Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

Apple is finally able to show what it has been working on over the past year. It happened a month later than usual, and the devices will be on sale some time later. But does it really matter when once a year even the sun itself begins to shine from the west, because Cupertino is located on that side of Moscow? It is beyond my power and competence to assess the full depth and breadth of the iPhone 12 innovations, and the issues of the Guide are not about that, so let’s talk about what discounts can be found on the new iPhone building. And we will have to admit that for those who want to be among the first, the very fact that you do not need to give the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for a place in the queue is already a good discount. And you can get it easily and naturally. Details are in the first section of the issue.


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

So, first you need to decide if you need a regular iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. Leaving aside the past times when the grateful iPhone buyer was given a choice of only the color and the amount of internal memory, now is a different era, and Apple is about to catch up with Xiaomi in terms of the variety of the lineup. For now, let’s simplify to two options. The very, very device is still very far from the market, but the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 can already be ordered. Yes, you don’t have to stand in the rain and snow. We go to the Beeline website and make a preliminary order. True, they will be accepted only from October 21 on the iPhone 12 Pro and from November 6 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, even so, you still don’t have to put in any effort and spend your money to become one of the first recipients of all-new iPhones.

“M Video”

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

M.Video, which is also an official reseller of Apple in Russia, also started pre-orders for the 12th series of iPhones in due time, but even without this there are some saving options. Until October 19, everyone who makes orders in the online store of this trading network can receive a discount on goods in the amount of two, five or even seven thousand rubles, simply by entering the appropriate promo code. As you might guess, several dogs are buried here at once. Firstly, not for all goods, but only from the categories “TV sets” and “Household appliances”. Secondly, even in these sections, not all products qualify for the discount. The fact is that a minimum discount of 2 thousand rubles will be available only if your product costs more than 13 thousand rubles. For five thousand discounts, this is already at least 40 thousand, and for seven – at least 50 thousand. But it’s not that bad. This minimum is determined not by the price of one product, but by the amount of goods in the check, among which there is a promotional one. So the action is more profitable than it seems, albeit more confusing.

Of the less confusing, there is a series of proposals from Huawei. If you pre-order the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro wireless earbuds or the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro smart watch, then you will get a discount on the item of 2 and 000 rubles, respectively. And if you pre-order a HUAWEI MateBook X laptop, then you will not be given a discount, but will be presented with a smart watch HUAWEI Watch GT 2. The same situation is with the Oppo Reno 500 Pro 2G smartphone, which is already on sale. But the gift to him is not defined. You can choose from a couple of options that cost up to 4 rubles – these can be branded Oppo TWS headphones, or maybe a model from JBL.


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

Will MTS offer discounts for new iPhones? I bet that they will be, as soon as, according to the contract with Apple, it becomes possible to make this discount, either explicitly or implicitly. But this will still have to wait. You will have to wait for the start of sales in the case of the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, the Honor Watch GS Pro, and the Honor Watch ES. But you can wait for them on comfortable terms – by making a pre-order and receiving 2-2.5 thousand rubles of a discount. If you do not wait for the start of sales, but choose from existing promotions, then you should pay attention to the sale of Huawei Freebuds 3 and Freebuds 3i wireless headphones. You can get a fitness bracelet of the same brand as a gift to them. The promotion period is until October 27.

The most remarkable offer from MTS can be considered the next operator subsidies for smartphones in exchange for a subscription to communication services. You can save up to a quarter of the cost by buying devices Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. Each of them needs to buy one of the tariffs suitable for the promotion as a set. It is noteworthy that there are no conditions typical for domestic operators – with a tariff, you do not need to buy a communication package, which will be at a price equivalent to the discount you get when you buy a smartphone. Even if you don’t need any tariff from MTS, then exchanging 300-350 rubles for a discount of 3-5 thousand looks like a very good idea.

“El Dorado”

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

This time the Eldorado retail chain cannot boast of unique or attractive promotions. Once again, we can remind you that the “cashback” in this network means increased bonuses for the goods, and repeat that again, the “Utlization” and “Eldo Sale” have been extended. But this is not serious. Therefore, it is better to highlight what is not unique, but at least beneficial:

  • a promotion for Huawei’s new items on sale: Huawei Watch GT2 smart watches for those who ordered the Huawei MateBook X ultrabook, 2 rubles discount for buyers of Huawei FreeBuds Pro headphones and 000 rubles discounts for those who order Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro smart watches;
  • from Samsung two specials. Buyers of smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch can get 2 rubles discount on the selected model with the promo code HOURS500, and buyers of Galaxy Fit 2500 bracelets can take advantage of the “special” price of three and a half thousand rubles. However, the latter is not a surprise, the company announced such a cost at the start of sales when announcing a bracelet in Russia;
  • and Oppo, in honor of the launch of its Reno 4 model, is offering JBL Reflect Flow wireless headphones as a gift when purchasing an Oppo Reno 4 Lite smartphone.


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

Like MTS, MegaFon managed to come up with an unusual format for discounts on smartphones. But if the “red” modernization underwent operator subsidies, then the “green-violet” pushed off from the trade-in system. In addition to a discount of 1, 000 or 1 rubles when purchasing Huawei models, MegaFon promises a bonus of up to 500 rubles to a subscriber account. But there is one catch. To receive this bonus on your account, you need to switch to one of the tariffs of the line “Get involved!: Write, Speak, Have fun, Communicate, Choose, Watch, Premium”, line “No overpayments: Minimum, Calls, Internet, Everything, Maximum”, and also “VIP” and “Premium”, or connect the tariff line “No overpayments”, “VIP” or “Premium” to a new number. Simply for the reason that this bonus is issued as an option for one of the corresponding tariffs. The action involves smartphones Huawei Y3p (000 rubles discount + 1 rubles to the account), Huawei P000 Lite E (8 rubles discount and 3 rubles to the account) and Huawei Y000S (1 rubles discount and 000 rubles to the account).


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

In “Citylink” this weekend the next big sale comes to the end, which is notable only for the name “Discounts without borders”. What, do you disagree that this name is remarkable? It’s a shame, because this is the most remarkable part of the action. Most of the goods that look like a good offer, I simply could not compare with prices in other stores – these are exclusives of Citylink, so it is rather difficult to say how really good this offer is. If you have any thoughts on this, then write in the comments.

Of the non-global proposals, I note:

  • 20% discount on Canyon smartwatches valid until October 28. Devices that are completely lost in the shadow of famous brands, but for their money (taking into account the discount, of course) is a very good offer. Although there is only a form factor from the watch;
  • until November 2, the system of discounts for Samsung TVs is in effect. The range of models – from the most budgetary to mid-range tops. The discount, respectively, ranges from 1 to 000 rubles, or about 9-000% of the original cost;
  • Huawei has offers not only for unreleased products, but also for laptops that are already on sale. Until October 31, they are ready to subtract 10% of the cost from the price of MateBook X Pro, and 14 rubles have been deleted from the price of MateBook D 13 and MateBook 5;
  • Until October 31, there are discounts on Honor smartphones with the HONORSALE promo code. Depending on the chosen model, the discount can range from one thousand to five and a half thousand rubles. But do not flatter yourself, in relative terms, this is still about 10% of the cost. These are the realities of today – Honor 30 Pro +, although budgetary, but the flagship costs 55 thousand rubles;
  • from computer hardware, Crusial SSDs, ASUS routers and ASUS motherboards were discounted. There is no direct discount for the latter, but a router of the same brand is offered as a gift upon purchase.


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

In Svyaznoy, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the trading network, they came up with their own entertainment. They did not modernize some usual for offline trading stocks, but were inspired exclusively by the digital world. Until the end of the month, you can get a kind of loot boxes in the Svyaznoy online store. They were named “S-box”. To receive, you need to log in to the site by phone number and choose one of three options every day. An undoubted advantage in comparison with the world of games is not only some material benefit, but also the fact that you can open all three dropped boxes and only then make a choice. However, one should not delude oneself. Large gifts are possible, but, for example, for the first time I got a standard 30% discount when buying headphones or accessories and as much as 300 rubles discount on purchases from 3 rubles. Another important point – it will not be possible to save what has fallen for the future, everything works until October 000.

Also in “Svyaznoy” you can find all the shares from Huawei, the terms of which are standard, so I will not repeat them again. Except for the fact that when buying smart watches Honor Watch ES and GS Pro as an option, you can choose not a discount on the device, but wireless headphones as a gift. Plus, “Svyaznoy” has a 10% discount on Huawei tablets and laptops. However, it should be noted that for some models the discount will not be until October 31, and also the fact that not all models participate in the promotion, but only from the list. Also, according to the list, you can get up to 5 thousand rubles of discount on MSI laptops. Plus, according to the tradition already established for this network, you can get a discount on smartphones if you buy them complete with accessories, services or communication packages.


Guide to promotions and discounts No. 129

In the DNS trading network, nothing particularly original has been invented. Should this be upsetting? Not if they were able to give good discounts within the framework of traditional promotions. Is it so? Yes and no. To begin with, here they extended the offer with reduced prices for realme smartphones, which were mentioned in previous releases. Should this be surprising? No, on the contrary, it would be strange if one of the Chinese brands suddenly began to raise prices for their budget-level devices. With this kind of competition, this would be the beginning of the end. Therefore, in addition to realme, you can also watch Vivo smartphones in DNS. Discounts on them are promised right up to January 10, 2021. It is also not surprising that there is a special offer in the DNS for OPPO Reno 4 Lite and Reno 4 Pro devices. As with other stores, they are presented with a TWS headset with the same choice between OPPO and JBL. There is a similar promotion with Nokia 8.3 smartphones. For pre-ordering this device, we are ready to give you a TWS-headset Nokia BH-605. The option of replacing the gift, however, is not provided. Also from the smartphone section, a couple of Samsung shares should be mentioned. This is the reduced cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ smartphones. Yes, the devices are not new, but their price starts from 50 thousand rubles. If you are interested in other Samsung devices (primarily from more budgetary ones), then there is an option to buy a device complete with some kind of accessory. You can choose the cheapest accessory, but the discount will be very substantial.

Other offers include another soundbar as a gift when purchasing a Sony TV. There are three TV models and two soundbar models to choose from (tied to the TV model). Considering the cost of such an accessory, this is a worthy offer. But as always, you can tell that in the store around the corner, the same TV is cheaper. Also, without disputing the fact that somewhere a heifer is worth half, and Samsung began to take money for the name, I will nevertheless inform you about the sale of TVs from this company. The offer includes only smart TV, but it also includes completely budget models.

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