Bose Sport Earbuds Review


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  3. Positioning
  4. Design, dimensions, controls
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Bose Sport Earbuds Review

Contents of delivery

  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C to Type-A cable, 30 cm
  • StayHear Max Silicone Tips in XNUMX Sizes (one pair already installed)
  • User’s Guide

Bose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds Review


  • Type: Fully Wireless Earbuds
  • Materials: silicone, plastic, polymer coating
  • Moisture protection: IPX4
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Radius: ~ 10 m
  • Codec support: SBC, AAC
  • Case charging connector: USB Type-C
  • Autonomy: up to 5 hours from a single charge, with a case – 15 hours
  • Dimensions: 1,9 x 2,7 x 2,1 cm (each earbud), 8,9 x 5 cm x 3,1 cm (charging case)
  • Weight: 13,6g (each earbud), 65g (charging case)
  • Color versions: “citron” (in the review), “blue sea”, “matte black”
  • Cost: 18 990 rubles


For a while, I only had to read about Bose’s new products, which was somewhat upsetting. It’s no joke, a little over a year has passed since the last review of the company’s headphones. And so it happened, and new models entered the market, we will start our acquaintance with Bose Sport Earbuds, headphones for athletes and just active people who, in a fit of improving their form, will not be stopped by any overseas ailment.

On the pages of the site you could get acquainted with both wired and TWS versions of sports models, the novelty is a kind of evolution of the fully wireless version, which is quite consistent with the modern trend and emphasizes the popularity of the form factor. Headphones have received a number of more modern features, let’s talk about them and not only.

Design, dimensions, controls

The test was attended by headphones in citron color, they combine light gray and lemon yellow, it turns out nicely. The blue and black versions are in the same color. The case of the model is protected according to the IPX4 standard, it will withstand sweat or rain / snow, but will not cope with immersion in water.

Bose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds Review

In terms of appearance, the Bose Sport Earbuds are reminiscent of the Soundsport Free: similar shapes, similar silicone earbuds that provide a more secure fit in the ear. The Soundsport Free mentioned used StayHear + earbuds, but here they got the Max prefix. The shape of the earpieces has been preserved in this generation, but the approach to their attachment has been rethought: they are put on the acoustic module itself, and this allows the headphones to be closer to the head. At the same time, nothing has changed in ergonomics, the fit is reliable, when placed in the ear, the case of the headphones should be slightly scrolled so that the bow of the nozzle falls into place.

In the ear, the headphones sit without any pressure on the shell, they are lightweight, and it is not so difficult to forget that they have been in the ear for a long time. For the most secure fit, you need to select the desired size of nozzles, there are three of them in the kit, the size is indicated by the number 1-3 on the nozzle itself and bags with spare. It seemed to me that the headphones themselves do not stick out as much from the ear as their predecessors, at least they do not show themselves under the cap.

Bose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds Review

There are no physical controls on the headphone case. The controls are now sensory, and here, of course, everything is subjective. No, there are no complaints about the quality of the sensor, the commands are processed accurately and quickly, the question is more whether the concept itself is convenient, especially in the cold season. In general, I’m more of a fan of physical buttons, but most of the time I control playback through my phone, long live the touch gloves.

The light case is made of matte plastic with a button on the front that opens the lid. Under it there are five LEDs indicating the charging percentage of the case. If all five are on, then the charge is full, if one is on, then 20% or less, the logic is clear. Inside there is a button to activate pairing mode and two headphone cradles. The mount is magnetic and very reliable, it is almost impossible to accidentally shake out the headphones or open the case. A separate plus from me for the USB Type-C connector, as they say, is long overdue.

Bose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds Review

What about music management in Bose Sport Earbuds? No, this is not the classic 1/2/3 click paradigm. Double-clicking on the right earbud stops playback, accepts or rejects a call. For the left one, you can set this action to switch to the next song and check the battery charge, the state of which will be reported by a voice prompt. Volume control is also available, for this it is worth swiping back and forth along the body of the right earphone, having previously activated the corresponding option in the settings. A long press on the right earpiece with an incoming call will reject it, and normally call the voice assistant used on the paired device. And that’s all that is rather unusual and, frankly, strange. Why is there no switch to the previous track? Why are there no three-click commands? The absence of commands with a single tap is understandable, because accidental presses are often interpreted as a command, and in the context of sports, the move is explainable and logical. But there is something to think about regarding the concept of management. Of course, this will not cause any large-scale discomfort, but you need to get used to it. On the other hand, athletes are unlikely to switch tracks every now and then, their attention is focused on the current activity.

Bose Sport Earbuds Review

Complementing the Bose Sport Earbuds control concept is the option with a sensor for detection. By activating the corresponding option in the app and removing the right earpiece, the song is interrupted and resumed when the sensor “informs” about the return of the earphone to your ear. The same event will allow you to automatically pick up the phone and continue the conversation. The right earpiece is the leading one, which confirms the impossibility of listening to music exclusively on the left one, with the right one such a trick works.

Pairing, application

For the first connection to the device, you need to open the lid and hold down the button in the case for a few seconds. The LEDs on the headphones will blink blue to indicate that they are available for connection. Then you can act both through the Bluetooth menu and through the Bose Music app, in which you first need to log in.

In the app, you can view the management guide, check for device updates and check the battery power. The application interface has become a little more laconic and intuitive, it looks nice. The list of settings is rather ascetic, only the most necessary ones.

Sound quality

Bose traditionally conceals what kind of drivers are used in the headphones, calling them “high-performance”. It is worth giving credit: in their case, all these loud statements are one hundred percent reflected in the sound. Even with the support of the basic SBC and AAC codecs, Bose Sport Earbuds sound very, very good: all the instruments are in place, there is no talk of any failures, at least for my not-too-musical ear. First of all, thanks to the clever active equalization, the high frequencies and bass are amplified, just as much as necessary, so as not to go into “prying” and / or “booming”. The in-ear fit in combination with the already mentioned nozzles gives volume to the sound and also works out in passive noise cutoff. The maximum volume is excessive even for the street, in which the absence of active noise cancellation immediately affects, which is expected for a sports model. I noticed that every time I tested Bose products, there was a lasting good impression, and so it happened this time. Now the wow effect, of course, has subsided, but still the difference with other headphones is felt instantly, especially there is not enough volume in the sound.

Bose Sport Earbuds Review

A system of 4 microphones, two in each earpiece, is responsible for the readability of speech during conversations. The interlocutors noted a slight background noise during my remarks, otherwise the speech was transmitted quite cleanly, without distortion and the need to raise the voice.


Not without a controversial point, which became precisely the work on battery power. The Bose Sport Earbuds honestly hit 5 hours on a full charge, slightly below the TWS market average, but generally acceptable for a sports model. Can we similarly say that the case allows you to charge the headphones only twice? Again, looking at the rest of the market, most likely not, although such indicators do occur.

Bose Sport Earbuds ReviewBose Sport Earbuds Review

Yes, there is a position that it is unlikely that users will 100% discharge their headphones, if there is a case, this process will be extended for a certain time, and few can train for 15 hours in a row. But still, I would like to resort to charging as rarely as possible, especially with such an expensive model. I wouldn’t mind a heavier case if it would increase the overall runtime. In an attempt to analyze my emotions, I remembered models up to 5 rubles, which claim up to 000 hours of total battery life, the figures are impressive, even if it is not so easy to check them. A full charge of the case will take three hours, the headphones will take two hours, and a 100-minute charge will be enough for 15 hours of work.


In terms of cost, Bose products have never been cheap. In my opinion, the matter is precisely in the sound, often this alone is enough to find compromises with oneself and, for example, charge the headphones more often. Within 20 rubles, there are enough competitors: here and Jabra Elite 000t with active noise reduction, the same level of protection and wireless charging for 85 rubles, and Powerbeats Pro with clear ergonomics and pleasant sound, as well as 15 hours of battery life, they cost from 000 rubles. 9 rubles more expensive than Audio-Technica ATH-ANC13TW, they have active noise suppression and IPX000 protection, the autonomy indicators are similar.

Bose Sport Earbuds Review

Despite the autonomy situation, the Bose Sport Earbuds caused more pleasant emotions. First of all, the cool sound pleases, to which you instantly get used and then it is already difficult to perceive anything else. The earbuds are easy to wear, even after 5 hours there is no discomfort, again, when choosing the right size of earpieces. Touch control works well, even if the concept itself is not for everybody. There is a convenient application with the necessary settings, a convenient and lightweight case, athletes will definitely appreciate.

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