“Beeline”, tariff “Internet PRO”

Open for connection and transition from July 9, 2020 instead of sent to the archive “Internet for a computer”. Designed primarily for modems and routers, minutes and SMS packages are not provided. Subscription fee 900 rubles. per month, Internet unlimited only at night, from 8 am to XNUMX am.

This is a rare case when the new tariff was made better than its predecessor, and even two times better. In the archived “Internet for a computer” the daily package was 30 GB per month, in the new “Internet PRO” already 60 GB. In addition, it became possible to connect to the tariff up to four additional numbers. I did not see any other differences between the new tariff and the old one, the monthly fee also remained the same – 900 rubles / month. Even if there are no other differences, the very fact of the update is still a good reason to remember the parameters and features of this tariff, which we will now do.


The “Internet PRO” page on the Beeline website is here. The price is 900 rubles. You cannot call it humane, but I will repeat: the tariff for any device, and this determines many of its features, including the price. For example, in the tariff, unlimited Internet distribution, which is natural: a SIM card can be put into a router, which can be considered the equivalent of distribution, because a SIM card is not inserted into a router in order to connect one phone to it. These are at least several devices of one owner, more often the whole family. For example, in the USA, the number of days / hours of traffic distribution directly determines the cost of the tariff, there it is very clear. You can take a look at the overview of the tariffs there, the text is already in 2018, but the general principles and approaches have hardly changed.

I have already read puzzled comments on the topic of the stripped-down unlimited. 60 GB per month of traffic during the day and unlimited only at night – how’s that? There are full unlimited unlimited cheaper! There are some, but no need to confuse the concept. In “Internet PRO” unlimited and the package are full, you can do anything with them, and unlimited for smartphones are called “for smartphones” because the sim card does not work in modems / routers, and the distribution of unlimited Internet is limited or possible for separate money. Undoubtedly, you can tinker with the firmware of the modem and persuade it to pretend to be a smartphone, but for a layman it is quite difficult, in any case unethical, and there is a risk of running into operator sanctions in the form of blocking. Accordingly, there are relatively few such “highly intelligent” in percentage terms. Plus, our operators by trial and error (they introduced cheap unlims for smartphones, canceled them, introduced them again, but already expensive ones) seemed to have found an affordable solution for themselves, unlimited for smartphones in Moscow approached the same 900 rubles, some of this threshold stepped over. This is in Moscow, in the regions the situation may be different.

On the other hand, 60 GB per month divided by the whole family does not seem like a very generous gift. And today, even one user may not have enough traffic, especially for several devices. It is a pity that the traffic is not carried over at least to the next month.

Remember that the tariff is conditional package, since it does not provide for a package of minutes, or an SMS, only an Internet package. He chuckled mentally, remembering the frequent comments like “Give me more internet without restrictions, what for me your minutes and SMS, I have been using everything for a long time only!” Well, they gave me more Internet without restrictions, for some reason I don’t hear applause.

"Beeline", tariff "Internet PRO"

Possibility to connect up to four additional numbers free of charge and without a subscriber. In many ways, it changes the attitude to the tariff, you must agree. It is more fun than distributing the Internet from a smartphone or router, since the user can be geographically anywhere, even in the country. And the device with this additional sim card can be anything, but even the same router, if we are talking about a family trip to the country. Or not to be smart with a dacha router, 4 additional numbers are a lot. But 2 GB per day (on average) for the entire family crowd will not be enough in the country. In urban conditions, it can easily be enough if “Internet PRO” is used as a supplement to the home wired Internet.

What how much

Although the tariff is intended primarily for routers, the prices for minutes and SMS are not barring. They look like this:

Calls to numbers “Beeline” Russia 2,5 rub / min
Calls to local numbers of other operators 2,5 rub / min
Calls to long distance numbers of other operators 5 rub / min
SMS to the numbers of operators in the home region 2,5 rubles.
SMS to long distance numbers of mobile operators 5 rubles.
SMS to numbers of foreign mobile operators 8 rubles.

That is, for the regime “if it wants to, then you can call” the tariff will do, intercity 5 rubles / min is also not at cannibalistic prices.

"Beeline", tariff "Internet PRO"

It can be an attractive option for an IoT user if these very things do not require sending SMS messages. Things consume relatively little mobile traffic, but give them separate SIM cards. Here, 4 additional free SIM cards may well satisfy the needs of things, otherwise the operators are striving to collect 100 rubles from the owners. per month for each thing, in the end it can turn out to be expensive. And with “Internet PRO” an interesting scenario is seen: four Internet things are generally free, and the owner of the tariff is 57-58 GB of traffic per month for work and entertainment on the network. All-about-all for 900 rubles / month – not so expensive.

Auto-renewal of speed – additional packages of 5 GB for 160 rubles. each. You can disable them, then the Internet will be blocked. But there is one subtlety: if the daily rate is completely used up (including additional packages), nighttime unlimited will also not work.


Not bad for a modem / router, but not enough as the main means of Internet access for the whole family. Although the previous analogue “Internet for a computer” with its 30 GB per month looked quite sad during the day, here at least 60 GB for the same money. The tariff is flexible and without visible restrictions (only by the volume of daily traffic), which allows you to consider different conditions of use. I would not count on its massive popularity, our people are used to wanting a lot of everything and cheaper, but the tariff has its own consumers. Fortunately, the tariff works throughout Russia, no tricks with “only in the home region.”

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