Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

One of the most talked about news this week was the message that Samsung has raised prices for its flagship devices. Some believe that “has already begun”, but it seems to me that this is a normal symmetrical response to the announcement of the second generation iPhone SE. If Apple can sell a budget smartphone for 40 thousand rubles, then why should Samsung sell the Galaxy S20 so cheap? If I were a Korean brand manager, I would do the same. If everyone agrees that 40 thousand is inexpensive, then, consequently, the population in the mass has money, which means that there is no time for discounts. However, let’s be reasonable people and say no to this approach. Moreover, some Samsung smartphones can be bought at a profit.

“M Video”

M.Video network lures with another loud slogan: “Large purchases – big discounts and cashback.” Let’s start from the end, especially since regular readers of the Guide have already guessed that there is no cashback in the promotion. We did not see any reasons to change their internal interpretation of this concept in M.Video, and they imply that cashback is more than usual bonuses. Next, let’s look at the “big discounts”. It’s even worse with them. The goods are supposed to be selected from the promotional list, where, without further ado, they shoved absolutely everything that has any discount. Or it simply sells for the lowest federal retail price. And the last one is the question of the “size” of the purchase. Maybe I don’t understand something, but, for example, Samsung Galaxy A20 will not turn my tongue to name a large purchase. Neither size nor expense. The logical question is, what then does this action do in the Guide? The answer is: it has a certain benefit for those who plan to buy more than one product. The fact is that many positions do have the lowest price limit in federal retail, and large bonuses are awarded immediately after the purchase. Those. literally on the same day, they can pay up to 50% of the cost of another product. Not super beneficial, but nonetheless. This is also accompanied by the “Double Benefit” campaign, which has only minor differences in terms and conditions and assortment.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

Another discount option when buying two products is suitable for those who are thinking about updating the accessories park. Put two in the basket and get 50% discount on the one that is cheaper. A standard offer, but in conditions of self-isolation, it is quite convenient if you buy consumables for household appliances and similar little things that no one usually buys in electronics hypermarkets.

Now about the more expensive Samsung smartphones. In M.Video, they not only did not rise in price, but also fall into the number of promotional products. And that’s all. From Galaxy S20 + to Galaxy A01. All of them have a discount of different levels, which does not require any additional conditions. For example, Galaxy Note10 Lite will cost only 30 thousand rubles. Moreover, there will also be wireless headphones as a gift. With additional headphones, the situation is this: to the Samsung Galaxy S20 | S20 + | S20 Ultra – Samsung Galaxy Buds +, for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite – JBL Tune 120 TWS, for Samsung Galaxy A71 – JBL Reflect Mini, for Samsung Galaxy A51 – JBL Tune 590 BT. The only thing you need to be careful. If we are talking about a discount for a set, then the headphones will not be automatically added to the basket – this must be done manually, after which the price will be recalculated. For younger models (up to Galaxy A40 inclusive), there is a discount offer (1-2 thousand rubles) plus additional bonuses to a loyalty card (you can apply for it right at the time of purchase). Headphones for them will have to be bought without a stock.


In the shop of the operator “Beeline” action in support of self-isolation. And expanding its own subscriber base. The essence is extremely simple. Everyone who uses the most contactless ordering system will receive a discount. When buying smartphones and tablets – 7%, when buying accessories – 15%. The requirements are as follows: the order must be placed with home delivery by courier, must be paid online and must include a SIM card. In addition, nothing is required, the discount will be calculated automatically.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

“El Dorado”

Another #EldoSale is coming to Eldorado, which differs from the pre-coronavirus #EldoSale only in that it comes with free shipping for orders over 3 thousand rubles. In addition to free delivery, Eldorado has an interesting offer for those who cannot leave their place of residence in Moscow, but also cannot wait for the store’s delivery service to digest the shipment. In addition, we have added delivery by taxi, which is now the fastest option and replaces the previously offered service of prompt pick-up when the goods are available in the store. The conditions are as follows: the goods must have a weight of no more than 20 kg (in the package!), The goods must be in the category “available in 30 minutes”, it must be paid for online. After that, within an hour, the store clarifies the terms of delivery by phone and sends it by courier within two hours. The price of the issue is 399 rubles if the store is located at a distance of no more than 20 km from you. Each next 20 km add another 399 rubles to the delivery cost, but the maximum distance is 60 km. Delivery is paid separately after the order has been agreed. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

With smartphones Samsung “Eldorado” completely repeats the terms of their sale in “M.Video”, which were described above. But in addition, this network is participating in the “Home Sale” from realme. Until May 11, smartphones of this brand are sold at a discount of 500 or 1 rubles, depending on the model. Not much, but the price of the devices, even without a discount, did not exceed 000 thousand rubles, so the discount is quite typical for our market. There is, as in M.Video, cashback, which is not a cashback, but additional bonuses on a loyalty card up to 12% of the purchase amount. The only difference from standard bonuses is that their validity period is limited on May 20st. In addition, we can note the availability of discounts on Haier TVs, all Rombica products and Philips TVs. 


There is only one action in the MTS network, and I would not call it over-current amid quarantine. No, of course, no one canceled the low prices for smartphones, but there are no new promotional offers. There is only an opportunity to buy children’s watches Elari KidPhone2 or KidPhone 3G and Jet Kid Star with a connection kit with the MTS “Go-Smart” tariff at a reduced price. The set will cost 800 rubles, but as long as this SIM card is in the children’s watch, funds from it will not be spent. Actually, this is also not a new promotion, but an update to the 2019 offer, which I already wrote about.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118


Citylink also promises big discounts on goods, with particular emphasis on the fact that this is a promotion without promotional codes. However, if you look at it, a discount of up to 40% is obtained because everything is included in the list of promotional goods, and the discount was calculated from the once recommended retail price. In the overwhelming majority of cases, finding a product at the price that this chain considered as the base price for calculating its discount will be a very nontrivial task. However, here, as always. On the promo page, you will first find out that you do not need to enter the promo code, but below you will be clarified that these are only products that are “already at a discount”, while the rest of the promo code is still needed. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

Another global promotion for a retail chain is an opportunity for legal entities to receive a cashback of 5% of the amount when paying for an order through the Sberbank Business Online service. Unfortunately, you will receive these funds not in your account and not in the form of a discount, but in the form of bonuses to your loyalty card. Those. another enticement with bonuses under the guise of cashback. I hope that in some bright future that comes after the ban on low gasoline prices, a law will be passed banning the use of the word “cashback” in general. And now an overview of other useful offers from Citylink:


Salons “MegaFon” this time mainly offer various ways to save money when buying Samsung smartphones. Firstly, this is a general promotion for all retailers with discounts for entry-level Galaxy A devices (from Galaxy A01 to Galaxy A40). Secondly, this is the standard offering for the Galaxy S20 lineup – a gift in the form of Galaxy Buds headphones. This offer is not at all exclusive, Samsung, in principle, officially supplies its new flagships to the Russian market with such a pleasant bonus. The third option is a discount of 3 – 000 rubles on smartphones Galaxy S4 Lite, Galaxy Note 500 Lite and Galaxy A10, provided that accessories for them are purchased for the same amount. Or not necessarily to them. In general, we can assume that an accessory for 10 – 71 thousand rubles goes to these devices as a gift. Well, if it seems to someone that MegaFon has set inadequate prices for Samsung devices, it means that it is simply not a very attentive buyer (a seller’s dream in a salon!). The price is reduced exactly the same as for everyone, but only requires a special promo code for some models. All offers expire on April 3th.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

In addition to Samsung, MegaFon is ready to give a discount on Huawei smartphones. The discount after the introduction of the promo code will be from 500 to 7 rubles, depending on the model, and will create a small miracle: the device will start to cost like everyone else! The promotion will last until April 000.


The DNS retail chain is no exception among those who once again remind about discounts and gifts for Samsung phones. So if you prefer this trading network (for example, you live in Crimea and you have few alternatives), then you should know that all the conditions are exactly the same as those of other large market players. And if you prefer not only DNS, but also realme, then the “Home Sale” is also available. In addition, DNS offers:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118


Svyaznoy stores also offer discounts for DJI devices, with the same conditions and the same devices as in DNS. There are also promotional offers from Samsung, but in addition to smartphones, there is also a promotion for smart watches and bracelets of the Korean brand. The discount can be up to 3 thousand rubles, and to receive it you will need to use a promo code. The disadvantage of this promotion and all the others is that it is isolated from any others, even the write-off of bonus points from “Kukuruza”. You can also choose instant print cameras that have not gained much popularity. Fujifilm INSTAX SQ6 is sold at Svyaznoy until the end of April at a discount of 2 rubles. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 118

Separately, I will say that in this trading network they managed to summarize the coronavirus self-isolation with the Cosmonautics Day. On April 12, the Cosmos House competition started. If you are at home anyway and you have nothing to have fun with, then it is quite possible to take part in the drawing of 10 Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphones from Svyaznoy. According to the conditions, you will need: “publish a photo, video or story on Instagram, VK or FB of your inner galaxy – everything that you associate with space at home.” The publication will need to put down the hashtags #homekosmos and #domakosmos, as well as mark the accounts @roscosmosofficial and @svyaznoy_russia. Acceptance of works will go on until April 30, and the drawing itself will take place on May 11.

Do you know about any interesting discount offers not mentioned in this “Promotions and Discounts Guide”? Write in the comments!

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