Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

Today we are testing an urban crossover of one of the old-timers of the Russian market among Chinese automakers, Chery, the Tiggo 7 Pro model. Honestly, I first met Chery in the year, probably in 2005-2006, when, after obtaining a driver’s license, I was looking for my first car. Then the Chery Amulet sedan was presented in our market, which I remembered with a pungent chemical smell in the cabin, from which it stung in the nose and watery eyes. Then a few minutes of acquaintance with the car in the cabin was enough for me, so that later I did not even think about the car of the Chinese manufacturer. But as time goes on, Chery is no longer the strange and dubious Chinese brand that it used to be. The new crossover of the Tiggo 7 Pro brand looks very interesting both outside and inside, and in the interior of the new car there is no specific smell of materials. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

Visually, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro looks very modern, interesting and attractive, especially in such a red color and in a two-tone version with a black roof, as we have on the test. Yes, of course, if you find fault, then there is not so much unique in the appearance of the Chinese crossover, the front part is somewhat similar to the Hyundai Santa Fe, with the same wide mouth of the radiator grille and the predatory squint of narrow LED headlights. The elongated rear lights are a tribute to fashion, and they are now found in many, and I definitely saw such a break in the window line of the rear of the car somewhere, but I cannot remember where. By the way, can you tell me? Write your options in the comments.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

But if you do not find fault, then the Chery crossover is good-looking, everything is done stylishly and in the spirit of current trends, and there is nothing wrong with the fact that the company’s designers borrowed some elements, now many people do this. In addition, the creators of the Tiggo 7 Pro should be praised for the elaboration of details and the visual integrity of the car, there are no elements that look alien, as, however, there are no bold decisions. In general, such a massive car that many will like outwardly.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

As for the salon, here, of course, the developers’ own imagination is almost over. The upper part of the door panels, which merges in a semicircle into the front console, is clearly a spy from Audi. The large 10-inch freestanding display is BMW. And the automatic transmission lever is an exact copy of that of the Volvo XC40, and even the inconvenient shift pattern through neutral is copied. The steering wheel is also visually similar to that in Volvo cars, and the minimalism in the design of the front panel is somewhat reminiscent of the new Mazda 3.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

Yes, here the Chinese have already collected a little bit of everything from different manufacturers, and I would not say that everything is arranged perfectly and without ergonomics errors, although it looks good. For example, the touchscreen is left far away and not facing the driver. The rocker keys are not immediately perceived, since their designations are printed on the plate from above and you always want to just press them. I have already mentioned the automatic transmission lever, it looks like in the XC40, has a good grip, but shifting through neutral is inconvenient.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

But the biggest mistake in ergonomics is the climate control unit with touch buttons and touch strips for adjusting the temperature, which is also covered with a black plastic cover with a glossy finish. To turn on the heated seats or rear window, you have to be distracted by the panel, since the keys are absolutely flat, and it is even more difficult to adjust the temperature on the go, despite the fact that there is a small indentation here. For some strange reason, the passenger’s temperature control is inverted, warmer to the left and colder to the right, which is confusing. In addition, information about the operation of the climate system is displayed only on the main screen and only at the moment of any actions with the panel, that is, you also need to constantly move your gaze from the bottom up. The manufacturer hid the heated windshield in a pop-up menu on the screen, there is no separate button for this, which is also inconvenient. The only plus is that at least the steering wheel heating button was taken out to the steering wheel itself, so that it can be easily activated with one click.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

On official photos and in the interior of the new car, the Tiggo 7 Pro climate control unit looks beautiful, but in reality it is inconvenient to use and loses its presentation very quickly, as the gloss is covered with small scratches. But it’s worth saying that the dual-zone climate control works well in automatic mode and does not require manual adjustments.

There are no special complaints about the car in terms of assembly and materials. Plastic, the one that is at the level of the eye, is soft, plus some of the details are covered with artificial leather. But, for example, decorative inserts on the doors are thin, and there is emptiness under them, as well as under most of the door trim. In the test car, there was a cricket near the front armrest, but otherwise everything is fine.

Landing in the crossover is free, both in the front and in the back, and the doors cover the sills, so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your trousers, even in the slush. What saddens is that, like in other Chinese cars, the front seats in the Tiggo 7 Pro only look comfortable and seem to have a good profile, in fact in Chery they are just too soft, and you quickly get tired on a long trip. … It is strange that the Chinese auto industry pays so little attention to the ergonomics of the seats, they all make the seats beautiful, but absolutely uncomfortable, in terms of comfort, they cannot be compared with Volvo or Audi, even the Koreans lose a lot.

With a height of 187 cm, I could not find a comfortable fit in the driver’s seat, I go down low – the armrests are high, I raise the pillow higher – I start to slide off it, since the lift is provided only for its back. As a result, I somehow found a more or less comfortable fit for myself, but I would not say that I felt very good in the chair, and besides, the steering wheel adjustment for takeoff was a little lacking, and the seat cushion was short. But, I think, shorter drivers will not have such difficulties and they will be able to sit in the car with more comfort than me. In our configuration, the power adjustment of the front seats was available, and the driver also had the power adjustment of the lumbar support in two planes.

Despite the fact that the crossover looks rather big, it is quite narrow, the manufacturer even slightly narrowed the front seats, which you immediately notice in a winter jacket in winter when you try to find the belt buckle somewhere under your heel. And also you will not be able to share the center armrest with the front passenger, there is only one seat there. But at least there is room overhead, the top of the head, with all the desire, will not rest against the ceiling, and this is in the presence of a cool large panoramic roof with a sunroof and an automatic curtain.

There is also a miscalculation in the ergonomics of the placement of cup holders in the car, they are located right in front of the front armrest, and even a medium-sized glass or bottle of water will interfere with you. True, you can use large pockets in the door for a bottle, but you can’t put a glass of hot coffee / tea there.

I sit behind myself very comfortably, my knees do not rest on the back of the front seat, and there is enough legroom below. It is also worth noting the almost flat floor at the back, so that three not the largest people in the warm season will be able to sit there, although in winter they will clearly be cramped there. There is also enough space for the child in the back, he does not reach the back with his feet, and the Isofix mount is provided for the child seat, however, the arches between the pillows are hidden.

The trunk in the crossover is not bad, its volume is 475 liters, and if you want to increase the useful space, you can separately fold the back of the rear sofa from the cabin, which forms a small slide. In the maximum configuration, the tailgate is equipped with an electric drive, and from the settings of the media system, you can change the percentage of its opening.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

The media system in the Tiggo 7 Pro with Chery’s own software part, it knows a little, but it is quite pleasant visually and quite fast. We have a 10 ”touchscreen display with a good resolution and a high-quality IPS-matrix. In the settings you can choose one of three menu themes, as well as set the wallpaper. Of the funniest tricks, I would like to note the ability of the system to synchronize with atmospheric lighting, for which you can not only change the color and adjust the brightness, but also make it flash in time with the music. Honestly, this is the first time I meet such a light disco in a car, it’s unusual, but a little distracts from the road.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

There is no built-in navigation in the car, but there is support for Apple CarPlay, which works only by wire. But the Android Auto license, the manufacturer decided not to buy, and implemented support for smartphones on Android OS through its own QDLink application. In fact, the program is such a launcher that is displayed on the system screen when the device is connected with the application of the same name installed, and all this works according to the MirrorLink standard. Of course, such a connection expands the capabilities of the system, but I would still prefer regular Android Auto, as it is more stable and easier to control.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

Connecting smartphones via Bluetooth is seamless and the connection is always stable. The speakerphone works well, but the microphone is located only on the driver’s side, and the interlocutor can hear the passengers worse. Despite the presence of an 8 “virtual panel, data even about an incoming call does not fall on it, all manipulations related to the phone are carried out only from the main display, and for some reason the company copied the incoming call screen from iOS, and it is also displayed on the right the edges of the display, away from the driver. It’s good that at least you can answer the call and end it from the buttons on the steering wheel, otherwise you can reach far away from the icons on the screen.

To connect and charge devices, the Tiggo 7 Pro has three USB-A ports, two in the front and one in the rear. At the front, the USBs are located in a niche under the front console, there are also platforms for smartphones or even a tablet. We saw such a solution in Jaguar, it looks convenient at first glance, but in reality you will have to reach for the device every time. There is a rubberized wireless charging pad on the top of the front console. If you place your smartphone there, then you will always see its full screen, however, connecting a wire to it for the same CarPlay is already inconvenient. Modern devices are charged from the on-board network of the car quite briskly, so there is no need to use adapters in the cigarette lighter, there are enough standard capabilities.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

The virtual instrument cluster is an 8-inch color screen that displays the speedometer and on-board computer information. The dashboard does not interact with the car’s media system, so it exists here only as a tribute to fashion, and not as a tool that allows the driver not to be distracted from the road by the central screen.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

The Tiggo 7 Pro does not spoil us with electronic assistants, there is the usual cruise control with control buttons on the steering wheel, light and rain sensors that work quite correctly. Of the pleasant features, I note the presence of a circular view camera, which gives a high-quality picture, and also allows you to display a 3D model and even rotate it, albeit with visible jerks, in contrast to the smooth visualization of the Germans. Cameras and parking sensors are automatically activated when the reverse gear is engaged, and they can also be activated at any time by the dedicated key. On the plus side, I note that the cameras are positioned in such a way that they stay clean for a long time.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policemanChery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

In terms of comfort, the Tiggo 7 Pro is not bad, it goes through large irregularities very softly and delicately, slightly thumping on medium potholes with sharp edges, but not critical. In silence, it would also be good if the manufacturer paid more attention to the soundproofing of the arches, through which the bulk of extraneous noise penetrates into the cabin. So, you clearly hear the noise of the tires, and in the snowfall you can distinguish the sound of snow and ice beating against the arches.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is delivered to Russia with only one petrol 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 147 hp, which comes in conjunction with a CVT25 variator and front-wheel drive. This car accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds. In handling, the crossover is a little wadded, and it feels like you are driving a larger car, plus there are tangible rolls in the corners. After looking at the Germans, the Chinese manufacturer has implemented the driving modes, but for some reason there are only two of them: ECO and Sport. The first one is rather sluggish, and in order to stay in the stream, you constantly have to kick up the rear of the car, pushing the accelerator pedal. In the second case, the car becomes more lively, but the pedal is too sensitive, and the steering wheel is heavy, so that it is always an amateur ride. The car lacks an intermediate mode, like Comfort in Audi, for example, and it’s unclear why the Chinese didn’t immediately add it. In general, while driving Chery Tiggo 7 Pro you feel pretty good, however, in the heavy snowfall that recently covered Moscow, I still doubted it a little, there were small drifts and slippage, but despite this, the car never failed. The fuel consumption of the crossover is average, in winter in mixed mode it consumed 10.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km with the declared 8.2 liters. You can refuel the car with 92-m gasoline.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro test. Chinese policeman

Prices for Chery Tiggo 7 Pro in Russia start at 1 rubles, and the maximum configuration, as we had on the test, is estimated at 529 rubles. At current car prices, the Chinese manufacturer’s offer looks pretty good. Now it is quite problematic to purchase an urban crossover for 900 million with full power accessories, a panoramic roof, leather interior, matrix headlights, which also looks interesting. Yes, the car has drawbacks, but, in general, the price is able to compensate for them.


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