the same time performs the function of protecting the lens when folded, and also has a very compact, but acoustics from Harman Kardon. Such a device will both solve a purely educational task without regard to the equipment of an educational institution, and will allow you to share media content with friends anywhere.

HP Color Laser MFP 178nw

Back to School - 2020. Learning in Comfort

Someday, that happy time will come when humanity will stop using kilotons of paper, but even then schools and universities will not refuse the task “download and print”. You may need to print anything, whenever you want. The subject is unimportant, to provide a picture even to work from matches and acorns or to provide a printout of the cyclotron drawing in three projections may be required both in the first grade of school and in the last year of university. In terms of popularity, this task can only compete with the need to copy something urgently. Therefore, an MFP that combines a scanner, copier and printer is more than a useful device during study. And to make it convenient to use, it is necessary to provide for several more important points. The MFP must support wireless connections so that you don’t have to think about what exactly you are going to print from. MFP must be color. Photographic print quality is not required, but you should not rely on the fact that you can get by with a black and white image. At the same time, it would be more reasonable to choose in favor of laser color printing, the difference in cost is leveled out by the high resource of the cartridge and the absence of problems with ink drying. And the last point – if you do not need to go beyond the A4 format (at least until the end of the school it will not happen), then you should focus on compactness. The place in the apartment is not infinite, you should not overload it.

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments how you prepare for the new academic year in 2020.


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