Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

The school year has begun, so sales have naturally come to naught by the beginning, so in the coming weeks you should not expect any large-scale promotions or big discounts. Now there is a completely normal process of changing one season to another. Although it cannot be said that this year everything is going according to the well-established scenario. The coronavirus (no matter how tired of hearing about it) has left its mark on the entire electronics industry. And this week has shown how much the world has changed. Apple’s traditional announcement at the beginning of September passed without introducing new iPhones. The reason for this, of course, is not only the consequences of the strange diet of some people in China, but also the epic scale of the struggle between the United States and China represented by Huawei. However, this material is completely different, so let’s see what is on the discount market, where iPhones did not fall in price, but were updated according to Samsung’s schedule. Let’s start with the operators. Moreover, they don’t have many new proposals. 


Beeline will end a long-running campaign this Sunday, which allows purchasing Samsung smartphones at half price. I already wrote about it in the previous issue of the “Guide”, but since time has passed, it’s not bad to repeat it. To receive a discount of 50% of the cost of the device, you need to purchase the device as a part of a set, which, in addition to the smartphone itself, must include: communication services with the option “4 rubles for communication on the action” for 500 months, accessories for the amount of 6 rubles , subscription to Amediateka for 2 months in the Beeline TV service and either a new SIM card of the operator, or transition to a promotional tariff. As part of the promotion, you can get a 945% discount on Galaxy A6, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A21, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A41s and Galaxy A51 models. 20% discount will be on the purchase of the Galaxy A10, and 40% will be received by the Galaxy Note 71 Lite customers.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127


The next iteration of trade-in offers has started in MTS salons. The experience that came from the world of cars turned out to be very relevant for the smartphone market, especially since against the background of falling incomes of many citizens, smartphones have firmly established themselves in price categories, where another car enthusiast can already expect to buy a car, perhaps even capable of moving not only from home to car service and back As a matter of fact, MTS decided to make a trade-in this time according to the classical scheme. You just bring your old smartphone or tablet to the salon (there are restrictions, MTS excluded models more than five years old) and get a discount on a new device in the amount of the residual value of your device. If you bring several smartphones or tablets, then their cost will add up. In most cases, there are no additional discounts yet, but it is obvious that over time, other brands will be pulled up to the offer for the iPhone 11. In the meantime, you can only count on an additional 6 thousand (this is the maximum, the size of the discount depends on the chosen model) only when buying new Apple smartphones and tablets.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

In addition to trade-in, MTS can offer a discount to those who pre-order the Huawei MatePad T 10s tablet. This can be done until September 24, you do not need to pay for the tablet itself in advance. In this case, you can choose the option – an interest-free loan for two years. In this case, you save only loan payments, but pay the full cost of the tablet. If the loan offer is not interesting, then the discount will be from 2 to 500 rubles, depending on whether it is a version with 3 or 000 GB of internal memory. 


The same as in MTS stores, a discount on the Huawei MatePad T10S tablet can be obtained in Eldorado stores. There is no credit option here, and in order to get a discount, you will need to have a loyalty card here. The size of the discount and the terms of the promotion are the same. Another of the Huawei products, Eldorado stores can offer a discount on MateBook D laptops. According to the loyalty card, these devices will cost 6 thousand rubles cheaper, regardless of the model. The offer is valid until September 24th.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

In general, in the “Eldorado” in the near future there are several comprehensive sales of electronics. First, it is the endless “EldoSALE”. The promotion has another update of the catalog and terms. The only question is that most of the positions are not special offers, but the most ordinary price on the market. Secondly, these are the new “Week of digital technology”. This is an offer for lovers of deferred demand. When purchasing a promotional product, you receive a coupon for a certain amount, which can be sold until October 5, receiving a discount of no more than 25% of the cost of the second purchase. The purchase limit is 500 rubles, otherwise the discount cannot be provided. Thirdly, it is a sale of television and audio equipment. Valid until September 28, no special conditions. Fourth, this is another push in the sales of accessories. Since it will not be possible for customers at Eldorado to turn off the gas, they decided to entice the purchase of an accessory in a different, no less traditional way. You buy a smartphone or tablet with accessories or services for an amount of 1 rubles or more (you can use the sum of what you have typed), you get a discount of up to 000 thousand rubles for it. Interestingly, the biggest discount is not for the most expensive models in the catalog. Although not to say that it is cheap.


Tired of inventing cyber Mondays and the meaningful color of Fridays, which will still last at least a week, Citylink decided not to name the 7-day discounts. The promotion is simply called “7 days of super price”. In general, one can argue about how “super” these prices are, but there are worthy offers for the stock, it is definitely worth looking into the catalog, even without counting on the declared maximum discount of 40%. What else does it make sense to pay attention to in Citylink? If you are interested in computer technology, then until October 4, there are 15% discounts on ZTE routers and modems. And also until September 30, 10% discount will be for buyers of a set of 10th generation Intel Core processor and motherboard from the Gigabyte brand. Also, until September 30, using the MATE promo code, you can get a 10% discount on, of course, Huawei’s MateBook. For MateBook D14 buyers, this offer will be less profitable than the Eldorado promotion due to the difference in the base price of the laptop. And if we are talking not just about computer equipment, but about the one that is needed for games, then the You Win promotion will do. It still offers gaming products with up to 30% discount until September 30. I don’t know whether to consider projectors as computer equipment (after all, in most cases they reproduce the image from a computer), but those that bear the Acer logo have a 10% discount in Citylink with a promotional code. It is valid until October 14.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

As for smartphones, there are two promotions. One is again from ZTE. But in partnership with the Spartak football club. What is reflected in the promo code. The size of the discount is 10%, which is quite a bit, and taking into account the not too expensive ZTE smartphones in the list of goods, it is not necessary to count on a large discount in the absolute. This modest saving is likely a reflection of Spartak’s modest performance in recent seasons. Samsung does not sponsor any RPL club, so it has a promotion in Citylink without a promo code. Although I’m not sure that the Korean brand is behind the Samsung Kits offer. The fact is that the lucrative kit includes a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone and a Realme Watch. I have no idea how the marketers of this network came up with this idea, but the fact is that together these two gadgets will cost 10 thousand rubles less.


In M.Video, preparations for September 1 were replaced by an extension. Now there is a “discount prolongation”. And in the store they honestly say that this is a drain cleaning. However, if you thought that cleaning the drain meant that the store was literally selling out, then I hasten to upset you. The level of discounts in this promotion remained exactly at the same level as is usually the case for the big sale in Russia. Alas, the level of overseas sales is not given to our retailers. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

What can be noted in M.Video is discounts on several brands of smartphones at once. Until September 28, a special offer is available for Xiaomi devices as part of the “Ask for a discount” promotion. “Xiaomi weeks” provide an opportunity to get a discount of up to 20 thousand rubles for some devices. But that’s in theory. In practice, only devices with more modest discounts of 1 – 3 thousand rubles remained in stock. For some reason, the Redmi Note 8 Pro stands apart, which was awarded a separate promotional offer: until September 30, a discount of 4 thousand rubles is valid for it. Galaxy Note20 is being promoted from Samsung devices | 20 Ultra. But there is already an additional condition. A smartphone discount is provided only to those customers who have collected accessories or paid for the store’s services in the amount of 2 rubles or more. In this case, the discount for the device will be 990 thousand. As for the rest of smartphones, you can look for special offers on them on this promo page. The condition is the same as for the Samsung flagship, but the amount depends on the chosen model. Valid until September 10.


In the DNS network, you can also find a number of discounts on smartphones, although there is no such bias in their direction, as in M.Video, in terms of promotions. Until October 12, the store has “special prices” for realme C15 and 6s smartphones. With respect to the manufacturer’s declared recommended cost, the store is ready to knock off 2 thousand rubles without additional conditions. There is also a special offer for Samsung smartphones, which get cheaper if you add accessories to them. The plus is that the DNS policy is the most loyal to the buyer – prices for discount accessories start at 240 rubles. Well, and quite a rare guest in our heading – Tecno smartphones. There are discounts on them too. Until September 28, you can buy them in DNS for 500 rubles cheaper than usual.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 127

There are also enough stocks in the DNS that are not smartphones. Until September 30, there are discounts up to 22% on Sony portable speakers, and until October 11, buyers of Sony TVs are given a 100% discount on the HT-SF150 or HT-S350 soundbar of the same brand, depending on the selected TV model (there are only two options). Also, a set with a gift will be for buyers of Nikon cameras. Depending on which camera you buy, the gift could be a smartphone, graphic tablet, smart watch, or wireless headphones. Although, of course, only smart watches from Samsung look more or less interesting in relation to the cost of the camera itself within the promotional offer. 

Well, the most important thing for buyers in this retail chain is the “Profitable online shopping with Visa!” Promotion. As you might guess, we are talking about the fact that if you pay for the purchase in DNS online with a Visa card, there will be a discount. Unfortunately, the promotion is quite limited in time (valid until November 15), and also does not imply any purchase in the store at all, but only goods from the promotional list. At the same time, the discount can be very different and strongly depends not only on the cost of the product, but also on the brand.

Do you know about some great deals from other stores and retail chains? Write about them in the comments!

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