“Beeline”, new “First Gigs”

New / old “First Gigs” appeared in the tariff line. The former “First Gigi” was improved for the better and put on display as a junior in the line of the package tariff. They estimated it at 500 rubles / month. The decision is correct, as it is putting in order the shop window, from which the people probably shied away.

История вопроса

It took a long time for Beeline to think that putting on the window as the cheapest in the Moscow line a tariff with a monthly fee of 700 rubles / month is not just a bad idea, but an excellent gift to competitors whose lower tariffs cost about 500 rubles. sometimes less. In the place of the operator’s top management, I would look for a person who suggested and justified it, it looks like either unprofessionalism or deliberate sabotage. Okay, as they say, we drove and it’s better to wake up late and still correct the mistake than to persist.

"Beeline", new "First Gigs"

It would be possible to return to the line the tariff “Close people 1”, which was removed in Moscow, but now they decided to assign this role to the modified tariff “First Gigs”, estimating it at the very same 500 rubles / month. In principle, the tortuosity of the path is not so important, we are interested in the final result.

If you look at the metamorphosis with this tariff, then we will see a lot of interesting things. Read the review from March 29, 2019 here, it says what the First Gigs were like a year ago. And here in the review of the change that appeared at the end of October 2019, a quote from the review is already quite appropriate here:

“Subscription fee – 14 rubles. per day (an average of 426 rubles per month), for this money they give 400 minutes to local mobile numbers of other operators and Beeline numbers in Russia and 10 GB of traffic. Thanks for the traffic, in the previous version of the tariff it was 4 GB. Please note that long distance to other operators is not included in the package. SMS are not included in the package, you can buy a package of 300 local SMS for 2 rubles. per day.

Separate “packages in a package” were also canceled, and calls to “Beeline” now spend a total package of 400 minutes, wrote in more detail in the subsection “Anlim”.

At first glance, it seems not bad for that kind of money, but you have to pay separately for SMS, for long distance “for enemies” and for calls to local city lines. As a result, a significant part of users of this tariff will pay more. Of course, there are users who do not need a long distance, do not need SMS and for whom 400 minutes will be enough, but for such a profile 426 rubles / month of subscriber seems a bit too much to me ”.

Today’s modified version of the “First Gigi” tariff is in many ways similar to correcting mistakes, the tariff has become better. But not “for beautiful eyes”, but still for an additional 80 rubles / month. Let’s take a look at the changes from the previous version.

Improvement / deterioration of the tariff

As I already wrote, it reminds me of working on bugs, for some positions we are seeing a rejection of the previous “improvements”.

  • The tariff increased from 420 to 500 rubles / month, more precisely, from 14 to 16.66 rubles. per day.
  • The package of minutes was increased from 400 to 600 minutes. Important: if in the previous version you made calls to landline numbers for a fee, now calls to all local and Beeline numbers in Russia consume a package of minutes. A year ago, the tariff included two packages of 200 + 200 minutes (within the network and for everything else) and within the total amount of 400 minutes, the package sizes could be varied, but the scheme was rather confusing. Now calls to Beeline numbers consume a package of minutes and become unlimited only after the package is exhausted. Alas, no miracle happened here.
  • The comparatively generous 10 GB Internet package given out last time was reduced to 6 GB. Looks like too many users 10 GB was enough. True, now they have made unlimited messengers WhatsApp, Viber, ICQ, Skype, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, KaKaoTalk and WeChat, for many this will be a good compensation. Moreover, unlimited is promised, including for voice and video calls from instant messengers.
  • Intercity for other operators fell from 5 to 3 rubles / min.
  • SMS were 2.5 rubles. for local and 5 rubles. across Russia, made a single price of 3 rubles. to all SMS in the country.

It is not entirely clear with the possibility of connecting the “Unlimited Internet” option on the “First Hygiene” tariff. The option is described here and costs 6 rubles. per day, i.e. 182 rubles / month. It is written “Service for archived tariffs”, but attached is a pdf-list of tariffs for which the option can be activated, and the tariff “First Hygiene” is also present in this list. But somehow I am tormented by doubts that Beeline could roll out in Moscow the current package tariff with unlimited Internet for 680 rubles / month (500 + 180 rubles). We must try to connect and see what happens.


The price of 500 rubles / month on the Moscow market does not cause any complaints, for the capital region the price tag is normal. But if you look at the content of tariffs, then the proposals of competitors in MegaFon (Internet), Tele2 (Everywhere Online) and Yota (Your tariff) look more interesting. With MTS it is ambiguous: if we reach for the parity of prices and, preferably, the approximate parity of packages, we will get “My Smart” in the minimum configuration (10 GB, 200 minutes, 200 SMS) for 520 rubles. But MTS is still alive (for how long?) The Smart tariff with its even small packages of 5 GB, 200 minutes and 200 SMS, but 420 rubles / month, that is, a price copy of the previous version of the First Hygiene tariff. In Tele2 “My Online” for 400 rubles. is also close in parameters to the “First Gigs”.

In general, Beeline did the right thing, correcting their mistake with the tariff for 700 rubles, but they were still greedy. Although who knows, they could put up the numbers in the expectation that fellow competitors will soon comb the prices and / or send to the archive everything that still survived (if it survived) is cheaper than 500 rubles / month.

Also, if you diligently lead a healthy lifestyle, then for good habits using the options “Gigs for sleep”, “Gigs for detox”, “Gigs for steps” and “Gigs for brains” you can get additional traffic for a total of 7.5 GB, but I I would not count on freebies so much. You will get bored, you will break down and there is generally no stability and predictability.

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