Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

The beginning of August is another traditional off-season in terms of discounts. It’s too early for school sales and too late for unloading warehouses. Usually at such a time it is good to buy an air conditioner, since realizing that the heat is about to end, and not everything is worth keeping until the next hot season, retail chains begin to give good discounts on them in addition to the traditional offer for free installation of split systems. But our site is not about air conditioners yet, so let’s see what else good things can be found in large federal networks.

“M Video”

When I said that it was too early for school sales, I got a little excited. Or, on the contrary, it was storming. M.Video already offers to start purchasing by September 1. However, jumping for happiness is not worth it. In small print in the details of the promotion, the store informs that this is just an additional list of goods that is formed … from promotional offers. And that’s all. In fact, it turns out that this is another section of the catalog of discounted goods, which has its own name and cannot be combined with a number of other offers. The summation here is also mysterious, the description sometimes contradicts itself, and best of all its schizophrenicity illustrates the fact that you cannot spend bonus rubles from a loyalty card on it, but “M. Coupons” – please. As well as a loan, including its version called “installment plan”. Or that it may include promotions with additional discounts for a particular brand. It’s Huawei now, but the list will undoubtedly change over the course of the month. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

Another noteworthy feature of M.Video is promotions with discounts on a number of smartphones. They are not unique, but still, since this is the first store in the Promotions and Discounts Guide, I will name them:


Beeline salons traditionally offer to save money when buying a smartphone by purchasing it together with a certain set of communication services. This time, the stake is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T, the discount for which can be up to 5 thousand rubles. You can get it in several ways. For new subscribers of “Beeline”: choose a promotional kit with a smartphone, choose self-pickup as a delivery (otherwise the action does not work in the online store), after which it remains only to come and pick up your order. Existing Beeline subscribers will also need to add accessories to the basket for 500 or 1 rubles, and also include in the purchase a promotional rate, one of the options “000 1 | 500 | 3 | 000 bonus rubles for communication under the action “and a subscription to” Amediatek “for 3 or 500 months, depending on the chosen smartphone model. It works the same way in an offline store, just say that you want to buy a smartphone as part of the promotion. The offer is also valid for Xiaomi Redmi 4A and Redmi 000A devices.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

“El Dorado”

As for Eldorado, this time the offers of this network differ significantly from the shares of M.Video, which has not happened for a long time. Of course, the never-disappearing “EldoSale” is available, in the catalog of which you can find really good offers for a change. Although it usually turns out that this is a listed “Product of the Day” promotion. On the other hand, as a buyer, I would absolutely not care under what guise the discount is offered. Also, in connection with the upcoming reformatting of the network into a kind of marketplace, another “Liquidation” was launched at Eldorado. It is easy to identify the goods in this section by the icon, which at the same time indicates the amount of the discount. The downside is that if you clear the catalog of goods that have a discount from the manufacturer or were previously exposed at a price higher than the general price for the market, then not so many positions will remain. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

Now a little about other offers that do not cover some large parts of the store, but products of a specific brand. Firstly, this is a promotion with discounts for Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is ending today, within which you can get a discount on tablets of the Korean company in the amount of up to 3 thousand rubles. Next up is the special price for Oral-B electric toothbrushes. If we take them in a set of two pieces, then the price for each will not be 3 rubles, but 890 rubles. However, this is a promotion from the manufacturing company, so the product can be found in other chains as well. Also from the manufacturer there are discounts on HP gaming peripherals. The only pity is that there is exactly one mouse and keyboard model in the offer. Well, the discount on Redmi 2 smartphones has not gone anywhere. 


The lack of Google services on the new Huawei and Honor devices could become a problem for users of these devices on a much larger scale, if not for their popularity in Russia, which prompts already local companies to adapt to the situation. Sberbank recently launched its own payment service, which solved the problem of the lack of Google Play. And now the operator MegaFon has decided to support AppGallery. Until August 9, when paying for applications in this store from the MegaFon account, 50% of the spent funds will be returned in the form of bonuses, which can be spent on the purchase of new applications in AppGallery. The list of applications is small, but the games Asphalt 9 and World of Tanks Blitz alone would be enough to attract attention. True, if you are not interested in games, then there are not so many other options for spending money with a refund. This is largely due to the not too extensive list of paid applications in the Huawei store.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124


If you look at the shares of “Citylink”, then again there will be a situation like that of other large chains. A very uninteresting “big” sale “Shocking Benefit”. Yes, the discounts on the site look nice, but they turned out that the goods once entered the store with such a high price that now it is simply uncompetitive. Therefore, a 20-30% discount is obtained. In practice, a cursory examination of the top positions showed that in federal retail the same goods are either absent (that is, the true cost cannot be understood), or the profit shrinks to several hundred rubles instead of a few thousand beautiful ones. Here’s a comparative arithmetic.

It is worth looking for offers outside of it. For starters, a pre-crisis price action from Pioneer attracts with its headline. I don’t know how it is with the pre-crisis, but a wide range of different headphones with a 20% discount from the price is a good option. Moreover, there is a discount and more. They also dropped the price of Beats headphones a little, but here there is less benefit and an assortment of two models. There is also a promotion with Oral-B toothbrushes. There is no need to buy them in pairs, the assortment is wider, so the action looks more interesting in all respects than in Eldorado. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

For those interested in new computer equipment, I would like to inform you that ASUS laptops with Windows 10 preinstalled until August 22 at Citylink have a discount of two to five thousand rubles. Those who were attentive saw that there are two links in the previous sentence. Because the store for some reason promotes these discounts with two promotions, although, apart from the size of the discount, they are no different at all. It is also worth mentioning a 15% discount on the promotional code for MSI monitors and the sale of Huawei flagships with the Pro prefix. Everything is clear with monitors, but I will clarify about the Huawei P30 Pro and P40 Pro. The store gives a discount of 5 thousand rubles for any of these models. And this is more profitable than an offer from an official store, which is ready to throw off the price of the device up to 10 thousand rubles, but not in the form of a real discount, but by offering you a gift. In the form of headphones, wireless charging or cases. This, of course, is attractive, but not everyone needs it.

I haven’t mentioned it for a long time, but the promotions and the game sales have not gone anywhere. Here, until August 9, EA is offering a big discount on their games. Up to 67%. You can view the catalog in Citylink here, but in other networks the situation will be similar. 


This time, MTS stores have several lucrative offers of varying degrees of utility at once. For example, you can pre-order and get a special pricing for the Motorola Edge +, which has the advantage of supporting 5G networks. Yeah, just a few days ago, MTS just received a license for such networks, and in early September you will receive a smartphone with their support. And a discount. True, the networks themselves, according to the most optimistic estimates, will be ready … in a year. You can run the following promotion to discount smartphones with the fastest mobile internet. Okay, let’s be honest, Motorola Edge + is a good device without 5G. True, for 80 thousand rubles. No, they are serious! Lenovo, ok, no one in Russia associates the legendary phones of the brand from the past with what you offer under the same name now.

Okay, now for the useful. There are no discounts for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablets in MTS, but Galaxy Buds wireless headphones will be put as a gift. And they will do so until the toad crushes until August 16. So if you are looking for a discount, then run to Eldorado right now, and you can take your time with MTS headphones. There is also a tricky option with discounts on external batteries. If you look straight ahead, it sounds beautiful: one for the full price – the second for 50%. And even with the fact that, as always, the discount will be for the one that is cheaper, and two identical products cannot be chosen, it is still attractive. But after carefully reading the conditions, we find out: the one that is more expensive should be more than 1 rubles, but the one that is cheaper – less. Considering the assortment in the price category up to one thousand rubles, we have to admit that this is not a very interesting offer.

Or here is also covert support for AppGallery. And not veiled – Yandex services. Buy a Huawei Y8p smartphone and get a bonus: a discount of 3 thousand rubles on the smartphone itself and another 4 thousand rubles, equally divided into two coupons for Yandex.Food and Yandex.Taxi. In total, the promised benefit from the purchase of the device is 7 thousand rubles. If you do not need either Yandex.Food or Yandex.Taxi, then, alas, no monetization is provided for these coupons. They can’t even be put on the back burner – the promo code must be activated by August 31st.

There is also an alternative to the Beeline campaign with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone. The MTS offer gives you a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet as a gift and 1 rubles of “cashback” (I remind you that these are just bonuses that can be spent exclusively on payments within the MTS system). But there are no discounts for the smartphone itself, as well as the requirements for connecting a certain tariff. As an alternative model, you can choose Redmi Note 000 Pro. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124


As time goes on, some actions from the past are beginning to be forgotten. Although they have not lost their relevance or profitability. An offer from DNS on the choice between receiving bonuses on a loyalty card and an instant discount on a device was launched at the end of last year. “Bonuses or discounts” continues to work, although it is no longer so easy to find references to this offer on the site. But in the meantime, in most cases, if the product is advertised under the “Installment plan or bonuses” program, the option to exchange bonuses for a discount will also work. Agree, this significantly changes the perception of the stock, which was rightly pointed out in the comments to the previous issue.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

Now about what actual shares are out of the recently announced ones. Oral-B toothbrushes are still visible. There are 13 products in the assortment (so many turned out because the store considers different colors for different positions), for which prices have been reduced. The store does not indicate the size of the discount, but comparison with competitors shows that everything is in the same direction. There is also a special offer for keyboards and mice from HP. And again, a large assortment, and not only due to different colors, but due to the fact that the action included not only game options. And if you look in the direction of game offers, then in addition to the discount on games, the new one will only have a discount on A-Data game memory modules. But there are suggestions for those who are not sitting at home. Until August 16, DNS discounts on Mio car DVRs, and until August 9 – on GoPro action cameras and their sets. Like M.Video, there is a price cut for the Honor 30 in DNS, but not only the base unit, but also the Honor 30 Premium version.


In “Svyaznoy” there are several actions at once, which have already been mentioned above, so without details:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 124

But the “Messenger” has its own. These are just two, in fact, proposals. The first is another sale of accessories. Firstly, they have a system of discounts, which allows you to save up to 3 thousand rubles. Secondly, if you pay for them through a website or mobile application with a bank card, then there will be a 10% discount. However, I’m not sure if these discounts can be summed up. If someone tried and succeeded – write in the comments. Well, it is impossible without a campaign with a sooo loud headline. How do you get an offer to get a new Samsung Galaxy at half price? Don’t believe me? You are doing the right thing. It is in Svyaznoy that they invoke trade-in for a share. The story is not new. To get a discount of 50% of the cost, you need to hand over some very good device, otherwise you should only count on an additional discount for the fact that you actually rent something at all. And it is not so great – up to 30 thousand rubles. And do you know which device? On the Galaxy Z Flip, which costs 100k. Perhaps you can imagine a person handing over a brand new iPhone for a promotion in exchange for a clamshell from Samsung, but it still takes a fair amount of imagination. Can you do that?

If you have something to add – write in the comments!

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