# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer


  1. Introduction
  2. Book about China
  3. Oclean Toothbrush Sterilizer and Oclean Air 2 Ultrasonic Toothbrush
  4. How Huawei is selling Honor
  5. Price for consoles: Xbox or PlayStation 5? Or a PC?
  6. Instead of a conclusion about the inviolability of the iPhone


In the introduction, by tradition, I would like to bring you up to date and inform you that the world is accelerating, rapidly rushing downhill along the rails of tolerant values. First came the news that the United Arab Emirates had banned the killing of women with impunity *. Barely recovered from the shock and confusion of thoughts (and how now ?! Where to go with your own, if that ?!), McDonald’s immediately announced that it was launching a line of “vegetable” McPlant menus, which use artificial meat in burgers.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Already on the verge of hysteria, he rushed to play the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, hoping that the world of smelly Vikings (this is not an insult, but in the literal sense, there was even a joke about why Vikings never ambush) at least virtually return to the warm tube times when cows and women dashed to the corners without rights. However, the first thing the game reported was that since I might be offended by the sight of a naked female breast, you can turn off nude scenes (well, or at least dismembered murders). The notification worried me all the more because in 33 years of my life there has never been a situation when a high-quality naked female breast would offend me or I would consider it inappropriate, but, apparently, we are flying at full speed to the moment when from the whole abundance of the emotional spectrum, I will only experience a feeling of insult.

*Note… If we speak without sarcasm, then the decision of the UAE can only be welcomed. Although it will be a long time before there is a shift in people’s minds and nightmarish events like this stop happening.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

An equally amusing event took place on the stock market. It is believed that the market does not live on facts, but on expectations, when stocks rise not on current achievements, but on potential future successes. Netflix and Tesla are, in general, a direct confirmation of this, but on Monday there was an event that boldly underlined this axiom. Donald Trump was right when he called it “politics” that large companies have created a vaccine, but do not want to release it before the elections. Once it was calculated that Joe Biden would be the next president, Pfizer immediately announced a 90% success rate for its COVID-19 drug. And then there was a form of madness. Movie theater stocks soared 60%, real estate stocks jumped 30%, airlines jumped 20-40%, cruise lines jumped 30%, and financial institutions jumped 10-15%. Netflix and other IT companies doing business by providing online services and services, however, fell 10-15% down.

If you look at the stock market, it may seem that tomorrow, well, the day after tomorrow, the old dock-like days will return. Although in fact, even if all drug trials are successful, it will take another 1.5-2 years to produce the proper amount of the drug to vaccinate a significant number of people (to stop the spread of the disease). And this is not taking into account the fact that the virus mutates and new resistant strains appear, due to which the legalized genocide of millions of minks is planned in Denmark.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Book about China

Eldar has already written about this book in Spillikins, and separate chapters were published on the site (there is a selection of published chapters under the link to Spillikins). I bought a book and read it with great pleasure. Formally, it is about the intricacies of interaction with Chinese suppliers, but it will be of interest to everyone. Since today every person, one way or another, comes across products from China, and it doesn’t matter whether he chooses a smartphone or is going to buy a toaster in a hypermarket. Understanding certain subtleties of creating a product and the hardships it went through before it appeared on the shelf, you can make a purchase more consciously and save your nerves. In general, the book reads like an interesting story, or, if you like, travel notes. Sure, swallow it in 2-3 pm.

I bought the book at Liters, however, it is also available by subscription to Bookmate. Support Alexey, after all, infrequently working professionals publish books.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Oclean Toothbrush Sterilizer and Oclean Air 2 Ultrasonic Toothbrush

A funny event happened the other day. The courier called me and said that he was delivering from AliExpress. I dropped the call, thinking that the next scammers, but the courier did not calm down. He gave my address, and to my objections that I had not ordered or paid for anything, he said that everything had already been paid for, and he was instructed to simply deliver. Having been amazed at the impudence and the level of the wiring, I went out to meet the courier with a tire iron. Gently leaning her against the wall, I decided that she, if anything, will help to understand any intricacies of criminal schemes. However, the courier simply handed me the parcel in a businesslike manner and quickly left.

The package included an Oclean Air 2 ultrasonic toothbrush and an Oclean S1 UVC ultraviolet sterilizer. And then everything fell into place.

About a week ago, I received an email about the launch of new products, to which a link was attached for those wishing to learn more. But instead of details, there was only a form in Google Docs. The smartphone immediately obligingly offered to fill in all the fields. I did not want to provide my data, but cooking breakfast distracted me, and, apparently, accidentally clicked the wrong place.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

In general, the brush is curious, beautiful design, magnetic charging, a small head near the brush itself. In the near future I will release a review on it in the framework of Android.Mobile-Review.com.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

However, what initially attracted me the most was the Oclean S1 UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer. Oclean promises that in 5 minutes of operation, the sterilizer kills 99.99% of what it is supposed to kill. This is in manual mode, if you pull the string. In automatic mode, the sterilizer turns on for 2 minutes every 6 hours.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

By the way, about the thread. I was not mistaken, and on the official website of Oclean they write that they were really inspired by the well-known lamp. I wonder if you copied the inspiration from somewhere or invented it yourself? But the sterilizer is well thought out.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Battery 1000 mAh, charging via Type-C (cable included). The sterilizer comes with a sticky plate on one side and fasteners on the other. Accordingly, the plate on the wall, the sterilizer on the plate, and when you need to charge, you take it off.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Previously, I did not think about such fun, I just washed the brush well and changed it every 2-3 months (or after an illness), but the coronavirus made me more vigilant (or paranoid). It immediately became clear that the websites of manufacturers, for example, Colgate, have instructions and advice on regularly sterilizing toothbrushes at least once a week. Colgate intimidates that 50 to 80 percent of Americans are proud carriers of oral herpes and must be vigilant. The question of how effective UV sterilizers are remains open, and we’ll talk more about this directly in the brush review (Spoiler: UV sterilizers are more effective than not for two reasons)

Colgate, by the way, offers simple sterilization methods such as soaking in vinegar overnight, or using hydrogen peroxide or baking soda solution, or soaking in Listerine (this one kills everything, it was not for nothing that it was originally used as a floor cleaner).

I decided to mention the sterilizer and the brush, since they have some kind of discount on Aliexpress in honor of November 11 and can be useful. In order not to be accused of advertising, look for yourself.

How Huawei is selling Honor

Rumors that Huawei may sell the Honor brand to get rid of the US sanctions curse have been floating around for quite some time. And now they have found reality, and, perhaps, this Sunday the company will officially announce its intentions.

The leaks are currently being negotiated with Digital China Group Co Ltd and the government of the city of Shenzhen for a $ 15.2 billion deal. Interestingly, Reuters sources say that, in addition to Digital China (which is the main distributor of Honor smartphones in China), negotiations were carried out with TCL and even with Xiaomi.

Separating from Huawei, the Honor brand will gain access to components that are prohibited from being sold by the current sanctions. If there is a sale, then, most likely, the whole marketing and positioning of the Honor brand will also change. Today Honor is Huawei’s younger brother, whose target audience is formally youth, and smartphones are more budget-friendly counterparts of Huawei devices.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Selling Honor looks like a sane and winning move. The United States has claims only to the 5G segment of Huawei’s business, and smartphones were rather hooked along the way. On the one hand, the United States has no reason to press down on smartphone sales. On the other hand, there is little clarity in US policy in this area. It is likely that if the deal goes through, the United States will create a commission that will comprehensively study what happened and issue a verdict on Huawei’s influence on the independent brand Honor.

For most Honor users, the deal will be a joy, as Honor will be able to roll out a single update to bring Google services back to smartphones. I’m curious as to exactly how the company will proceed. Probably, everything will depend on the specific market. So, in Europe, sales got stuck, and there it is necessary to return Google. In Russia, Honor and Huawei feel great even without Google, so the company may well simply give those who wish to install the Google Play Market and other applications. In my opinion, this alignment will even be more interesting. The user will receive a smartphone initially clean from Google services, and then he will be able to install only what he needs. For example, an app store and Google Pay.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Price for consoles: Xbox or PlayStation 5? Or a PC?

The closer the release of new consoles to the masses, the hotter the debate about which console should be bought. The circle of disputants is clearly delineated. There are supporters of the PS5, there are those drowning for the Xbox, there is a caste of PC boyars and a sect of the enlightened, broadcasting that there is no need to choose, but just take both consoles.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Arguments are absolutely pointless, since the answer is obvious. And he is not what you thought. But let’s start in order. Of course, there are PC gamers with powerful hardware, but most of the so-called PC boyars are a pitiful sight. Usually they are regulars of torrents, often nervously and aggressively waiting for the release of the hacked version and then always complaining that something is not installed on them or that the antivirus is blocking something. Plus the stats are relentless, with the most common gaming cards being the GTX 1050/1050 Ti and GTX 1650 (less commonly the 1650 Ti), as well as the Radeon RX 580/570. It is especially touching how the owners of such solutions say that their graphics quality is steeper than that of consoles. Unfortunately, in the PK-boyar, the majority does not come from a good life. Game streaming services (like GFN.Ru) can breathe new life into this caste, but this is hindered by the powerful cultural code of the PC boyars, who are confident that after buying a computer, all software developers owe them to the grave. So you shouldn’t listen to these personalities.

There is also a sect of enlightened people calling to buy both consoles. These blessed ones, too, should not be taken seriously. Usually these are marginal elements, leading a lifestyle that runs counter to the majority. They have a free schedule, often high income, and an often obscure profession like blogger or influencer. There are no Orthodox people among those calling to buy both consoles, because they are at work and do not have an abundance of time to speak out on nonsense. Two consoles are not needed, because there will simply not be time to play on them. Of course, you can cite some Wylsacom as an example. But he needs both consoles to make videos about them, and I am more than sure that he will play 1-2 games for himself on any one console.

However, if you put irony and sarcasm aside, then somehow it happened that now each console has its own clear positioning.

First, let’s fix the fact that console games are not for everyone. This is hinted at by the price of prefixes at 45 thousand rubles. And this despite the fact that the average price of laptops in Russia is 35 rubles, which, by the way, is 416% lower than a year ago (and this is taking into account the sagging dollar, that is, people are saving). Moreover, this is only the beginning of spending, since games now cost 3-5 thousand rubles. And also a subscription to an online service.

The cost of owning a PS 5 is defensive for the average Russian, if you look at the situation head-on, without any twists and turns, that you can buy a used game on Avito or trade with friends. On average, the owner will spend at least the full price of the console per year for games + online service. Accordingly, the PlayStation 5 is a premium console for upper-middle-income users who can afford to spend 50 thousand rubles a year or more on online fun.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

One step below is the Xbox. Firstly, Microsoft already at the start offers a budget version of the console for 27 thousand rubles (whether it should be taken is another question), and secondly, an annual subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be purchased for only 10-11 thousand rubles, that is, the price is 1.5-2 games. The subscription includes over 100 games, and the catalog is constantly updated. Yes, there are no hot new products, but over time they will be added to the catalog, which already has something to play (unless you are a hard-core gamer who spends all days playing games). In addition, since games on Xbox, with rare exceptions, are simultaneously released with PC releases (and there are no exclusives), they fall in price faster. Accordingly, the cost of owning an Xbox can be several times lower if you are content mainly with games from a subscription service.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Well, at the very bottom are computers. The price of iron is higher here, so, a good gaming desktop computer with a GeForce RTX 3070 will cost at least 120 thousand rubles (I don’t count the monitor, since it is not included in the price of the set-top box. Well, if you use a streaming service, then in general a computer can cost 40 thousand rubles + 10 thousand per year for a streaming subscription. Well, you should buy a gamepad), but the price of games is lower. The new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla costs only 2 rubles. Or you can play by paying for a subscription of 500 rubles on the Ubisoft website. For example, I did so now because I wanted to look at WatchDogs Legion as well.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

Accordingly, the idea is simple regarding new consoles. You need to soberly assess your wealth, the time that you are willing to spend on games, and also look at the games themselves, assessing whether there are exclusives for the PlayStation among them or you can get by.

Instead of a conclusion about the inviolability of the iPhone

Finally, a couple of thoughts about the inviolability of the iPhone, which will not face anything in the coming years. Not everyone pays attention to this point, but despite the rapid development of technology, the market and users remain conservative. For over a decade, all smartphone innovations have been based on two platforms – Android and iOS. And the situation with Huawei without Google services directly shows that the majority are not ready to put up with the lack of the usual infrastructure, even if the company offers almost similar substitutes.

# Echo96. Why is there no question, PS 5, Xbox or PC; iPhone stability and toothbrush sterilizer

For how many years, the share of the iPhone as a whole is static, like the share of Android. Small fluctuations back and forth do not play a role. And no matter what Google does, it can’t hit iOS. The same problem is with all new potential platforms. They cannot get through because they have no infrastructure.

By the way, it is for this reason that almost every new platform declares that it will support Android applications (I would very much like to support iOS applications, but there is no Apple with a mallet and there are no options). At the same time, new platforms enter the market in advance, which now has to be patient, but soon their infrastructure will spread its wings. Unfortunately, they financially do not live up to this wonderful time.

Accordingly, if Apple continues to develop even minimally its infrastructure so that it is relevant and supports all new applications and services, then it will always stay afloat.

Could a new platform appear on the market that will replace Android and iOS? Given that the entire world today lives in the iOS and Android paradigm, the new platform is initially obliged to support all Android applications and only then demonstrate its own freaks. A great example of this approach can be seen in the browser market. Edge Chromium from Microsoft, thanks to the full support of everything and everything that the market leader Google Chrome has, has slowly taken almost 9% of the market and continues to grow rapidly. And in the smartphone market, Honor could become such a player if it gets Google support again and at the same time offers a better user experience in its App Gallery compared to the Google Play Market. However, so far, as practice shows, none of the manufacturers that have created their own app stores has been able to offer something better, slipping into a dump of diverse applications and an abundance of advertising.

Have a great week everyone!

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