Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

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In the current lineup from Samsung there are about forty different smartphones, not counting the options that differ in the amount of memory or the package bundle. These are both the simplest budget models and fashion smartphones with the maximum cost for the market. It is not difficult to understand how smartphones of different price groups differ, but there was no separate material about this. Comparison of A-series and M-series smartphones showed that such articles are interesting, as they describe what you can get for your money, choose the right smartphone, focusing on what is really important to you and what can be ignored. But we will start today with unique devices that have no analogues, namely smartphones with flexible screens. There are two of them in the Samsung lineup – Galaxy Fold and Z Flip. For ease of navigation, you can jump directly to the section of interest.

Flexible screens – Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip

About a year ago, Samsung showed the first smartphone with a flexible screen – the Galaxy Fold. This device has become a pioneer in a new category of devices for the entire market, a kind of pioneer. The compact foldable body hides a large screen that creates a hybrid of smartphone and tablet. Nothing like this existed before, and this is the first commercial smartphone with such capabilities.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

The absence of competitors, a completely new niche and high cost instantly turned the Galaxy Fold into a hero among fashion smartphones; there is simply not a single serial model on the market that would be sold in such volumes. And competitors could not establish mass production in the absence of their own technologies of flexible screens.

Due to its size, the device is perceived as a man’s, and it is. And this is not bad, since for the first time a model appeared for those who are ready to spend 180 thousand rubles on a smartphone and do not consider it a high price. This is a payment for status and technology.

Clamshells disappeared for a while to return in the form of the Galaxy Z Flip, which feels like a great womens smartphone. It also has a flexible screen, but the colors of the case, the appearance – all this gives the device a female model. It turns out that the Galaxy Fold is for him, and the Z Flip is for her.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

In the absence of even remote analogues of such a model as the Z Flip, it instantly became popular; at a cost of 120 thousand rubles, it is also an image model. The weaker sex loves bright, unusual things, and Z Flip was no exception. When a girl wants to stand out and at the same time get not just a toy, but a smartphone at the flagship level, then this is almost the only option.

Smartphones with flexible screens are a combination of advanced technology and image, the latter cannot exist without technological innovation. And smartphones with flexible screens have both. But their cost is such that it is impossible to call such models a mass segment, these are not millions of buyers, like other series of smartphones from Samsung. Such devices can be safely called exclusive, available to few.

Image smartphones – nobody but Samsung

Each person has his own perception of the image, for one it is an expensive smartphone that can be demonstrated to others, for another it is a rare thing that stands out not only in appearance, but also in cost. In my opinion, a fashion item simply must differ from serial models, be different from everyone else, and not have a large circulation.

Samsung has perfectly mastered this direction and create fashion devices in collaboration with popular designers, for example, there is such a model as the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition. This is not just a clamshell with a flexible screen, it has a geometric pattern (strict and pleasant), the set includes Galaxy Buds wireless headphones, as well as a Watch Active2 watch, and they have exactly the same pattern.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

The price of the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition is 200 thousand rubles. Do you still have doubts that this is an image solution based on a serial model? For those looking to stand out, this is the perfect option.

Don’t like clamshells? Then you are offered to look at the limited editions that appear for the most popular smartphones. For example, there is a limited edition S20 + BTS for the S20 +. This music group has fans all over the world, and the model was made in purple, added pictures and music related to BTS, plus they released wireless headphones to match them.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

There are a large number of those who are indifferent to the BTS group, but want to get an unusual smartphone case color, to stand out for it. And for them such a model is interesting, it is an easy option to get an image model for a reasonable price.

In the Samsung lineup, one or another limited model constantly appears, they differ from serial smartphones in the color of the case, the delivery set and, of course, the cost. This is the opportunity to stand out that fans of fashion devices need so much.

Flagship smartphone – maximum features, maximum lifespan

Flagships are chosen for the fact that they give the buyer maximum opportunities, for several years there is no need to worry that your device will become outdated or models will appear that are dramatically better at photographing. The evolution of smartphones today is unhurried, and therefore the flagships do not become morally obsolete for at least the first two years after their release, which provides them with a long lifespan. Oddly enough, this is a rational purchase if you recalculate the cost of ownership per month for the entire period of use, as well as recall the convenience and maximum opportunities that they provide.

In the line of smartphones from Samsung, the flagships have the S prefix, the current models are S20 / S20 + and S20 Ultra. Here you need to choose, focusing on several parameters, the most important of which is the size of the smartphone, or rather, the screen diagonal. So, the S20 is very compact, the S20 + is larger, and the Ultra is even larger. And here it all depends on your habits, someone chooses compactness, and for someone give a screen of the maximum diagonal. Regardless of which device you choose, you will have the maximum opportunities in photography, these are the first devices that support video in 8K resolution, and their screens are considered a work of engineering. The most technologically advanced, packed full of technology you can imagine. They even have 5G support, which may come in handy when such networks appear in Russia in a year or two. The maximum margin of safety, and a variety of solutions, which can be talked about for a very long time.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

The cost of the current line of flagships corresponds to their status and capabilities, so those who want to get a smartphone of this level, but are not ready to pay the full price for them, can consider devices from the previous season. Flagships do not become obsolete quickly, so last year’s models have potential, but at the same time, their cost is noticeably lower. And many choose such devices, as they consider it a rational purchase, a good price / quality ratio. And if you consider that they are often used for various promotions, it will not be difficult to catch the right price. It only takes a little patience and time.

Galaxy Note line – for creative people and for those engaged in business

It seems to me that creative people and those who do business are usually very different from each other, this is ice and fire. I have met artists who look like businessmen and business people who are impetuous, like creators. But these are usually the exceptions to the rule. It seems that there cannot be one product in the world that can unite so different people and give them the same comfort of use, but the Galaxy Note line refutes this statement.

What is Galaxy Note? Technically, this is the flagship of the S-series, to which the S Pen has been added, with which you can write, draw, create graphics, highlight interesting points on the screen, or extract text from pictures. And this I have listed only part of the capabilities of the S Pen, in fact there are many more.

Pen as a tool is more important to humanity than anything else, writing skills shape our brains, we remember information better when we write it down in a notebook. A modern notebook with a bunch of possibilities is Galaxy Note, this is the flagship, which has added a lot of additional options that, in principle, have no analogues. In smartphones, no one was able to repeat the S Pen, which in itself speaks of the complexity of the technology.

Lawyers love to take notes by hand, for them it is part of the profession. But paper notebooks do not support record searches, digitizing them is difficult, and almost no one does it, plus the question of confidentiality arises. With the Galaxy Note, such notes are not only easy to write by hand, the smartphone can recognize your handwriting (in dozens of languages!) And convert the notes into electronic form. Which, in turn, will allow you to easily navigate them, search for the necessary passages by keywords.

And the ability to make a quick note on the switched off device? Take out your S Pen and write on the screen what you need to do – conveniently and quickly.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

In 2020, the Galaxy Note line is not only the flagships, but also the Galaxy Note10 Lite, the capabilities of the S Pen have become available to the widest audience. Therefore, you can choose a smartphone with S Pen both in the middle segment and among the flagships, everything depends on your preferences.

Value for money – A-series or M-series from Samsung

Samsung has simplified the positioning of its smartphones as much as possible, so, most of the devices are included in the A-series, these are not budget devices at all, as it might seem to someone. The benchmark is the price / quality ratio in each of the price segments, and for the A-series they start with the most affordable devices and move towards the older models, which occupy the middle price segment or climb a little higher. For example, the Galaxy A51 is a device that has become the most popular smartphone on the Russian market, leading in global sales, just like its predecessor Galaxy A50. Why did it happen so? The answer is that this model combines a set of technical innovations (in-screen fingerprint sensor, large battery and fast charging, multi-camera unit) and correct price positioning.

Choosing a smartphone from Samsung among all models of the company

It is clear that in comparison with the flagships, the A-series lacks a number of features, for example, wireless charging. But for many people, such capabilities of modern smartphones are superfluous, so they choose a smartphone for their needs and tasks, the A-series is interesting in this aspect. Pay attention to the older models of the A-series, they have interesting features that distinguish the devices, they become to some extent fashionable and aimed at young people.

How to describe the M-series? These are limited, small batches of smartphones that were created for online sales and therefore cannot be found in any store in your city. They tried to achieve the maximum number of functions in these devices, but at the same time not to make them expensive in their segments, that is, to still improve the price / quality ratio. It can be noted that the M-series are smartphones for those who pick their next device meticulously and know exactly what they need and what can be neglected. And this is an interesting offer for such buyers.

About how to choose a smartphone in the A-series or M-series, we had a separate material in which the differences were discussed in detail, read it.

What Samsung smartphones have in common and the short conclusion

In the end, it should be noted that Samsung has correctly approached the creation of not only hardware, but also software in their smartphones. OneUI interface is uniform across all models, no matter what price segment you choose. Fast, responsive, with many useful improvements over base Android. You get a variety of possibilities, each of which is not so important individually, but together they create a completely different perception of the device, it is somewhat similar to the comfortable shoes that you just bought, but you can no longer part with them, they are so good …

It doesn’t matter what price you buy a device, it is always guaranteed, stable quality – both hardware and software. You know exactly what you can count on, you understand that the device will be fast, responsive and last long. Samsung is guided by the fact that when choosing a smartphone from the company, you will use it for a long time, as you will be satisfied with its capabilities. And this also makes the company stand out in the market, it is not chasing the creation of disposable devices that need to be replaced annually. Good components and software are the main ingredients of this success and the fact that Samsung has been at the top of the market for many years, it is the preferred choice of buyers around the world. When a person chooses a smartphone, he first looks at devices from Samsung, and then looks at something else, this is already a kind of tradition.

In this article, we took a look at the line of smartphones from Samsung and focused on the differences. When choosing a smartphone, it is important to understand what exactly you want to get, what you are targeting. And by making the right choice, you will get a device that will last a long time and will be your reliable tool. Therefore, we wish you good shopping and the right choice!

Published – 29 July 2020


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