# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?


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Singapore and the chipping of citizens

When you read the news, it seems that if there was no coronavirus, then it would definitely be worth inventing. Governments around the world have probably never had their hands as free as they are now. In Singapore, they plan to distribute 5.7 million residents and oblige to wear tracking devices. In terms of combating diseases, this is really very effective, since it will allow you to track everything in a matter of seconds – where the patient has been and with whom he has been in contact. But, probably, the idea of ​​Singapore is the dream of any state. Seeing all the inhabitants of the country on the monitor – what could be more beautiful.

Sony XPERIA 1 II price

Sony has finally announced the official price for the new smartphone. Actually, in the review of the new products of the month, it has already been indicated. I wanted to focus on this news for two reasons. Firstly, I think this is the first such letter about a new smartphone, when “the cost of the new Xperia 1 II model can be found on the product page” and a link. You go to the page, there is no price, you need to press the “Pre-order” button, and only then the price tag will open. What is the essence of this exercise, I did not understand. There are not many journalists in Russia to generate traffic. The second funny detail is the boldly highlighted inscription “Country of origin: China”. With all due respect to China, in my opinion, such an inscription should be done if the smartphone is assembled in Japan. Still, in the mind of the consumer there is a special shelf with thoughts about Japanese quality.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

As a gift for the smartphone, they will give wireless headphones at the price of 9 rubles on the official website.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

Samsung’s new TV

In my next post about Apple, I wrote that there are many new TV manufacturers on the market. Chinese companies are passionate about the ecosystem, so they are building TVs. This will lead to a democratization of the market when premium technologies descend into the lower price segments, as has already happened with smartphones. And in the wake of the adoption of the phone brand, they can buy a TV. For example, realme makes good phones, so why not take a TV? By the way, their TV is not bad. Almost like Xiaomi, but the screen is 400 nits in brightness, which is higher than that of the competitor. And the sound is more powerful.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

Top manufacturers will have certain problems, since super black color and gigantic brightness are, of course, good, but if you can take a little worse, but 2 times cheaper, then the choice is obvious. Understanding this fact pushes to experiment.

Samsung recently introduced a new 2000 nits water resistant TV for the veranda. Put it in the backyard by the pool and watch! But this is not for Russia yet.

In our market for 110 rubles a TV for the “mobile generation” – The Sero comes out. The TV is mounted on a stand that allows you to view it horizontally or vertically.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

The screen size is 43 inches, 4K, QLED, artificial intelligence, 4.1 sound and other right things. I like the idea itself. This is truly a screen for the “mobile generation”.

About new films from Apple and cinemas

The Apple Tv + service, in my opinion, is slightly stuck. Something seems to come out there, but passes by the majority. For example, Amazon or Netflix premieres regularly generate buzz and excitement. You don’t have to go far. Netflix’s Space Forces talks about everything because it’s fun, interesting and resonant. And Netflix has a similar premiere every month, about which there is a wave of talk. I say this with knowledge of the matter, since I am leading a column about new films and series online. To search and, so to speak, verification (usually I first collect releases myself, and then check how my opinion coincides with professional critics), I look through about three dozen sources. And rarely does anyone write about the new Apple TV series.

Let’s see what awaits us in the future. I have a strong suspicion that this “free” year (Apple customers receive a one-year subscription as a gift) is a kind of public beta test, when Apple studies the film industry and finalizes its strategy.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few good news.

Apple has bought a new film by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro called “The Moon Blossom Killers.” The film is based on the book. This is a 2017 nonfiction about the Osage County murders and the rise of the FBI. The book turned out to be very popular, as there are already 5 reprints.

DiCaprio and De Niro are great actors. DiCaprio is still extremely picky about his choice of roles. If you think about it, then he has no unsuccessful pictures, if we talk about the period when he was already able to choose where to film. On the other hand, even the third “Critters” were pretty much even nothing.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

However, Scorsese’s film is interesting primarily because there was competition for it, in which Netflix lost to Apple. The film will be released with credits from Apple Originals and Paramount Pictures. The film, from a top-notch director with actors whose names guarantee a return on investment, will be released on an online platform.

Apple also bought a picture of Tom Hanks about the Second World War (“Battle of the Atlantic”), which was previously from Sony Pictures.

We are at a turning point that can be called “farewell to cinemas.” Some studios have chosen to postpone films until better times, such as the James Bond tape. Others decided not to wait, but to sell to streaming platforms.

After the coronavirus pandemic, it seems to me that cinemas will have problems filling the hall for a long time. Our psyche was so crushed that, sitting in the dark in a full hall, people, at the first coughing, will forget about the movie. And I already wrote this thought that, most likely, over time, cinemas will be less democratic. And the current VIP-halls with booths with a sofa, a table, a menu and a waiter will become the norm.

Ordinary people will watch movies at home on their big TVs. And in the future, everyone will have big TVs. Over the past few years of economic growth, the TV market has become quite premium. That is, interesting standing models were presented by Samsung, LG, Sony. But the price tag was also appropriate. That is why, for example, a TV from Xiaomi with a diagonal of 55 inches for 30 thousand rubles shot. For most, it was available! Many manufacturers have seen traction in the market. And now a year later there is MiTv, there is Redmi TV, there is Realme Tv, and Honor Tv, and even Nokia Smart TV. Well, then there is simple logic. And if there is a choice, to watch in a cinema or at home, then a person who has bought a large TV will watch it in order to “discourage the purchase”

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

Concluding the topic, I want to share the half-happy news. Apple is filming a series based on the Shantaram book. The joy is incomplete, since they managed to shoot only 2 of 10 episodes, and then they slowed down. Charlie Hunnam was invited to play the main character. I slightly disapprove of the choice, as the book has repeatedly emphasized that the main character is not only not handsome, but directly “ugly”, that is, ugly. In any case, the world has long been waiting for the adaptation of this book. About 10 years ago, they were going to shoot with Johnny Depp, but it didn’t work out. Depp got older, had to take Hunnam.

How is Joni doing?

At the end of 2019, Jony Ive officially stopped being an Apple employee. As Mr. Ive himself said, he wants new challenges, wants to open his own design studio “Lovefrom”. Six months later, silence. If you enter into Google the query “lovefrom”, then the results will be ancient news and the site of a designer trying to hyip from Australia.

I am absolutely sure that Mr. Ive is doing well. He rides a Bentley, his fortune is estimated at $ 500 million, and Ive’s image, I think, is even more expensive.

On the one hand, it is only natural that after leaving work you want to take a vacation and unwind. It is assumed that designers are sensitive people. They need time for inspiration and other things.

On the other hand, in various interviews, Mr. Ive said that he wants to create a studio, do not only technology, and all this was served under a sauce that he really can’t wait. And so, seeing the absence of even a banal website or any news from the series that the eminent designer is negotiating with such and such a brand, you somehow begin to think that, perhaps, the stories were true that Jony Ive was demotivated by Captain Cook’s approach to company management. It’s fair to say that Ive has registered the LoveFrom Jony brand for a wide range of products, from cosmetics and kitchen electronics to cars and drones. But it was back in July 2019.

If you forgot a little, there were rumors that Cook was not interested in design, rarely went to Ive and his team to visit. And, by the way, that is why at presentations Ive always explained something to Cook in the demo zone, pointing to the products. Although, it would seem, Cook is no worse than Quince should know everything.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

Similar photos with Steve Jobs could not be found. And it’s hard to imagine such a thing. It was also said that Ive was rarely in the office, did not bother himself with clear commands, and his participation boiled down to choosing ready-made options.

Interestingly, with the departure of Quince, Apple did not get worse. On the contrary, one of the latest solutions is getting the right keyboards back into the MacBook. Interesting to see what the iPhone changes are!

So it is likely that after all, Tim Cook deliberately pushed Quince to leave. An overpriced designer who started making products where aesthetics took precedence over practicality. And if you remember that Cook sits every day at 4 in the morning and reads letters that ordinary people send him, I think he heard a lot of stories about keyboards, and about the decision to leave only Type-C ports, and about the way to charge the Apple Pen …

Instead of a conclusion about Reddit

There is a Reddit website in the US. It is an aggregator of content from social networks and a forum where people communicate on any topic and post links to pirated content. Reddit was created in 2005 by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman. And so Mr. Ohanyan decided to resign as CEO. The main requirement for a new CEO is that he must be black. On his personal website, Mr. Ohanian wrote that he would use the profits from his Reddit shares to “serve the black community,” and has already donated a million dollars.

# Echo74: how is Jony Ive doing?

In general, the high-tech industry has long been criticized for being white-dominated. However, it is very difficult to both understand and comment on this. Is it right to do this? Is there any benefit from such an appointment? Or is it such a PR move? Are there any other requirements for the candidate, for example, is it necessary to have a higher education or just skin color is enough? And will it be the same in other areas? For example, last season there were only 26 black players for all NHL teams …

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