Guide to promotions and discounts No. 126

The main event of the coming weekend is the launch of new products from Samsung. But enough has already been said about them on our website, and there is not the slightest reason to write about promotions: all official retailers have them and they are absolutely the same for all large stores. So if you were planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note20 or some other new product, then you can just go and buy – you can hardly miscalculate. And in the issue of the “Guide to Promotions and Discounts” there will be information about what else you can profit from on the last weekend before the start of the new school year.


M.Video still continues the School Sale and includes some other promotions, such as their not new Manage to Buy program. Actually, all the interesting proposals were concentrated in it. Until September 7, there is a promotion for Huawei smartphones, within which you can get a discount of up to 5 thousand rubles for a number of models. Basically, we are not talking about the most novelties, or even about last year’s devices. But in “M.Video” it became very easy to understand whether or not a smartphone has Google services – those deprived of GMS are marked with the “APP Gallery” badge. Also “Hurry up to buy”, but only until August 30 it is valid for Xiaomi smartphones, among which there are more current models. The store, of course, draws a discount on some of them as much as 20 thousand rubles, but it is not difficult to guess that it is extremely difficult to buy for 69 Mi 990, even with a strong desire to overpay. The last thing that needs to be said in M.Video is also a discount on smartphones, but from the Oppo brand and within the framework of the Brand Week program. They will last until September 10th. The difference from the previous promotions is that in addition to the discount on the smartphone, a bonusback is also offered in the amount of 7-10% of the cost of the goods. So if you are interested in M.Video bonus programs, this is the promotion for you. Otherwise, everything is typical.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


In the salons of “Beeline” continue to promote “smartphones at half price.” This time the flagship of the action is the Samsung Galaxy A31. A 50% discount of the cost of the device can be obtained when purchasing the device as part of a set, which, in addition to the smartphone itself, must include: communication services with the option “4 500 rubles for communication on the action” for 6 months, accessories for the amount of 2 945 rubles, subscription to “Amediateku” for 6 months in the service “Beeline TV” and either a new SIM card of the operator, or the transition to a promotional tariff. Also, as part of the promotion, you can get a 50% discount on the Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A41, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A20s and Galaxy A10 models. 40% discount will be on the purchase of the Galaxy A71, and 30% will be received by the Galaxy Note 10 Lite customers.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


This time the Eldorado retail chain cannot please with some really remarkable promotions, which would not have been in M.Video. In fact, of the new proposals, exactly three can be noted:

  • By “Utilization” until September 14, they give an additional discount on Xiaomi smartphones. The size of the discount for the very fact of handing over an old device for exchange can reach 25% of the cost of a new one (although I could not find such a discount, basically it is 1000-1500 rubles, which corresponds to ~ 10% of the cost);
  • Slightly “Eldorado” and reduces the cost of smartphones Honor 9C, 9A and 9S. But this is within the framework of the general revaluation of the cost of these devices, the same discounts are given by the official Huawei store;
  • all other Huawei models in the retail chain also offer discounts, the maximum amount of which is stated at 5000 rubles. This promotion will last until September 7.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


MegaFon has two shares, which it would be more correct to consider as constituent parts of one with the general name “The child is always in touch.” Their conditions are almost identical, but the difference is that in one case it is proposed to get a smart watch, and in the other – a smartphone. The bottom line is that when buying a children’s smart watch with support for 4G networks or a ZTE Blade A3 smartphone, you get bonuses for communication and an annual subscription to the proprietary application “Where are my children”. In the case of a watch, you also need to connect to the Smart Watch tariff (you will be given 3 months of communication free of charge), and in the case of a smartphone, any of the tariffs of the No Overpayments line will do (1000 rubles will be credited to the account).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


The DNS trading network also has several stocks for smartphones. Until September 28, they offer a discount on a novelty of the budget smartphones market – Realme C11. For the duration of the promotion, the price has been reduced by 1000 rubles. True, you need to take into account that this offer is not from the store itself, but from the brand, so, for example, in Svyaznoy the price will be exactly the same (and will also be considered a promotional offer). There is a separate offer for Xiaomi smartphones. Yes, there are shares on them in almost all networks, but DNS has its own conditions. To get a discount on devices of this brand, you need to purchase them together with accessories. Although there are kits on the site, in reality there is a choice of which accessory you need. And traditionally their prices are more than low. This offer will be valid until September 27th.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

Other network shares are related to computers:

Only the action on JBL acoustics is standing apart. Until September 7, the retail chain offers to get a discount of up to 30% (depending on the selected device and model) on headphones, soundbars, car subwoofers and portable speakers of the brand.


In the salons of the MTS operator and the company’s online store, as in other networks, the prices for the Honor 9 smartphones have been revised. But for a reason. The discount is valid for them, provided that you purchase the device together with the transition to the tariff plan “Tariffische”. This is a minus in comparison with the fact that the same reduction can be found without being tied to the operator’s SIM card. The plus is that the promotion affects a number of other smartphones of the brand, giving a discount of up to four times the cost of the device. But within the framework of the “Don’t Forget Communication” campaign, the SIM card will be a gift. When you buy a tablet from the promotional list, you will receive a “For laptop” tariff plan as a gift. It should be noted that this offer is combined with other promotions.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

Another promotion, where you do not need to buy anything extra, but on the contrary, the store gives a second product – this is an offer for a smart watch Huawei Watch GT 2. Until September 15, when buying this watch, as well as the Huawei Watch GT 2e model, in MTS stores as the gift will be the Huawei sport am61 headphones. Headphones can be selected in red or black. There are no additional conditions for the promotion. It works both online and offline, but I would recommend the first option, because in an offline store there is a high probability of the lack of goods, which should be a bonus.


In “Citylink” this time there were concentrated promotional offers related to computer technology. You can choose how to buy peripherals or network devices or assemble a computer:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125


In Svyaznoy, since the last issue of the Guide to Shares, only one promotional offer has been added, which, however, falls under the category of big sales. Until September 14, there will be a special offer “for the new digital year”. I mean, of course, the new school year. Well, the digital school year is good, but the action itself is nothing really new. Under it, the store has collected all the promotional offers, hanging on top of the standard promise of a 50% discount. It, of course, is present only on the most budgetary options, and in most cases the discount is up to 10% of the cost and prices are, in general, simply equalized by the average for the market. It is made even less attractive by the condition prohibiting the combination of this sale not only with other promotions, but also with offers on preferential loans (“installments”).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 125

Do you know any other interesting promotional offers? Write in the comments!

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