Coronavirus is not only a problem, but also a reason to brainwash

Selpo is an amazing trading format. And after all it is! If you know where to look. Personally, in the era of a pandemic, there is no need to do anything special in terms of travel, and I have never suffered from an uncontrollable thirst for communication. Well, if necessary, you can discuss or comment on something over the phone – a great tool! And work is work, it will not go anywhere, God bless her and the computer. The suddenly loosened key on the keyboard got a little pissed off, and there was nothing to be done about it, it was not possible to fix it with improvised means. And figs with it, 4 years (or more?) For the keyboard is more than enough. Shops will open – I’ll buy another, I’m alive and well, and okay.

Coronavirus is not only a problem, but also a reason to brainwash

However, in an unexpected way, everyday problems arise, which in ordinary conditions do not pay attention at all, a minor issue is resolved “in the course of the play” and is instantly forgotten. And then suddenly a problem out of the blue. The knife, damn it, stopped cutting (and cutting is the default function of the knife), wow! And the little knife crumbled, such an infection, very at the wrong time ((. I wanted to do the best, measured the length of the knife blade (13 cm) and bought my beloved knife exactly the same, but better, the handle is more comfortable and the steel is decent, and not a cheap bullshit. Lady Victory? Nope. My beauty still grabs the old knife and already looks unkindly at me, expect trouble. Especially since the knife, still not quite dull, is in the girl’s hands. A moss-covered bar for sharpening where- it is lying around, but it’s dreary and too lazy to look for, and the shops are closed, sadness.There’s no question to buy a fashionable sticker with a languid Korean boy on your phone, five open communication salons in a not-so-large shopping center are at your service. And boys there are also for every taste And here is to buy a vulgar little knife, for some cheap knife – alas. A smartphone, of course, they will gladly sell you there. A sticker on the smartphone screen too. And the rest … “You would have asked for matches, ha ha! “And, by the way, about matches and other important accessories: Do you even want to buy two iPhones and cut sparks out of them in order to fire up the gas stove and cook soup in self-isolation? Strange visions of our bureaucrats about basic and urgent necessities, very strange!

Coronavirus is not only a problem, but also a reason to brainwash

It’s good that I remembered and stuck into the empty basement floor of the shopping center, hurray! By some miracle (I don’t know how) the shop works! The entire retail space is 20 meters, but the store has EVERYTHING! From the word “in general”, really everything, except perhaps except toilets, food, children’s toys and cell phones. Prices are so-so, not very humane. A cheerful little man is working, it looks like the owner himself. Once I got into a conversation with him: I, he says, have a simple store format, called “general store”. In which everything or almost everything should be. Patamuchta in the village has nowhere else to go. This is how this format works here as well, don’t be too overwhelmed. I came, asked what they need, looked, felt, bought. Whether it’s a file, a saucepan, or a light bulb or oilcloth in the kitchen, it’s a general store! And if you want – run through the floors of the hypermarket, look for your file. The knife, of course, was found in this “general store”, I bought it. No choice of model / color, but the desired object was regularly available. I asked him about the phones – waved his hands: no-no-no, for me, it’s all complicated and incomprehensible, I need to touch it with my hands. Then I can sell. And how can you sell something that you have not touched yourself ?! Someday, for the sake of a joke, I will ask him about the candles for the outboard motor, although it is unsportsmanlike, will he suddenly order, since there is a demand? Bicycle chains and a headlight with a dynamo from the times of the USSR, he has in his shop, I saw, hang in the corner on a carnation. Not otherwise, someone was very interested in a bicycle headlight with a dynamo, so a rarity appeared in the assortment.

Coronavirus is not only a problem, but also a reason to brainwash

I looked at the rows of dark outlets with closed shutters, asked the peasant about the buyers. He says that now there are few buyers, but it is necessary to work, how can people live without a general store? You just came! Yes, indeed, I’ve come here, and you can’t argue with such an argument. The epidemic is a difficult time, but this time should force us to look for answers to obvious questions and teach something not only to us. For example, ask a simple question: a glamorous salon with 1500 models of thongs and bras is great and extremely popular, but where can you buy a replacement for your torn panties? So that the panties are not at the price of the minimum wage. How did we manage to build hectares of shining squares of pretentious shopping centers, and there is nowhere to buy a lousy broom? Where are all these “general stores”, where did they go? Why the hell was the “beauty salons” closed, and then, by an official decree, they suddenly opened urgently, even in an epidemic? Did the officials’ wives hurry up? Marigolds and fur will now be willingly painted for you at any time, and torn socks need to be darned on the knee, since there is nowhere to get new ones. If something that ordinary people need disappears from circulation, and something that is needed only for the wealthy units of “connoisseurs” appears, then this is a direct question to the state. This means that the wrong people are encouraged and stimulated. Or they “stimulate” those right, but they stimulate the wrong ones and it would be nice for law enforcement officers to do “stimulants”. And I feel sorry for the “general store” format, nostalgia! If even in a snickering Moscow the shop survives at the very least, then in places less saturated with hypermarkets this is a very correct format, not only in difficult times of epidemics.


Nadys read that the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications classified the operators as continuously operating organizations that provide critical services for the population. Therefore, 80% of communication salons and modules continue to work during the quarantine period and are open to customers. That is, someone had to officially classify beauty salons as enterprises that provide critical services to the population, in what! I would like to find out which official in a matter of days managed to hurry up and attribute beauty salons to this category, because we want to know the heroes of our time by name.

Yes, it happens! The malicious text has already finished, but the old knife broke, and the question was resolved by itself, the wife will cut it with a new one. Perhaps I’ll buy another one of the same just in case. I remembered that about 3 years ago I had also broken a knife during some completely routine operation, no extreme. Probably, the steel is unimportant and metal fatigue accumulates at the blade / handle junction. And you have reliable tools, health to yourself and your loved ones and similarly “serious” problems, which will then be fun to remember.


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