Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

The May holidays have passed, but the fight against coronavirus is not over, although it has entered some obscure stage, when indulgences are being introduced in self-isolation mode, but the incidence continues to rise. In this situation, our editorial staff suggests using common sense and avoiding unnecessary walks to the store, ordering goods at home with delivery. Decaying sentiments and forecasts about a dollar for one hundred rubles did not come true, but prices did not return to the level of the end of last year. There is no need to wait for a rollback to the previous level, which means that it is better to resolve the issue of purchases here and now. So let’s take a look at what federal electronics retail chains have to offer.

“M Video”

“M.Video” promises some price reduction for “world hits”. However, if you look closely, this is a banal selection of products for which the store, for some reason, made a small discount, as well as those that were previously sold above the market price. Now everything was equalized, but the difference was designated as a discount on the product. The story, in general, is well-known and not new. As well as “cashback” in the form of bonuses. Now in “M.Video” this trick with ears is called “Cashback up to 8% when paying online for recommended goods.” As usual, we are talking about the fact that on the loyalty card you will be credited with bonus points in the amount of a certain percentage of the price of the product. Additional confusion is caused by the fact that the promotion mentions “additional” bonus rubles. The fact is that bonuses are accrued in M.Video from any purchase price and not necessarily a promotional product. 3% always comes to the loyalty card. For the same promotion, another 3 or 5 percent of bonuses can be added to them, depending on the selected product. Those. in fact, the accrual for a promotion can only be 6% of the “cashback”, or 8% of the “cashback”. Bonuses are standard, are activated 14 days after purchase and are valid for 180 days. The deadline for the offer is December 31 of this year. The same long period for the action “Demand a discount”. Considering that now it is being promoted as an offer for those who are bored at home in self-isolation, and the deadline for its completion is December 31, this looks somehow pessimistic. As in the case of the “cashback”, the name and format do not coincide in any way. You don’t need to demand anything, the discount is fixed and you can see it immediately on the product page.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119


Beeline has a hidden offer for Huawei smartphones. If you look closely at the list of smartphones of this brand, it turns out that some of them have a price, even indicated as a discounted price, is not final. For some devices, an additional discount is also provided when entering a promo code, which can give a discount in the amount of three to seven thousand rubles. There are no additional conditions for the promotion, the main thing is not to be too surprised that to buy a Huawei smartphone, you need to enter the HP promo code.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

“El Dorado”

Eldorado once again extended EldoSale, but changed its name to MegaSale. At the same time, nothing has changed in the format itself. There was also a promotional offer “Buy profitably with a card”. Surprisingly, until that day, there was not a single active promotion in Eldorado that would simply give a discount for having a loyalty card. Now there is one. So far, only until June 15, but, most likely, it will be extended, and perhaps this is a trial balloon before making a global change in the format of the M.Video-Eldorado network. The downside, as usual, is that if you use a loyalty card discount, then you lose all other opportunities to save – it even cancels the accrual of increased bonuses and participation in the “Installment plan” promotion. We can also note the extension of the “May Shopping! May benefit! ” These are promo codes. Valid only for certain products that have a special mark on the page. The promo code “MAY1000” gives a discount of 1 rubles when buying, but not more than 000% of the cost of the goods, “MAY20” – 3000 rubles, but not more than 3%, and “MAY000” – respectively, 12 rubles, but only 7000% of the purchase price. Percentage restrictions make this promotion quite ordinary, only the smallest promo code looks interesting, while the maximum one is obviously not so interesting, since now the spread of prices for goods between stores may well be much larger.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119


This time, the network of MTS salons does not please with any unique offers and discounts on smartphones that could not be found from other sellers. But, nevertheless, this network was on the “Guide” list. Because on the MTS website you can find such an interesting offer as “30% discount on additional goods when buying smartphones”. In general, the offer was announced at the beginning of 2019 and meant exactly what could be read in its name: you chose a smartphone, chose an additional product for it (accessories, SIM cards, etc.) and received a discount on this additional product. However, now MTS has decided to replay. In May, instead of adding an additional item to your cart, you will receive Comprehensive Protection insurance with a 30% discount. You can refuse it by deleting it from the basket, while the discount applied to the smartphone (if any) will be preserved, and a banner will appear at the place of insurance offering you a discount of 1 rubles for an accessory. So, this discount on a smartphone is not cumulative, it replaces it. Moreover, in the case of a significant number of models (the entire middle segment and above), 500 rubles will be less than the discount for a smartphone. MTS, don’t do that!

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119


In “Citylink” right now there is a change of promotional offers, so when you read this issue, the site may already have new, more interesting promotions. But since I cannot look into the future, I will tell you about what is already there. And here the main focus will be on proposals for computer components:

  • Until May 31, a discount of 1 rubles applies to all devices running Windows 500;
  • 8% discount on WD external hard drives until June 10;
  • and until June 11, 10% discount will be on SSD drives of the same brand;
  • at the same time as the above, the campaign for discounting WD hard drives will end, but the discount on them will be only 5%;
  • 26-5% discount on ASUS motherboards until May 10;
  • until June 4, a small discount is available on Kingston brand RAM;
  • and at the same time, the special offer for Kingston SSDs will end.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

There are also two shares adjoining here. This is a 15% discount on Hiper brand projectors, which can be obtained using the HIPER promo code until the last day of this month, as well as a discount on games from Electronic Arts that is valid throughout May. In general, the last offer is not unique to Citylink, it can be found on the DNS website, and the discounts themselves are valid for all retailers that officially sell EA games. A separate list includes promotions for Huawei and Honor smartphones:


As usual, MegaFon offers discounts on smartphones, subject to connection to certain tariff plans. This time, the discount is 3 rubles for the Honor 000C, 9 rubles for the Honor 2A and 000 rubles for the Honor 9S. Considering the cost of their smartphones, this is an interesting offer. However, to receive this discount, you need to connect to a tariff from the “Get on!” Line: “Write”, “Talk”, “Have fun”, “Communicate”, “Choose”, “Watch”, “Premium”, as well as connect option 1 or 200 promotional rubles. The offer is valid until June 9, but, as practice shows, smartphones in such offers end long before the promised date.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119


There are also a number of promotions in the DNS retail network that allow you to save a little on the purchase of computer equipment and accessories:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

There is a special offer from Samsung. When you buy a Samsung Giga Party audio system in DNS, you will receive wireless headphones as a gift. There are two systems to choose from: Samsung MX-T70, which will be given a discount of 3 rubles, subject to the purchase of Galaxy Buds for 000 rubles, and Samsung MX-T3, with a discount of 000 rubles, when purchasing JBL C50 TWS headphones for 2 rubles. The offer is valid until May 000.


This time in “Svyaznoy” all notable promotions are associated with promo codes. However, this is not without curiosities. In the US, there is such a thing as a “garage sale”. The idea of ​​this event is to de-clutter the garage, where conditionally necessary junk has been dragged off for many years. It is sold, accordingly, in the manner of a flea market, and prices are set in such a way as to sell all the cash as quickly as possible. Of course, the idea of ​​the value of this or that item from the owner of the garage can be rather strange, but in general, this action is extremely beneficial to lovers of all kinds of antiquities, since items are extremely rare at such sales, and their price may be several times, or even orders of magnitude from offers on online auctions. Why they decided to call their sale at Svyaznoy Garage Sale – I don’t quite understand. Yes, the devices on it are mostly not the newest, but the same Huawei Nova 5T could not get too dusty on the shelf. Yes, there is a discount, but -3-5% of the current one (the declared -70% is extremely rare and only, as usual, for the cheapest positions), the market average price is not something that will cause a stir. In general, some kind of riddle is cleaner than Cyber ​​Monday, which starts on Friday.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

Promotions work without riddles:


I’m not quite sure if this should be considered a promotion, but the realme brand claims that its new devices, which will enter the market on May 19, will initially be delivered at a discount:

  • realme 6 will go on sale in the 4/128 GB configuration at a price of 17 rubles (instead of 990), and in the 19/990 GB configuration at a price of 8 rubles (instead of 128);
  • realme 6 Pro will go on sale in a configuration of 8/128 GB at a price of 21 rubles (instead of 990);
  • realme 6i will go on sale in a 4/128 GB configuration at a price of 14 rubles (instead of 990).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 119

These prices will be valid for smartphones until June 2. However, it is not hard to guess that in a couple of months the same price will be everywhere on the market, but the very first buyers will definitely be able to save a little.

Are there any promotions that you are ready to share information about? Do not keep to yourself, write comments!

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