Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

August is already in full swing, which means that the school year will begin very soon. No matter how it looks due to coronavirus restrictions, you will have to buy something new for it, one way or another. This means that stores are simply obliged to launch some kind of promotions, timed to coincide with it. Alas, the diversity of past years is not observed in 2020. I can’t say that the offers look dull, but the choice is not that great.

“M Video”

The M.Video retail chain was one of the first to launch a school sale, which I wrote about in the last issue of the Stock Guide. Over the past two weeks, the situation in the stores of this brand has not changed. Suffice it to say that the most attractive offers that have some relevance on the eve of the upcoming school year are “Cashback for computers and monitors” and “Discounts for HUAWEI MateBook laptops”. As you may have guessed, there is no “cashback” in reality – this is the accrual of “increased” bonuses to the loyalty card with standard restrictions like 14 days for activation and 180 days of the life of these bonuses. By the way, “increased” here, too, in quotes is not accidental. The promotion for computers and monitors only duplicates the promotion of increased bonuses that has been in effect since the middle of last month. Only there they add 3% of the standard + 7% increased, and here the standard is not charged, but only the increased to 10%. The promotion for Huawei laptops was launched by Huawei itself, so it is not a reason to run to M.Video, although the prices for laptops are really more than attractive.


Speaking about Beeline, first of all, one cannot but recall that the pre-order of a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones has started on the Russian market. And it did not just start like that. Those who place an order for a Galaxy Note 20 smartphone in advance will be offered Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones as a gift. And when choosing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones. In the first case, the price of your gift is 11 thousand rubles, and in the second – 14 thousand. Pre-order is issued until 23:59 on August 20. Minus – the headphones will be black in any case. If someone is late with the pre-order, then he will have to be content with only the possibility of connecting the eSIM “Beeline”. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

“El Dorado”

Eldorado also has a tasty promotion for Huawei laptops, which will last until September 7, but what is more interesting is that this network is also moving to a format where a loyalty card is not only needed to accumulate bonuses, but also gives a discount on certain goods. Now below the cost for everyone, the price that the product will have on the bonus card is highlighted in yellow. If you have previously made a purchase at Eldorado, then most likely you already have it. If not, you can arrange it in advance directly on the website. Conveniently. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

Another mark that you should pay attention to when choosing goods is the nameplate of the “Buy for yourself Samsung” promotion. When buying a product with a nameplate (alas, online payment will not work here), you will receive a coupon 5 times the value of your order (but not more than 100 thousand rubles). It can be used to pay up to 30% of the cost of a Samsung TV. Well, again, the offer to buy accessories in packs. There is only one condition – the product for the promotion must belong to accessories of different categories. The second will be given a 20% discount, the third – 30%, and the fourth and all subsequent ones – 50%. They should be arranged in descending order of price.


MegaFon proposes not to wait for the release of the phablet from Samsung, but now to acquire its namesake with a lower serial number from Xiaomi. Moreover, with a discount when handing over devices to trade-in. In general, the proposal is this: choose Xiaomi redmi Note 9 64 GB, collect all electronic junk around the house in the form of phones, smartphones, tablets or smart watches and carry it to the MegaFon salon. There they are accepted from you according to the price list and give at least a 25% discount on a new Xiaomi smartphone. The more devices, the greater the discount. But the minimum 25% is also good. However, there is a catch. They will also want you to connect to one of the tariff plans of the “Turn on!” or “No overpayments”, as well as connecting the option “500 promotional rubles”. What do you think? The new tariffs will not apply themselves!

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


A school sale has started in Citylink and will last until August 27. All products are divided into those that are “already at a discount” (that is, they will no longer give you discounts from the price on the site), and those that will need to specify a promotional code to receive a discount at checkout. For those who constantly deal with Citylink, there is nothing new, you just need to be careful. The promised super prices with discounts of up to 50% are pure marketing, the discount level is normal. This is followed by the action “Discount for everyone”, to which I just want to add that no one will leave offended. If you spend at least 1 rubles in Citylink. Goodness is inflicted in the following proportions: from 500 to 1 rubles – 500 rubles discounts, from 4 to 999 rubles – 200 rubles discounts, from 5 to 000 rubles – 14 rubles discounts, from 999 to 500 rubles – 15 thousand, and 000 thousand rubles for those who spend more than 49 thousand rubles. To receive, you need to enter a promotional code when placing an order. Valid on all products until August 999.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

There are a couple of other promotions that should be mentioned. Until August 23, Citylink gives a 500-ruble discount on Huawei routers. There are only two models in the action, but think about it. Subject to US sanctions, these devices may soon disappear from the market altogether! So now almost a rarity with the Kirin chipset is offered. The second option is not such a rarity. Smartphones Nokia 1.3 and Nokia 5.3 until August 31 will be in this store with a discount of 1 rubles. Considering that they are already exhibited at the lowest price in federal retail, the offer is interesting. However, the characteristics of smartphones are not that inspiring. 


In addition to all possible promotions associated with the release of a new generation of smartphones, tablets and watches from Samsung, all other models of this brand can be purchased at a discount in MTS stores until August 30. However, there is a small catch. A discount on a smartphone will be given only on the condition that along with it you purchase an additional product corresponding to the selected model. It can be an accessory, a SIM card with a tariff, or a salon or operator service. Maximum discount – 25% of the cost of a smartphone. Speaking of accessories. Again, MTS offers to buy them in bulk. They give a 30% discount, but provided that you have chosen them from the promotional list and positions in the order at least three, but not more than five. There are no more conditions.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

And further. When buying a Huawei P40 Pro smartphone, a Huawei MatePad T 8 ″ tablet as a gift. A smartphone now costs 65 thousand rubles in MTS, but you can also add some cheap accessory to it (its minimum cost should be 200 rubles) and get an additional discount of 5 thousand rubles. The site promises another five thousand rubles of discount when you enter the promotional code in a special field, but I could not find it. If someone tried – write in the comments if all these discounts are summed up. In any case, the P40 is definitely a rarity, because there will definitely be no more flagships from Huawei on the Kirin chipset.


The DNS network contains all the promotions mentioned above from Samsung and Huawei. I see no reason to repeat myself, their conditions are identical. But there are also their own. However, first about the sad. Apparently, the marketing department of the store noticed that the promotion with the exchange of bonuses for a real discount right at the checkout was delayed, and they decided to cut it down. In any case, all new interesting offers in the “Installment plan or bonuses” section no longer participate in the “Bonuses or discount” promotion. Now about the promotions that I came across exclusively in this network.

Until September 7, the store gives a discount on Huawei tablets of the M5 Lite and T5 series. The promotional offer does not have any special conditions. There is also another promise of cashback. But, again, not in the form of real money. This promotion is from MSI and implies that those who bought computers, monitors or gaming chairs of this brand, as well as registered in a special section of the site starting from August 18, can receive a refund to their wallet in the Steam store. See the link above for details. The store also extended the promotion for discounting realme 6 series smartphones. Now until September 14, but for some reason it seems to me that this song will last until the model leaves the market.

We will separately mention the proposals from the camera manufacturers:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


“Messenger” this time does not fall under the strict requirements of the “Stock Guide”. One could, of course, once again talk about Samsung’s proposals with new tablets, watches and smartphones, but here’s just a link for you – it’s all, in general, clear what is what and how. And the proposals for the beginning of the school year do not look very good. “Get your child to school for 500 rubles” is just the announcement of a new loan offer. 500 rubles is 500 rubles of payments per month for the first 6 months with a loan term of two years. I hardly believe that at least someone will use this offer to get the child to school. And the cashback, which is so not cashback that it was honestly called “School bonusback”. Until September 12, for any purchase from 3 thousand rubles, there will be an additional accrual of 3000 bonuses, which can be used to pay up to 20% of the purchase price. The card, as in “Eldorado”, can be issued to you immediately upon ordering, a virtual one – by phone number.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

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