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How bookkeeping is ruining your business

I don’t understand one thing: how Fedor Mikhailovich (name has been changed) allowed a situation in which a young boss – less than a year for a week – shamelessly dismisses those who started with the company ?! There was not a single objective reason for my dismissal! The department worked like a clock. All mechanisms were established long ago. Yes, and with the authorities, we never had an understatement – everyone spoke to each other directly in the eyes. And then suddenly a call “on the carpet”. After so many years! And there this young goldfinch presented everything as if I was almost stealing from the company! As a result, I was simply offered on my own. I can’t even believe what is happening to the end! – such a review could only recently be found on a website where disgruntled employees write about their employers.

You read – and tears welling up: the poor fellow, gave the company his best years, and as a result he remained on the street in his declining years. But was it really so? After all, in our prisons there are usually guilty people who are guilty.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to look at this very situation objectively. Coincidentally, this review was written by a person who was not just a victim of this young goldfinch – the new chief, but “liquidated” during a special operation of the business special forces. A unique unit, to which business owners turn to when there is no other way to resolve the issue. This business special forces are called Amiveo.

But first things first.

First, let’s figure out what kind of business special forces it is.

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

This year has turned out to be difficult for Russian business. The decline in real incomes of the population caused a sharp decline in demand for consumer goods and services. The hardest hit was the small and medium-sized business sector: cafes and restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and hairdressers, companies involved in sports and tourism, etc. Revenues fell, but recurring mandatory costs remained (salaries, rent payments, loan payments, taxes and contributions). Many have already clearly felt that the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will remain with us for a long time.

In the words of John Silver: In an hour, those of you who remain alive will be jealous of the dead… A fierce struggle begins for resources, for a buyer, for market share, for the opportunity to continue working. The most real war!

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

Only companies that can maximize their operational efficiency as quickly as possible will be able to win it. And this requires not only general optimization, software implementation and retraining of employees, but to a large extent introducing unpopular measures. Sometimes it is even possible to act covertly and independently of employees, who are capable of jamming any initiative with endless meetings, approvals, and even tacit protests.

Often, the business owner himself even feels or guesses that something is not going according to plan. But he does not have enough information to understand what the matter is. And here an objective assessment of the situation is necessary, which the owner does not and cannot have – due to deep personal involvement in the business.

All these are, of course, non-trivial tasks. And they need to be solved outside the box. This is where the skills of a unique team, which have no analogues in Russia, come in handy – the Amiveo special-purpose business team.

The fastest and least risky saving of work efficiency, freeing up resources and eliminating costs – this is Amiveo’s specialty. Business Special Forces Amiveo works on the business administration fronts, serving as a comprehensive restructuring service for operational and business processes.

By getting rid of unnecessary expenses, Amiveo frees up additional funds for the business that can be directed to vital goals: to reduce the selling price, increase the payroll, reduce costs by optimizing equipment and gain a competitive advantage.

The Amiveo team analyzes and corrects the structure of interactions within the client company, establishes communications between employees and makes all processes as transparent as possible for the manager. Eliminating the chaotic approach to solving problems frees up time – precious man-hours that directly affect the success of the company and the cost of the product produced.

If necessary, Amiveo selects and implements IT solutions for the tasks of a particular business or conducts retraining of employees in order to increase the efficiency of using existing software.

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

And, most importantly, the Amiveo special forces are not afraid of non-standard tasks, offering non-obvious ways to solve them. For example, undercover infiltration. This is when the fighter Amiveo is accepted into the staff for a leadership position and studies the real state of affairs from the inside. And then reports the REAL situation to the business owner and suggests ways out of it.

Amiveo employs business administration professionals, IT experts and qualified HR psychologists.

Amiveo are NOT consultants, NOT IT integrators and NOT anti-crisis managers. Amiveo – audit of a fundamentally new level. Allowing you to observe not the “Potemkin villages”, but the real state of affairs. And get real results, not winding numbers in reports.

How does business special forces Amiveo differ from other “business rescuers”

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

Amiveo is NOT consulting… It does NOT give advice that the owner must implement on his own. Only those tips are possible that Amiveo themselves and implement, always bringing what has been started to the end. Business special forces prefer actions to words – they harness, immerse themselves in the client’s business and solve specific problems. Amiveo fighters come and do what the client needs “here and now”.

This includes non-standard solutions. For example, the introduction of Amiveo employees into an undercover company. Such “espionage” work within the team allows you to see with your own eyes and find weaknesses in the lowest processes. Find and then quickly and efficiently eliminate them. If necessary, the Amiveo fighter can even fire or hire people. And also to carry out unpopular optimization measures, which the owner himself, perhaps, wants, but does not dare to carry out.

Amiveo is NOT a seller and NOT an integrator of IT solutions… At least not only an integrator. There is no magic program that will solve all business problems. Therefore, Amiveo’s operations involve not only “techies”, but, above all, experienced managers. Chaos cannot be automated! But you can learn to manage it. And then get rid of it. First, a logical, convenient and efficient system of work is being built. Personnel issues are being resolved. And only after that comes the automation. Amiveo fighters implement all technologies on a turnkey basis, conducting training of personnel. And the software is selected for specific tasks.

Business Special Forces – NOT Crisis Management… Often ordinary “anti-crisis agents” simply cut bones to the maximum – even if this “amputation” ultimately harms the vitality of the whole organism in the long run. Amiveo solves problems in a complex, and not pointwise. Eliminating the cause of the “disease”, rather than fighting its “symptoms.”

And here we are not talking about achieving the planned figures, but about more delicate, jewelry work. The business owner receives not immediate benefits, but qualitative systemic changes in the structure of work. For which unnecessary victims among the “civilian population” are absolutely not required. Here are some real examples of how this works – specific cases of Amiveo’s work.

Example # 1. If you don’t see the difference, why pay more?

Problem: Reducing the cost of maintaining a department of testers.

The average salary of specialists from testing departments in Moscow is quite high. The head of one of the Moscow IT companies drew attention to the fact that 80% of his specialists are absolutely not worth the money spent. And the majority of Moscow testers in the labor market have only an entry level.

In order not to overpay ineffective employees, the owner decided to open an additional office and form a new team of testers in one of the regions. What was actively opposed by the current employees, who did not want to lose their homes. Then the business owner remembered Amiveo.

Result: Savings on payroll and rent 14 rubles in the first year. No reduction in efficiency.

Due to the lack of personal interests, Amiveo’s fighters were able to focus on work and quickly deploy two branches in the regions at once. And at the same time recruit and train employees. Everything was done quickly and decisively.

The Amiveo team has been recruiting and training personnel throughout the year. She also organized everything necessary for the operation of the branches. Then she carried out the most painless dismissal of unclaimed Moscow specialists. The best testers have saved places. And the new regional offices took over 80% of the ordinary and routine work.

As a result, savings on payroll for 12 months amounted to 12 million rubles, or 80% of the total. And the low cost of rent in the regions saved the business owner another 2.5 million rubles. The cost of Amiveo’s services paid off with interest in the first year. And the business leader was able to fulfill his plans without reputational losses, entrusting this work to the Amiveo service for the complex restructuring of operational and business processes.

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

Example # 2. Take it by yourself …

Problem: Improving the efficiency of interaction within the company.

There is a large federal company, in one of the divisions of which a new head has been appointed. This manager first inflates the department staff by recruiting new people. And then it simply loses control, and the department finally ceases to cope with its tasks.

Result: Increase in productivity by 25% while maintaining the same level of payroll.

Amiveo’s representative infiltrated the company under the guise of the head of a related department. He carefully studied the situation and found out that instead of fulfilling their duties, employees spent a lot of time on negotiations and sorting out the relationship. At the same time, they tried to divide the assigned tasks among themselves, highlighting from them “priority” and “secondary”. And the head of the department simply physically did not have time to solve the arising problems.

After discussing the situation with the business owner, a number of organizational decisions were made. The former leader was transferred to another job. One department was divided into two. In each of the new departments, a new head and two deputies were appointed.

Everything went quietly and calmly, only one employee quit. Some of the remaining 25 people received an increase in salary while maintaining the same payroll. Employee productivity increased by 25%. Amiveo’s work took 3 months and fully paid off in 8 months.

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

Example No. 3. freedom of speech

Problem: Organization of workflow, reduction and optimization of ineffective business processes.

In a regional service company, it just so happened that each leader had his own invaluable opinion, which must be reckoned with. Where it was objectively possible to quickly discuss a task, work out a procedure for solving it and start implementation, a board of directors was set up. Active debates were also held within the departments, taking up to 50% of the working time.

Endless discussions and planning meetings simply ate up the time of the administrative resource. And the lack of clear-cut decisions with the appointment of those responsible for implementation led to missed deadlines and impunity.

Result: 2 man-hours and 000 rubles were released in the first year of operation. Increased speed of consideration and decision making.

Business special forces Amiveo developed and implemented a system for setting and assigning tasks, significantly reducing the decision-making time. A general procedure for the consideration of issues was created. Additionally, the position of a curator was introduced, which controls the work of departments using online IT tools. The cloud also hosted a framework for standardized protocols that were negotiated and approved online.

In a month and a half of work, Amiveo managed to reduce the total meeting time by 170 man-hours per month! Decisions began to be made TWO times faster. Responsibility has become targeted, each problem has a surname. By optimizing business processes, the company freed up 2 hours and saved 000 rubles in the first year alone. The Amiveo project fully paid off in 2 months.

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

And one soldier in the field, if he is tailored in Russian (no)

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

Of course, any changes will cause discomfort to the team and break the old order. People are generally designed in such a way that they prefer not to make unnecessary movements. Especially if they take them out of their comfort zone. Therefore, when calling business special forces, you need to clearly understand that nothing will change by itself. Getting new results by repeating old habitual actions will also not work. Amiveo won’t do all the work for you. And he will never take up work, seeing the passivity of the leader and the owner of the business.

And sometimes such stories happen in life that you don’t need to invent anything on purpose. From the practice of Amiveo. One farmer had constant power outages. Because of this, chickens died and eggs disappeared in incubators. Fighter Amiveo suggested installing generators to solve the problem, and wanted to continue his thought, but did not have time.

The farmer answered him in a rude manner that he had generators for a long time and that this idea was not worth a penny. Since the electricity is turned off at night, and at night he sleeps and does not want to turn on the generators. The farmer did not want to continue the conversation, deciding that he himself knew how best.

But his neighbor wanted to continue such a conversation and received from Amiveo not only advice on installing generators, but also the introduction of an automated system that would turn on these generators at the time of a power outage. Thus, his rabbits received stable heating, and mortality among young animals decreased significantly.

So the ability to listen and hear, take advice and promote their implementation is a prerequisite for working with Amiveo.

How does business SWAT Amiveo work

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

After entering the course of business and discussing a specific action plan, a framework contract is concluded with the customer. It has a separate application for each stage of work. And then the sequential work begins in one cycle: advance payment -> execution of the stage before the implementation of the prescribed KPIs -> final settlement for the stage of work -> discussion of the next stage -> etc. Everything is extremely transparent and understandable.

Payment is accepted only FOR the result, and not by the hour, like most “consultants”. If Amiveo miscalculated the volume of the task and took more time to complete, the business does NOT pay for it! Moreover, based on the results of any stage, the pros and cons are discussed separately with the customer, and the feedback is analyzed. Changes are made to the following steps on the fly, if necessary. Mobility and flexibility are always maintained.

Amiveo is responsible for the effectiveness of the implemented solutions and measures taken. And if new unexpected tasks appear in the course of work, business special forces will solve them as they become available. So that the client can be guaranteed to reach the designated level of operational efficiency. This is an important difference between Amiveo and classical consultants and all kinds of anti-crisis managers.

And now back to the poor head of the logistics department, about whom we wrote at the beginning of the article. What happened to him and why?

There is a company, the company has a logistics department. The logistics department is in chaos and anarchy. At the same time, the head of the logistics department started with the owner of the business. He maintains friendly and familiar relations with him, makes friends with his families … And completely pays no attention to how the department works. And the department works poorly:

  • there is no direct communication between production and logistics, everything goes through third hands;
  • there is no control over fuel consumption and driver routes;
  • delays and hiccups constantly occur, which negatively affect profits and reputation;
  • to all claims from the management and related departments, there are answers that everything is in order, it has already happened for years that people are in the first place, and that it is simply sinful to suspect these excellent drivers of embezzlement.

Fedor Mikhailovich finds himself in a stalemate: he simply cannot do anything with his such excellent head of the logistics department. After all, this is one of those who “faithfully” served the common interests for many years. How will other employees look at his dismissal? How will this affect the manager’s reputation and overall motivation? And what to do with it? Leaving everything as it is means continuing to incur losses. And to expel such a person means to seriously expose your reputation and bring confusion to the team. And in general, Fyodor Mikhailovich does not fully understand that the epicenter of the problems is his old comrade in arms. And he tries to think that the reasons are actually something else …

How bookkeeping is ruining your business

With this problem, the owner turns to the business special forces. The fighter Amiveo is introduced into the company under the guise of the head of the related department. For several months he informally communicates with the team, rubbed into trust and collects evidence of the ineffective work of the head of the logistics department. And at the same time calculates the employees who were engaged in theft.

Based on the results, a closed meeting is held with the heads of departments and the owner of the business, during which the head of the logistics department has no choice but to leave “on his own.” This is a compromise that suits everyone. The stealing employees also leave “on their own” so as not to get fired under the article.

In place of the dismissed leader, a young and promising employee “from within” is appointed, whose positive qualities were noticed during the implementation operation. The departed drivers are replaced with new ones, tracking systems are installed on the cars, which allow you to monitor the movements of vehicles.

Additionally, IT systems are being implemented that allow for direct interaction between departments in order to quickly set and perform logistics tasks. The owner’s reputation has not suffered. Relations with the head of the logistics department continued informally, not to the detriment of business. Logistics costs were reduced by 30%, orders were delivered on time. Amiveo’s work paid off in 4 months.

Amiveo challenged and removed the negative feedback from the former head of logistics from the site in order to minimize the client’s reputation losses. And the client himself left a completely different comment about what happened:

“We have managed to resolve many long-standing conflicts that have been accumulating within the team for years. The situation had a sobering effect on the employees. As a bonus to reducing costs, we got highly motivated staff. Thanks to the thoughtful and non-standard actions of Amiveo, everything was done as gently, quickly and efficiently as possible. This is really a real business special forces, you can’t put it any other way. “

Finally. Amiveo’s managing partner Kirill Tikhonov rarely gives interviews. But sometimes it still happens, as you can see for yourself by clicking on this link.

N. Kamelin

Published – 26 August 2020


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