Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive


Don’t think about the white monkey. Cast out from your consciousness the image of a white monkey that gallops across the lawn and hoots with a drawn-out voice. Just don’t think about it, concentrate on the text, forget about the primate of the unusual color.

A simple psychological technique, described in the jokes about Khoja Nasreddin, continues to work flawlessly. When you are told not to do something, they draw this or that image, then it appears in your mind. The more we hear about something, the clearer the discussed subject seems to us and the more its perception is formed. Nature does not tolerate waste of energy, hence our laziness, as well as unwillingness to think about understandable, familiar objects. The task of any propaganda is to make a person remember the key meanings of the promoted idea, but quickly slip through the critical awareness of the proposed subject. The way our consciousness is structured greatly facilitates the task, because critical thinking requires additional expenditure of energy, which means that most of the time people are trying to find workarounds, to optimize their life experience. One of the optimization algorithms is the perception of information that becomes noticeable (sounds corny from every iron), and also affects everyday life and can affect it. Positive information is discarded, it is pleasant, but does not pose a threat to a person’s lifestyle or life itself, but negative news, on the contrary, is remembered and postponed.

For Russia, an example can be given of how fear and negative expectations are created through a certain product, describing the situation with buckwheat (buckwheat for aesthetic hipsters who themselves have become an endangered class). Buckwheat in our country is the embodiment of crisis expectations. You can cite a million graphs, economic calculations, but few people will understand and feel them. But as soon as they start writing on TV and in newspapers that there is no need to worry and there is enough buckwheat for everyone, crowds of people go to the shops to buy this healthy and tasty cereal. Almost everyone buys it, even those who have never eaten buckwheat before, and even after looking at the supplies neatly stacked on the balcony, and ponders when that same black day will come. The communication strategy of “buckwheat” is old and understandable, people need a clear image that will embody their fears. To some extent, this is the destruction of the usual way of life, the creation of new landmarks and an attempt to bring a person’s consciousness from the rational to the emotional.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

Another recent example is the toilet paper craze, when people bought dozens of rolls of this hygiene item, as if tomorrow the paper will run out forever. Any crisis is reflected in the products, so it is easier to be aware of what is happening. For example, today you have sour cream and milk, but tomorrow you will not have them, since foot and mouth disease has affected all animals without exception.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

If the initial information is critical, promoted widely, then it gets to the maximum number of people. Here a paradox arises, which is well known in the media market: if the information is presented correctly, it finds both its supporters and opponents, and they are divided approximately equally. But this happens for a short period of time, then the information is either confirmed or refuted, and the percentage of both supporters and opponents changes dramatically. It is almost impossible to achieve stability of perception when society is divided into equal parts. In modern times, the term “infodemia” even appeared, it describes the mechanics of spreading rumors and lies, comparing it with viral diseases. An epidemic in which people should get sick and get immunity from false information. A beautiful concept that to some extent describes what is happening, but, like any analogy, suffers from inconsistencies.

Without this introductory part, it is impossible to discuss why 5G is so “harmful” and why they are trying to limit it so much. I am sure that you will find parallels with the Sputnik V vaccine, the only difference is that the crusade against 5G began much earlier and did not end, while the need for the Russian vaccine forced the propaganda to change anger to mercy, to turn the information flow into another side.

Why 5G is so important to countries. What this technology gives

So much has been said about 5G that everyone seems to know about this technology and the benefits it can bring to our lives. But it is simply necessary to repeat the key points, otherwise our reasoning will be incomplete.

The economy of each country today directly depends on the quality of the telecom, including mobile networks, the availability of services and their low cost. Russia is fully aware of this fact, so the state has made a bet on maximally favoring telecom companies, just remember that licenses for 3G, 4G networks in our country cost a penny against billions in Europe and the United States. In Russia, they understood that the state would not receive money for its resource here and now, but the benefits from the surge in the economy and the emergence of new businesses outweighed the losses at the moment. There was no point in slaughtering a chicken that was guaranteed to bring golden eggs.

Technology determines our daily life, what you do and how you live. You may feel that this is not so, for example, you have a push-button phone, you do not use the Internet and avoid social networks. But I am sure that you go to shops, buy groceries, move somewhere by public transport. All of this requires well-developed networks, and the larger the city, the more complex the systems that govern it become. At the country level, such systems become even more complex, and it is no longer possible to avoid their use, otherwise development will stop. In the American military doctrine it is written in black and white that the hacking of information systems, the influence on them is regarded as an act of war, aggression against America. This is an illustration of how dependent our economy is on telecoms.

The emergence of 5G opens up fundamentally new opportunities for the economy; development is taking place in literally all areas. Over the past five years, all reports assessing the impact of 5G on the economy have changed their estimates, revised them towards growth. The future depends entirely on the presence of 5G in the country, we can say that before our eyes a club of countries is being formed where this technology will become available and widespread. In the next ten years, 5G will be deployed in several dozen countries, but the issue is not the formal availability of 5G networks, but the creation of high-quality coverage that will make all the miracles of technology possible. For example, autopilot in public transport will need coverage of the entire city, rather than spot installations in specific locations. And the race for such construction, the development of 5G networks is just beginning, it is still far from over. We will see the main events in 2025-2030, Russia has every opportunity to enter this technology club and secure its future, primarily economic growth.

Look at the plate, it describes the impact of the mmWave range in 5G on the contribution to the economy of different regions (in Russia and in the post-Soviet space, it will be minimal).

The numbers are impressive, but they are deeply underreported and do not account for the impact of 5G in general, or the emergence of new areas that are hidden from economists. To some extent, the 5G race can be compared to the space race of the last century. This is not just prestige for a particular country, but the foundation for future development. And today it is already clear that not all countries have good start-up capital for the development of such networks.

For example, in the United States, we see a total lag in the creation of infrastructure for 5G networks, the leadership has gone to China, in particular, to Huawei. Since 2018, America has been making every effort to destroy Huawei, but so far it has only managed to weaken its position, to force it to sell its Honor brand, since it is difficult to produce electronics under sanctions, and there is no access to components.

In America, all operators rushed to build 5G networks, but today they look like Potemkin villages. Low data transfer rate, lack of noticeable coverage, high cost of operation (there is no business as such). This is a competition with China trying to show that 5G is already here and is. But this kind of competition is also important, as it pushes the entire industry forward, it is a long-distance race. The beauty of this competition is that all countries that create significant 5G networks will win, they will receive accelerated economic growth, a different standard of living. And a huge advantage in the creation of new generation technologies that can be sold to other countries, which means additional income. This is an eternal struggle for the future that does not subside for a single day. Exactly the same struggle is going on in traditional spheres – energy, medicine, finance. Telecom does not fall out of this clip, but becomes its integral part. And here we come to the main question – who creates fears about 5G and why.

Slow down the implementation of 5G at any cost – creating phobias among the population

At the level of government, the benefits of 5G are obvious, but it all hinges on the potential for creating such networks. For example, the appearance of 5G in Colombia is even theoretically impossible in the first wave, since the country has a large territory, you can look back and see how hard it was to introduce 4G and did not achieve coverage equal to that in the same Russia (it is important to talk about the aggregate parameters – coverage, quality of communication and cost). In neighboring Ukraine, the introduction of 5G is impossible purely for economic reasons, as well as in most states in the post-Soviet space. The creation of 5G requires both money and an already developed telecom infrastructure. And here the length of the country is harmful to Russia, but the introduction of 4G has shown that we cope with such tasks much better than America itself.

At the level of ordinary people, for the last five to six years, they have been talking about 5G literally from every iron. Probably, in recent years, most of the press comments that have been given by me are exclusively about 5G, the impact of technology on life, harm or benefit. The topic quickly won the minds of people, as it promised big profits in everyday life. And since about 2018, propagandists have entered the struggle, who have tried to weaken other states, slow down the introduction of 5G in them. I don’t want to blame America indiscriminately for the fact that its officials are behind attacks on 5G, but the facts themselves add up to a very clear picture.

In 2017, an understanding emerges in America that the country is losing the race for 5G. Pressure on Chinese companies grows and a trade war begins. At the same time, like a devil out of a snuff box, a story of 5G “harmfulness” emerges, which initially spreads in Germany and Great Britain. Purely practical tasks are being solved there – to push these countries away from the use of Huawei equipment, to create negative sentiments among the population so that it puts pressure on their governments. This is an additional factor that policymakers will need to consider in the future.

Initially, it looks like anecdotal stories akin to how our ancestors were afraid of steam locomotives and claimed that they lost milk to cows. But gradually the story is gaining momentum, the media pick up scattered events, fears intensify. Considering that the topic of 5G is heavily promoted in the media, it unexpectedly hits America with a ricochet, activists appear, claiming that 5G is harmful, rush to malls and take “measurements”.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

In a separate article I described various phobias, I advise you to read about how they promoted the harmfulness of 5G. It is important for us to understand that this is by no means a private initiative, but a well-organized campaign that follows the usual canons.

In our house, a notice board hangs at the entrance, a special person comes and puts up leaflets under the glass, he has a key for this. From time to time, people enter the entrance and send advertisements to the mailboxes. Some try to paste over the walls of the entrance or the board, and we drive them away when we find them at the crime scene.

Some of the pastors are already familiar, we usually exchange a couple of phrases, I am always interested in what is being spread this week. Usually these are some kind of consumer services, before the elections – political leaflets, but once a leaflet came across about the harm of 5G. Something similar to the one in the photo below.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensiveFiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

I asked how many leaflets there were in total with this topic, the answer struck me. Several thousand for one day, and so there are tens of thousands of them, and this is just one small company that labored on mailboxes and pasting pillars (the latter in our area went into the past two years ago, cleanliness pleases). Think about how much money someone has invested in promoting this idea. Unmercenary, protector of the health of the nation? I doubt it.

Here is another flyer from the same series.

Pay attention to the link below, it opens a website that contains a lot of different videos about the harm of 5G, how the population is being deceived, and so on. It is an aggregator of all those that need to be promoted on social networks, a kind of contract for fears for the population.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

Especially the video showed that Bill Gates and Trump don’t want 5G radiation in Florida, where they live. Also, these videos are available in different languages, it is like state propaganda for the whole world, only with such a tool.

In some countries, propaganda has gone a little further, now a complete refusal of communication is being promoted, since it is harmful. Notice how it is done in Kronstadt, the sticker is on the base station, and it is not worth a dime.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

Someone “turned off” that base station, apparently, believed in harm or for some other reason.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

The propaganda of the harm of 5G in particular and communication in general will only grow. Remember the conspiracy theory that the pandemic and 5G are directly related? These are just flowers, there will be more. But if you look more broadly, you can see the purposeful promotion of certain directions in propaganda in order, one way or another, to influence the perception of people, to weaken competitors. For example, five years ago on Instagram in Russia they began to promote the blogger’s “lifestyle”, different people did it, and to some extent it became a trend. Someone will blame this on Instagram’s own advertising campaign, but I think everything is much more prosaic here, because every child who becomes an Instagram blogger (a Tiktoker, if you like) is a citizen lost to the economy. As a rule, he will not make an engineer, a doctor, or a teacher. Someone who can make a real contribution to the economy. It’s funny to see how such actions ricochet those who order the tune, this story makes a full turn and comes back, and the problems become the same for the whole world. Exactly the same thing happened with 5G, now phobias are brought up in people all over the planet, and this is just the beginning.

But when they try to convince you that 5G is harmful, just be aware that the person is making money from it. Someone, of course, is involved in this flow and becomes an ideological enemy, but the majority simply exploits the idea and makes money. For example, selling a cream from 5G.

Fiery 5G. I create phobias among the population, inexpensive

Unfortunately, behind the creation of phobias, pragmatic, real problems that exist in telecoms, including for 5G, are forgotten. Few people are interested in them, except for those who work in our industry. After all, it is best to sell people’s fears, and this is the case. I hope that after this material you will understand exactly why they create horror stories about 5G and who benefits from it. Good health to you!

PS Want a last scary story? Bill Gates wanted to microchip people with a vaccine, but in Russia he was overtaken! Sputnik V has built-in chips that can track people, so the government is making changes to the law “On communications”, now the location is not protected by law, the state can use it for its own purposes.

The above is complete nonsense, but this is how fears are created when real products and events are thickly mixed, and the result is a fiction. Turn on your head, use critical thinking.

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