Canyon Wasabi smartwatch review

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  4. Appearance, ergonomics
  5. Display, interface, control
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Contents of delivery

  • Watches
  • USB cable with charging connector
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card
Materials Case – metal and plastic, strap – polyurethane
Size 48 × 48 × 15 mm
The weight 70 grams
Built-in Memory 512 KB
RAM 128 KB
Processor Nordic NRF52832
Screen diagonal 1,3 “
Screen Type IPS, touch
Screen resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Battery 500 mAh, up to 30 days in standby mode, up to 5 days in active mode (GPS)
Sensors Accelerometer, heart rate monitor, pedometer
communication Bluetooth 4.2
Compatibility Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+
functions Optimized sport modes, alarm clock, stopwatch, heart rate measurement, call and message notifications
Additionally IP68 rated, sleep monitoring, data sync with Canyon Life and Strava apps, remote camera control, 8 watch faces, music control, inactivity reminder, weather information
Color The black
Cost 5 599 rubles

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch review


At the end of April, the line of Canyon smartwatches was replenished with the Wasabi model, this is a full-fledged “smart” watch with all the accompanying features and characteristics. If you follow the brand’s new products in this segment, you may have noticed that spices appear in the names – Wasabi, Oregano, Lemongrass. An unusual way to differentiate models, you won’t say anything. Apparently, with the help of such watches, the user can “spice up” his life, bring into it acute emotions from an active lifestyle and sports load. In the context of wasabi, there is a hint that the clock works as fast as this seasoning.

If we omit the spicy theme, then at this stage in the Canyon lineup, the Wasabi model is the only one with an impact-resistant case, which, in combination with water protection and various sports modes, positions it as a solution for athletes and just active people who, even in the current situation, not only forget about a healthy lifestyle, but also remember about the budget.

Appearance, ergonomics

The form factor of rugged smartwatches assumes a large and often heavy case. However, the weight of the reviewed model, personally, I would not call great. Yes, in contrast to the fitness tracker, the watch seems bulky, but when compared with other similar devices, the dimensions will be close to the Huawei GT / GT 2e, I recently tested the latest model. Despite the manufacturer’s statement about the versatility of the design, I would still classify the model as male, although I fully admit an alternative opinion.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch review

The exterior of the watch is familiar to its class: the case is made of black metal and equally black plastic, two control buttons for the clock to the right of the display, a polyurethane strap with perforation for air access to the skin under the strap – the hand sweats less, athletes approve. The strap fits snugly around the hand, a large number of holes allows you to accurately determine the desired size. The free part of the strap is fixed with two silicone rings-trenches, which move freely. Again, a subjective consideration for ergonomics: I would prefer a strap like in the Mi Band, yes, there are fewer size gradations, but fewer unnecessary elements. The strap is easy to change, you need to pull the fastening lever.

Case materials do not collect fingerprints, you can quickly clean the watch from dirt. The round display is slightly recessed into the body, this is also done to protect the screen when dropped or hit on a plane. On the back of the watch there is a magnetic connector for connecting a charger and, of course, a photoplethysmogram sensor (PPG), which directly monitors the pulse. During the testing period of the watch, no skin irritation was noticed either from the sensor or from the strap. The vibration is accentuated, quite strong in level, you won’t be able to miss the notification. The device is protected according to the IP68 standard, it will withstand immersion to a depth and will not let dust inside.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch review

The dimensions of Canyon Wasabi quite allow them to fit under the sleeve of a sweatshirt. Of course, they will not fit under the cuff of a shirt. Control buttons protrude above the surface of the case and sometimes cling to clothing. Not to say that it is very inconvenient, but for a sports model, the button format would be more suitable, as, for example, in the same Huawei GT 2e. They protrude above the body by literally a couple of millimeters, while their surface is flat and the chance of catching them on anything is reduced to zero, practical and elegant. Someone will note that the price positioning of the models is two times different, and they will be right, however, from the point of view of ergonomics, I would prefer a different solution. It is possible to sleep in the watch, it will not accidentally fly off the hand, the strap fixation excludes this.

The watch is operated without any problems, the buttons are pressed with little effort and an average silent stroke, accidental presses are likely, this is not enough to activate a command or activate a sports mode, you need to use the display. By the way, it can be locked by long pressing the top button. Pairing with a smartphone / tablet comes from the Bluetooth settings menu, it does not take much time, the connection is stable. Synchronization is carried out through the Canyon Life application, which will be discussed a little later.

Display, interface, control

The screen in Canyon Wasabi is made using IPS technology, its maximum brightness is more than enough to read information in the sun. The resolution may not be 480×480, but not 128×128, as in very budget models. In places, the font “loosens”, of course, but for this you need to peer at a close distance, which is unlikely to be done by the user in the usual scenario of use. It is still worth noting this point, especially if before that there was an experience of using watches with higher resolution. The touch input works accurately and without errors, there is nothing to complain about. 8 dials are available for the user; they change by long pressing on the start screen. In terms of color reproduction, I would note the effect characteristic of IPS displays, when black is perceived rather as dark gray, there is no depth that AMOLED displays give. Of course, the majority will not notice, since readability is good.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch review

As such, there is no OS in the watch, at least, it is not announced anywhere, the minimum amount of built-in memory speaks in favor of this argument. The interface is pretty simple and intuitive. The home screen displays standard elements: time, date, day of the week, number of steps taken, outdoor temperature and weather conditions. By swiping from the bottom up, the switch panel is displayed – here you can adjust the brightness of the display and go to the settings. In addition to brightness, it is possible to set the time the screen backlight is active (from 0 to 99 seconds), as well as reset the clock to factory settings. If you “move” in the opposite direction in the interface, the following screens will become available: the number of steps taken with mileage and calories burned, screens with heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and training reports.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch review

We return to the working screen by pressing the upper button, this is how we go back one screen. Swiping from right to left will display a list of notifications received on the watch, you can clear it by swiping from right to left and clicking on the trash can icon. The notification text is displayed, you cannot reply to it from the watch. In the swipe menu, from left to right, there are already described functions (steps, weather, heart rate, workouts, sleep tracking data, settings), as well as an alarm clock (activated in the application), a stopwatch, music control, remote shooting and phone search. The last two items only work when paired with a smartphone. As for shooting, for some reason the auxiliary lens is selected by default, the application does not offer options.

Functional features, application

Pressing the lower button from the start screen takes the user to the sports training menu. There are few modes, only 6: walking, running, treadmill, cycling, hiking and swimming. Launching each of them after 3 seconds of countdown starts data recording, for each workout you can set a goal in terms of time, distance traveled and calories burned, you can practice without these parameters. After training, the results will be displayed in the appropriate section in the application. From here, you can upload your running workouts to Strava, a platform popular with joggers and cycling enthusiasts.

As already noted, data synchronization with a smartphone is carried out using the Canyon Life application, it is available on Android (version 4.4+) and iOS (9.0+). The first pairing takes place quite quickly, after which you need to set your data in the application settings (gender, height, weight) and select the hand on which the watch will be worn. Activation by raising a hand is available, the gestures themselves are not described in the application, it would be useful. Heart rate readings in Canyon Wasabi are available both in training mode and at a user-specified time interval and at a selected interval. Of course, such devices are not medical, they only give an approximate picture of the heart rate. The discrepancy with the indicators of Mi Band 4 is within 5%, with the results of manual measurement – approximately in the same range.

The application has three screens: the main page with data on activity (steps, calories, activity time), sleep and heart rate. Below is a panel with data on the training sessions conducted today. The second screen displays statistics on the same parameters for the selected period. The third screen contains the screen for updating the software and setting up the paired device. The watch is very demanding on the settings of a smartphone or tablet, if the power saving or optimization mode is active, this can affect the synchronization process. Of course, you can turn off all the indicated modes on the device during a workout, but these are additional steps, plus not all users know where the corresponding menu items are. During testing, an update “flew”, after which the stability of the connection improved, at least when connecting to my main smartphone, the problem did not recur.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch reviewCanyon Wasabi smartwatch review

Let’s go back to the settings. Here the function “Warm-up”, which is quite obvious for fitness devices, is available, when activated, the vibration will remind that the owner has stayed too long and needs to move. There is a setting for intervals and working hours. Finally, do not disturb mode will turn off the display of incoming notifications during sleep or when the situation requires it. By the way, about sleep tracking: Canyon Wasabi “know how” to recognize the phases of sleep, but waking up still needs to be worked on. If the user wakes up and falls asleep further, then the watch still thinks that he has already woken up, and continues to vibrate at a given interval, hinting at a warm-up.

Working hours

If you use the watch in running tracker mode with GPS activated, a fully charged battery will last for 5 days. With more moderate use, it is possible to get up to a month of work from a single charge. It is better not to lose the charger itself, it will not be so easy to find it on sale. Wireless charging is not available for Canyon Wasabi.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch review

Competitors, conclusions

In the price range up to 6 rubles, Canyon Wasabi has several competitors of varying degrees of fame. First of all, in this limit, you can find Amazfit Verge Lite, they are slightly smaller, but the screen resolution is higher, there is an internal memory, the same level of protection from external influences is declared, a platform for synchronization is already familiar to many, but the battery is slightly inferior to Wasabi. If we talk about lesser-known brands, then the HerzBand Elegance S000 and ECG models are close in characteristics, the latter has IP4 protection, but there is an ECG sensor. Geozon Watcher with a built-in SIM card, a kind of phone on the wrist, will also join the company.

Canyon Wasabi smartwatch review

In the course of testing, the impression of the watch was mostly positive, there is a moment with sleep tracking, there is much to “grow wiser”, I think this is quite fixable with an update. I liked that the watch has a simple menu, anyone can master it in just half an hour. The advantages include a proven sporty design, a protected case, sane autonomy and ease of use. In terms of technical stuffing, of course, it would be nice to look at colleagues and their watches. The question is whether this will make the Canyon model more expensive.

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