Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review


  1. foreword
  3. Equipment
  4. Appearance, principle of operation
  5. Controls, operating modes, display
  6. Impressions from work, conclusions

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review


For all my thirty-something years, I have practically not been interested in the quality of the air in the room where I am most often. Later, catching myself on this thought, I thought about the reasons for this approach. Apparently, it is due to the lack of their own living space and work outside the office, in a room where, due to the area, it is extremely difficult to take care of the cleanliness of the air, and even more so about humidification.

But everything is changing, fortunately or unfortunately, this is a fact. An unexpected move at the beginning of the year brought along a whole chain of events and tasks, as is usually the case. After arranging a new place of residence, we noticed that the apartment was quickly filled with dust. Affected by the Third Transport Ring, located literally five hundred meters away, one of the main transport arteries of the capital. Yes, and the air felt that it was a little dry, the difference with the previous apartment, whose windows looked out onto a green courtyard, and the heating mostly took place inside the walls. It seems to be trifles, but they make themselves felt by frequent runny nose, dry nose and sneezing from dust. But we did not pay much attention to this, until we were faced with forced self-isolation and the prospect of being within four walls 90% of the time.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

Not to say that the search for a solution for air purification began immediately after that. The idea came somehow spontaneously, plus it was interesting to start testing a gadget that cleans the air in order to form an opinion. Around this time, Dyson released the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool humidifier-air purifier, it was with the question of testing that communication with local representatives of the company began. And after a long wait, due to the popularity of the model, the test sample reached me. In this review, I want to share my impressions of using the Dyson humidifier-purifier. I repeat, before this experience of using such devices was not, I tried to delve into the question, but it is likely that I could have missed some moments.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review


  • Purpose: humidification, purification and cooling of air
  • Power supply: mains powered, wireless mode not provided
  • Filtration system: combination filter (HEPA filter, carbon), Dyson Criptomic permanent filter, UV water treatment (UV lamp)
  • Control: buttons on the body, remote control, indication on the display (LCD screen)
  • Serviced area: 20 m2
  • Power: 45 W
  • Water container volume: 5 l
  • Functions: air purity control, humidity control, fan function, outlet air direction control, fan speed control, water evaporation rate control
  • Features: 10 filtration speeds, multiple blowing modes, rotary valves, deep filter cleaning function, shutdown timer, night mode, automatic mode, indication
  • Noise level (purifier and fan mode): 41.5dBa – 46.0dBA at speed 4
  • Noise Level (Cleaner Mode): 58.0 dBa – 61.5 dBa @ speed 4
  • Materials: plastic, metal
  • Color: white, silver
  • Dimensions: 15,5 x 92,3 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 8,29 kg
  • Cost: 54 990 rubles


  • Air purifier
  • Two removable external filters
  • Permanent filter (biostatic evaporator)
  • Water container
  • Power supply 20V / 2,5A, 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Remote control, infrared, power supply – CR2032 lithium battery
  • Instructions

Appearance, principle of operation

Remembering the complete set of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, I mentally prepared for something similar: a lot of parts, accessories, individual boxes and packages. As it turned out, in vain, everything is assembled in literally five minutes without any tools. The device itself is an oval block of a contour amplifier made of smooth white plastic on a cylindrical pedestal in which the filtration system is installed. It consists of two external elements, each of them contains two charcoal and HEPA filters, which snap into one another using grooves. The permanent filter – the Dyson Criptomic biostatic evaporator – has a three-dimensional fabric structure, into which silver threads are sewn, they prevent the growth of bacteria inside the filter and allow hygienic humidification of the air passed through the HEPA filters.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

To prepare for work, you need to insert a permanent filter into a special niche in the center of the cleaner, snap in two plates with combined filters. The fastening of the external perforated casing of the filters is carried out using the same system as the one located just below the water tank. Its container is designed for 5 liters; for easy carrying and installation back into the body, a handle and three metal wheels are provided on the bottom. The lid of the tank is fixed on two plastic clips; a pump is fixed on it, which supplies water to the filtration system. The container is also used for periodic cleaning of the permanent filter (deep cleaning cycle); instructions on how to carry out this procedure are located on the reservoir lid. In short, you need to put a permanent filter in the container, fill it with water, add 150 g of citric acid and start the cleaning mode. After its completion, you need to renew the water and repeat the process without citric acid.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

It remains to fill in water and connect the device to the network. For testing Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, water was used from a household filter connected to the water supply system, you can also fill in bottled water. Once every 2-3 days, the container was emptied of the remaining water and refilled, this parameter depends on the mode of intensity of the device. The amount of water in the container can be controlled visually through the transparent wall. If the water runs out, the device will display a corresponding warning on the display. The power supply plugs into the back, the cable length is about 2 meters.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

A little about the principle of operation of the device. Let’s start from the bottom: the already mentioned pump supplies water to the UV cleaning system. Here water is 99.9% free of bacteria and then fed into a permanent filter, excess water is returned back to the container. Air is drawn in through the perforated holes in the outer filter casing. The largest dust particles are retained at this stage, the carbon filter does not allow gases and unpleasant odors to pass inside, and the HEPA filter retains up to 99.95% of fine particles up to 0,1 microns in size. The purified air is humidified by the water supplied to the biostatic evaporator and blown out through the valves located on the loop amplifier.

Controls, operating modes, display

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

Approximately in the center of the body of the purifier itself, between the filtration system and the oval block of the amplifier, there are two buttons: on / off and a button for starting the permanent filter cleaning mode. To my great regret, there is no support for the Dyson Link application on the territory of Russia, the manufacturer has disabled access to it and to the smart home system due to the peculiarities of our legislation regarding the mandatory storage of data of Russian citizens on servers inside the country.

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is primarily controlled by a small, brushed silver metal remote control. It weighs only 27 grams and is more like a slightly elongated lighter in size. Its surface is slightly concave, the shape is due to the storage feature: a magnetic platform is located on the top of the loop amplifier, the remote control is attached there – quite conveniently so as not to lose it.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

Several operating modes are available for the device. First of all, this is an automatic mode for both ventilation and humidification, these buttons are located nearby and are visually combined into a common group on the control panel. When this mode is activated, the device will independently select the blowing power and the level of air humidity, depending on external conditions. The same parameters can be adjusted manually by setting a value from 1 to 10. The maximum blowing speed makes the device slightly more noisy than in automatic mode, the noise level can be a little disturbing during operation, especially for those who are used to silence during the work process. I do not belong to this category of people, so even now, when writing this text, Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool stands a meter away from the workplace, works at maximum airflow, but the fan noise is successfully drowned out by the standard audio system. As for sleeping under a fan, everything is also individual here. Before going to bed, I set the maximum parameters for a couple of hours and before going to bed, I set the night mode, in which the device works quietly. A timer is also available that allows you to set the automatic shutdown time from half an hour to 8 hours.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) ReviewDyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

Jet Axis rotary valves provide multiple airflow modes, which are carried out in a horizontal plane. Air can be blown out both from the front (standard airflow – directional airflow mode) and from the back (diffuse airflow mode), for this it is necessary to select the desired mode on the remote control, and the valves will turn in the right direction. Three modes are available for frontal airflow: 45 degree airflow, 90 degree airflow and breeze mode. In the first two cases, the valves rotate synchronously, and in the third, independently of each other, asynchronously, the effect of a natural breeze is created.

In my opinion, this mode is now as relevant as possible: 30 degrees outside the window does not contribute to an adequate climate inside, so a pleasant bonus of the Dyson device for me personally was the opportunity not only to clean and humidify the surrounding air, but also to cool down my workspace a little, and quite softly, not like the conditioner does, it instantly makes me catch cold.

In turn, the rear airflow mode (diffuse airflow mode) can be useful, for example, in a nursery: if you put the device in front of the bed, then the airflow will not go to the sleeping child, while the air will both be cleaned and humidified. All modes are compatible with the mentioned power and humidification level settings.

Screen examples:

Information about the current operating mode and air parameters is displayed on a color display located on the panel under the power buttons. When you press the “i” key, the following information is displayed on separate screens:

  • Air quality graph, updated every 12 seconds
  • Air quality chart per day
  • Fine particle concentration PM 2.5
  • Fine particle concentration PM 10
  • Pollen concentration
  • Volatile organic matter concentration
  • Exhaust gas concentration in air
  • Relative average room temperature
  • Relative average humidity
  • External filter contamination level
  • Permanent filter contamination level

During the testing, a rather indicative and, in my opinion, amusing incident happened several times. There is an automatic air freshener on the closet in the room, which sprays a pleasant smell every 40 minutes. After the next spraying, the display of the humidifier / purifier that was operating in automatic mode immediately showed a warning about a critical level of contamination. The fans automatically started working at full capacity, and after a couple of minutes the readings dropped to a safe level, and the automatic mode was activated again. In general, it was quite interesting to observe such a device’s operation, it inspires at least confidence in terms of sudden pollution.

Impressions from work, conclusions

First of all, on the very first day after installing Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, an unusual smell appeared in the room. Slightly sweet, closer to pleasant, I attributed this to the features of the materials, for example, the filter. But a few days later, the spouse returned from the trip and confirmed that the smell in the apartment had changed, and for the better. As a more economic person than me, she immediately noticed that the dust began to settle mainly on the floor, and not on higher surfaces, for example, on a TV, closet, and so on. Indeed, before that, I cleaned the keyboard and desktop from dust about once every two or three days, but in less than two weeks of testing Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool once was enough. Purely subjectively, it became a little easier to breathe, especially in the daytime, when the sun beats down with might and main, the windows in the workspace overlook the sunny side and the above-mentioned TTK, so there is a complete set. For the sake of interest, I turned off the device for a day, the difference is palpable, the smell of dust immediately appears, tickles in my nose and more often there is a desire to sneeze or rinse my nose.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool (PH01) Review

The device is quite unpretentious in operation, the main thing is not to forget to change the water and, if desired, adjust the modes. Thanks to the rubber feet, it is very stable, and with a weight of almost 9 kg (and with water at all 14 kg), it is not so easy to accidentally overturn it. On the other hand, it is easy to move it from the study to the bedroom and vice versa. The humidifier-purifier does not take up a lot of space, well, it looks beautiful, albeit for an amateur. The system itself will tell you that it is time to clean the biostatic evaporator or change the external filters, they will be available for purchase soon in the manufacturer’s store, which advises to change the external filters about once a year, provided that the device is used daily for 12 hours. As for the serviced area, such a device is ideal for an average room or small studio. It will not completely cover rooms that are too large, even if the air quality in them improves.

Using the example of Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, it turned out quite clearly to see the difference between “before” and “after”, in the context of a single apartment it is tangible and significant. A very useful experience, at some point I even felt ashamed that I had not thought about this aspect before, live and learn. The cost of Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is 54 rubles, it’s not cheap. Would I buy it based on my testing experience? Yes, definitely, but I would have to come to this purchase gradually, saving money. I think I will return to the issue of choosing such a device a little later, when the financial situation becomes a little more stable. I can say for sure that the experience of using the review hero will definitely affect the decision-making process in favor of a particular device. There is a certain selection of such devices on the market, both more expensive and cheaper, for example, from Xiaomi or LG, Artyom Lutfullin wrote about them.

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