Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

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  3. Instead of the preface
  4. Positioning
  5. Design, materials, attachments
  6. Ergonomics, autonomy
  7. Impressions, conclusions


  • The main module
  • Replaceable battery (already installed)
  • Nine attachments: soft roller, high torque, soft and hard bristles, crevice nozzle, flexible crevice nozzle, hard-to-reach adapter, mini electric brush, combo nozzle
  • Docking station (wall-mounted, self-tapping)
  • Pipe for connecting nozzles
  • Clip for attaching nozzles to the pipe
  • Power supply unit 30, 40 V, 1,1 A
  • User guide, manual for vacuum cleaner and docking station

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

Vacuum cleaner type Wireless vacuum vertical
engine’s type Hyperdimmer, brushless, digitally controlled, up to 125 rpm
Main filter type Cyclonic, 2 stages, 1 cyclone on the first, 14 cyclones on the second
Maximum suction power 185 Aut (aerial watts)
Management Power button on the handle, power adjustment on the body 
Battery Li-Ion, 3600mAh, seven cells, 91Wh
Battery life / charging time Up to 60 minutes depending on the mode, full charge from 3 to 4,5 hours
Dust collector volume 0,76 l, non-contact cleaning
Noise level 84 dB
Additionally LCD Display, Three Power Modes, Adaptive Mode, Integrated Load Monitoring, Radial Root Cyclone Technology, Six-Stage Filtration
Materials Anodized aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS plastic
Color Golden blue (test version), silver blue
dimensions 126,1×26,1×25 cm, weight – from 2 to 3,05 kg, depending on the installed attachment
Cost 45,990 rubles (at the time of sale)

Instead of the preface

Quite unexpectedly, my activity in terms of reviews was supplemented by new experiences for me. It so happened that in a short time it turned out to test two models of wireless vertical vacuum cleaners from the rich and varied line of Xiaomi – Roidmi X20 and Dreame XR. Of course, everything that concerns XIaomi becomes only “better”, but during the discussion of the appearance of the Dreame XR with colleagues, the background slipped the thought that somewhere I saw such a design. The original design of the Dyson engine is recognizable even in the models of other manufacturers, it has become a kind of template, and many do not hesitate to copy it.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

In this regard, I thought, why not test the original. Fortunately, the opinion about Xiaomi models has already been drawn up and there were no obstacles to the formation of new impressions. An additional reason was the recent rather sudden move, the current rented apartment is located in the immediate vicinity of the Third Ring Road, and dust tends to accumulate in it extremely quickly. Its presence is especially noticeable on the desktop located by the window, behind which I successfully self-isolate and write reviews. And now – on my test Dyson V11 Absolute Pro.


In the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner range, the V11 Absolute Pro model is one of the most current series at the time of writing. A little over a year has passed since the announcement, and this particular model is not so often found on sale. In the V11 series, the models differ in individual components and selected characteristics. The V11 Absolute Pro sits one notch above the V11 Absolute, which comes with two fewer nozzles, and below the V11 Absolute Extra + with increased power and nine nozzles.

All models of the series are expectedly united in terms of design language, ergonomics and usage scenarios, the differences cannot be called super critical in terms of functionality, although the second battery looks like a good addition. Thus, we have before us a top-end wireless vacuum cleaner from the British from Dyson at the moment, its capabilities are similar to other V11 models, with the exception of the indicated difference in power and configuration.

Design, materials, attachments

Impressions from the first acquaintance with this kind of device are accompanied by a persistent feeling that in this thin and elegant body there can never be a vacuum cleaner. The futuristic shape of the main unit with motor and dust collector resembles a plasma blaster rather than a household device. Apparently, the usual and well-established image of the vacuum cleaner as an angular, bulky and noisy device affects. It is useful to break such patterns, especially since technology has long allowed it.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro ExperienceDyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

For myself, I immediately noted the approach to the quality of materials: plastic is light and durable, everything is wrapped in films to avoid scratches during transportation, metal without any hint of folds. Of course, all this is successfully repeated and imitated by the masters from the Middle Kingdom, but there is no understanding of how these materials will behave during long testing.

The main module consists of an engine, a filtration system with a removable filter (highlighted in purple), a dust container and a handle with a red start button. The gold element of the main module is Dyson’s proprietary and patented Radial Root Cyclone system. It is the second stage of the filtration system and consists of 14 small cyclones. Due to the size of these elements, the air pressure is maintained, a powerful (up to 79 g) centrifugal force is created inside, spinning the air entering the system with particles of dust, debris and other contaminants. The cyclones capture the smallest dust particles, and the post-motor filter performs an even finer cleaning of the air stream from pollutants. This removes 000% of particles as small as 99,97 microns. Importantly, the filter is not clogged and the suction power remains at the same level. Clean air is already coming out of the vacuum cleaner body, which has passed through all filters. The manufacturer’s stated specifications are in accordance with HEPA filters.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro ExperienceDyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

The engine delivers a top speed of 125 rpm. For comparison, the turbine of the F000 Mercedes AMG W1 car is the same. Such an indicator allows to achieve a suction power of 06 kW, which is significantly higher than the average value for this class of devices – 185 air watts. All this leaves no chance for dust and dirt to stay on the treated surface. The container cleaning lever is also highlighted in red. Container, motor and filter are in line for additional suction stability. In the center of the end of the dust collector there is a connector for connecting nozzles. As already mentioned, there are nine of them in the kit.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

Soft roller nozzle: for hard floors, nylon bristles, black bristles are carbon fiber, they are anti-static and help to remove dust from crevices and floor surfaces. The soft material of the roller can be easily cleaned if hair or any debris has adhered to it, this can be done without disassembling the nozzle, although this is also possible. Due to the gap between the body and the floor, the nozzle does not scratch the floor. The casing is transparent, it does not reach the floor, this shape contributes to the collection of debris, even close to the wall or furniture body.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

The high-torque nozzle has its own electric drive with a DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) dynamic load sensor, which monitors the brush resistance of the treated surface (360 times per second!) And automatically adjusts the power based on the data, putting the vacuum cleaner in Auto mode. Eco, Med and Boost modes are available with the rest of the attachments. A three-position power switch on the brush hints at its use for carpets. Spirally arranged bristles, similar to the previous attachment, are made of carbon fiber (black) and nylon (red), and they collect dust and debris from carpet or delicate surfaces.

Brushes with soft and hard bristles are perhaps the simplest of those available in the kit, their functions are clear: a hard brush is used to treat difficult dirt and, for example, a car interior, a soft brush is suitable for varnished surfaces, equipment, cabinet furniture, blinds. For example, it is with her that I process the desktop and keyboard of the PC. The combination nozzle performs roughly the same function, allowing you to switch between two types of bristles in one motion. The mini electric brush is used with the pipe removed, and, perhaps, I used it most often. It is great for treating furniture and will definitely be appreciated by pet owners, regardless of the degree of their fluffiness. A feature of this nozzle is the head that rotates in the opposite direction, eliminating tangling of the wool.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

Slotted nozzles allow you to get into places that are difficult to process, there is a flexible and solid nozzle, when assembled with the pipe, an additional length of more than a meter is obtained, you can reach most corners and crevices. A flexible crevice nozzle will help to crawl into such hidden places at an angle, if the configuration of the furniture does not allow it directly or there is no desire to move the furniture. The flexible adapter for cleaning high and hard-to-reach places serves a similar purpose, which can be combined with any attachment.

Ergonomics, autonomy

There were no questions about the configuration, such a number of attachments will cover many scenarios. A number of observations arose during the use of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro for its intended purpose, although many will appreciate the vacuum cleaner precisely as an interior detail, the design is definitely eye-catching and arouses curiosity.

First of all, using a vacuum cleaner after a wired heavy and noisy model is a pleasure. It is much quieter and lighter, it can be easily operated with one hand, the nozzles with a soft roller and high torque very accurately follow the movements of the hand and have a stroke of 90 and 180 degrees. From the point of view of silence, there was an interesting moment: we tested the vacuum cleaner in an apartment with dogs, one of them was previously afraid of the sound of the vacuum cleaner and preferred to leave the room where it worked. With the tested model, this behavior was not observed, the difference in the emitted noise affected.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

The suction power is very impressive, dirt, hair and wool have no chance, with the correct operation of the vacuum cleaner it is possible to clean floors and carpets very quickly. With furniture, everything is a little longer due to the smaller area of ​​the nozzle. But the difference between the Dyson V11 and the local wired vacuum cleaner is striking: both models have a transparent filter case, but thanks to the proprietary nozzle and the mentioned power, you can immediately see how fine dust particles settle on the Dyson filter, in which allergens, dust mites are often “hidden” other not very pleasant things. The wired vacuum cleaner was able to collect only hair, a part of wool and coarse dirt, and with a nozzle in the “for carpets” mode. Even the color of the furniture is different after Dyson treatment.

The attachments can be changed literally with one hand, the mechanism is simple and straightforward: pressed the button, disconnected, attached, everything is logical. Interestingly, there are some things that could be added to the design of the nozzles. For example, in the same Roidmi X20, an LED-backlight is built into the floor brush, a useful functionality for treating spaces under beds or just dark places. But I did not appreciate the washing functionality in the same vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi: the small capacity of the container (160 ml), except for water, you cannot fill in anything, in fact it turns out not to wash the floor, but to wipe as much as possible. However, it seems to me that in the performance of Dyson, such a model would have turned out to be at least not bad.

The container is emptied with one push on the red lever all the way down, the dust collector itself is displaced down, the rubber insert provided inside cleans out all small debris remaining on the grid, which falls after the large into a pre-prepared bag. This aspect will be appreciated even by people with a squeamish attitude to dust and debris, because contact with them is minimal, it is very convenient.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

There is a subjective point from the point of view of the controls. The start button of the vacuum cleaner must be held all the time. Yes, it saves battery power, and yet in such a fixed position, the body of the vacuum cleaner over time begins to pull back the hand a little, the weight and the inability to change the position of the fingers affect. And if this gave me only a fleeting inconvenience, then my wife noted that long-term cleaning, especially carpet, requires either a change of hand or a break. In this regard, in one of the Xiaomi models, ergonomics looks more advantageous, although the autonomy is worse.

Of course, autonomy is another questionable point inherent in cordless vertical vacuum cleaners as a class. For a lot of money, such models can work for a maximum of an hour from a fully charged battery, and in the lowest power mode. Initially, even before the first Chinese vacuum cleaner came to me, it was this point that caused me a fair amount of skepticism. Over time, I realized that in the case of the Dyson V11, an hour is generally enough for me to treat the floors in all rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Yes, occasionally I switch the vacuum cleaner to high power mode, but it is only required in extreme cases and discharges the vacuum cleaner in literally 10 minutes, and this is taking into account from 3 to 4,5 hours required for charging. In Med mode, the vacuum cleaner will work for 40-45 minutes, a perfectly acceptable indicator for those cases when more power is needed.

As Eldar Murtazin quite rightly noted in a review of a similar vacuum cleaner from Samsung, the very approach to cleaning changes with such a form factor. You can set aside 10-15 minutes a day to clean a separate place or room, more carefully processing carpets and furniture when there is at that time. Habits change quickly, and you no longer want to carry around a “suitcase on wheels” full of heat and dust for more than two hours. To be honest, there was no particular desire even before that.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

Using the Dyson V11 as an example, I would be ready, for example, to abandon the LCD display in favor of improved autonomy. A battery with a larger capacity would give the vacuum cleaner even more weight, which is also undesirable. Manufacturers have already heard consumers, at least there have already been news about models with increased autonomy. The same Dyson just the other day announced the launch of the Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro model with two removable batteries, providing up to two hours of continuous operation. The set will include seven nozzles, the cost will be 59 rubles.

Impressions, conclusions

“Original” has shown itself from the best side, both in terms of aesthetics and functionally. Rich equipment, a variety of cleaning scenarios, a powerful engine, a relatively light body and quiet operation – one hundred percent hit, it gets used very quickly, like everything good. Still, copies and imitations are inferior in terms of design and ergonomics, but there are some points that could be improved in the Dyson V11. Are they critical? Hardly, rather I find fault on the basis of a small, but experience of using similar devices.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Experience

Of course, not everyone can afford to allocate 46 rubles for a vacuum cleaner. This is absolutely not an ordinary purchase, in the minds of the average consumer such amounts do not fit, perhaps the “bought once and for all” approach affects. However, at one time there were similar emotions with smartphones, until now the prices for some models excite the mind and shake comments on text materials and video reviews. Of course, such models will find their buyer, but in the mass there are not so many users who are ready to give this money for a vacuum cleaner. However, everyone decides for himself, if you think about it, then this is an investment in the health of loved ones and your own, while the same smartphone itself does not contribute to its maintenance, being a tool for work and / or entertainment.

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