Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

One of the last big sales before the global rise in prices, which is predicted for us in January. However, any attentive buyer has noticed that the prices are not at all what they were in the summer, but hardly anyone will promise you their return. We look at the offers of large stores and retail chains in search of ways to save at least a little. This time the format of the Guide will be slightly modified so that you get an idea of ​​as many promotions as possible that are currently underway. To give, so to speak, a snapshot of current offers from stores.

“M Video”

M.Video has rolled out a whole heap of various proposals for Black Friday, but for the most part it’s a simulation. Many could be included in the general section altogether, while others are simply broadcasts of promotions from brands that differ from the ubiquitous in only minor details of a specific purchase.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

  • “World Black Friday”… Until November 30. The declared size of the discount is up to 50%. The actual size of the discount is up to 20%. All product categories, compatible with other promotions, compatible with credit offers. Loyalty program with minor restrictions.
  • «Apple iPhone 12 mini | 12 Pro Max – Installment 0-0-18 + Trade-in “… Until December 31st. Expansion of the promotions “Installment 0-0-18” and “Hand over your old smartphone – get a discount on a new smartphone” with the addition of devices from Apple to the catalog. There are no additional differences from these promotions, there is no additional discount (except for the cost of the smartphone handed over to trade-in). Compatible with other promotions. For implementation, the purchase of additional goods is required. Additionally, it is possible to participate in the “Successful Month” program: the first loan payment will be postponed to 2021 (the first payment is paid on the date of two months expiration from the date of the loan). 
  • “Eco trade-in”… Until November 30. Renewal of a previously valid trade-in / scrapping promotion. Limited list of products. Not compatible with the loyalty program. Compatible with lending promotions. Discounts vary widely.
  • “Discounts on smartphones when buying with an accessory or service”… Until December 22. Updating an old promotion with similar content. To participate, you need to purchase an additional product for a certain amount, depending on the brand and the value of the product in purchase. Partially compatible with other promotions (coupons, scratch cards are not accepted, participation in two complete promotions, except for the one with SIM cards), is fully compatible with the loyalty program and credit offers (there may be restrictions on a number of products). Discount 2 – 000 rubles.
  • “Sale of equipment”… Expiration date not specified. The list of products is updated daily. There are no additional conditions, compatibility with the loyalty program and credit offers is complete, with other promotions – partial (5% discount for an online purchase is not available). The size of the discount is ~ 10%. 
  • “Installment plan 0% for 12 months on the” Halva “card”… Until November 30. Joint offer with Sovcombank. A specific credit card is required. A standard offer with a loan, the interest on which will be counted as a discount on the product.
  • “Hurry up to buy”… The end date is floating, depending on the brand. A limited list of products from certain brands. Fully compatible with other promotions and credit offers. Above is a link to MSI products, discounts are also available for Huawei tablets, Huawei P smart 2021 smartphone, GoPro Hero9 action cameras, smartphones, Samsung smart watches and headphones, Realme smartphones, Honor brand devices. 
  • “Be in the game”… There is no description on the site, it is not an independent promotional offer. The section contains a discount for gaming goods. The section is being updated. Basically, the broadcast of discount offers from partners.
  • “Benefit on HUAWEI Smart Watch”… A section with all discount offers for smart watches of the named brand. Not a stand-alone promotion.
  • “HONOR MagicBook Pro laptop. Pre-order is open “… An offshoot of the Eco trade-in promotion for those pre-ordering Honor MagicBook Pro laptops. Until December 3, a discount of 20 thousand rubles (corresponds to the discount from the manufacturer).
  • “50% discount on the package” Yandex.Plus Multi “with films when buying a TV on the platform” Yandex “”… Until December 14th. The condition is the purchase of a Novex brand TV. The online cinema discount is valid for 6 or 12 months, depending on the selected model. Compatibility with other promotions is extremely limited. In fact, you can only apply for a loan and receive bonuses on your loyalty card (you cannot pay with them upon purchase).


“Beeline” also has “Black Friday”, which is rather not even a promotion, but just a section where all the discount offers that are at the moment were collected. Formally, it will end on December 6, but since this is, in fact, not a promotion, a number of goods will continue to be sold at a discount. Therefore, let’s better tell you about a way to save 13 thousand rubles when buying an iPhone 12. Not bad for a new product from Apple – immediately get a discount of 13 thousand, isn’t it? Of course, no one would give such a discount just like that, Tim Cook would be hit by such news. But we’re talking about savings, and it doesn’t have to be in the form of a direct discount on a product. So the board of directors in Cupertino can sleep well, while you get a tangible unloading of the budget. Beeline’s offer combines two shares, both of which give you an impressive discount on communication services. Firstly, if you buy an iPhone 12 Pro (to hell with half measures, take everything from life!), Then 10 thousand rubles will be credited to your subscriber account by activating the option “10 rubles for communication through the action”. If you are still greedy or just think the Pro version is redundant, then 000 thousand rubles will be charged for the purchase of the basic iPhone 12. Second, use new technologies. Change SIM to eSIM. Until December 5, owners of new iPhone 6 | 12 mini | 12 Pro | 12 Pro Max when connecting the eSIM “Beeline” and loading the profile of this eSIM in the iPhone 12 series, the operator gives 12 bonus rubles for communication. All you need is to connect one of the tariffs participating in the promotion: “Close people 3 | 000+ ”,“ Close people 2 | 2+ “,” Close people 3 | 3+ “,” Close people 4 | 4+ “,” Close people 5 | 5+ “.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

“El Dorado”

The M.Video-Eldorado retail chain has not yet carried out a merger of brands, and also has not united marketing teams, so there is no 100% coincidence in promotions for stores with different signboards. But a single market policy dictates an almost identical set of promotional offers. There is no point in writing twice about the same thing, so below there are only those promotions that are highlighted by “Eldorado”, but they are not on the list of “M.Video”. There are also a number of brand suggestions that are included in the Black Friday section but are highlighted separately. There are no specific conditions for this.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

  • “Golden Friday”… Until November 30. In fact, apart from the design, it is no different from other “Fridays”. A limited list of goods (albeit a very large one) and an extremely narrow combination with other promotions: compatible with the “Card Discount”, allows the accrual of increased bonuses and participation in credit programs. No other discount programs or coupon offers are available. It is partly just a broadcast of discounts from partners.
  • “Golden fever”… Until December 2. An interactive game on the store’s website for those registered in the loyalty program. Intermediate prizes in the form of discounts on goods or the goods themselves, as well as participation in the final drawing of super prizes. You can increase your chances by spending bonuses from your loyalty card. The maximum allowed prizes per participant is 28 + 1 super prizes.
  • “Days of Samsung”… Until November 30 (December 7). Consists of two parts. In the first (until November 30), when making purchases of promotional goods, you will receive a coupon with a face value of up to 25 thousand rubles, which at the second stage (until December 7) can be spent on the purchase of Samsung equipment. It cannot be combined with other coupon promotions, it is permissible to combine it with a promotional discount (which does not require additional conditions) and the accrual of increased bonuses. Limited compatibility with credit offers. The maximum discount for a coupon is 20% of the cost of the goods.
  • “Discount on the card + Installment plan”… Until January 18th. Requires the use of a loyalty card and purchase of goods according to the rules of the “Installment” or “Eldorassrochka” promotions. Not compatible with other promotions. A limited list of products, which is very small for some categories (for example, there are only two laptops in the offer). 
  • “50% discount on Yandex.Plus packages when buying Hi TV”… Full analogue of the action in M.Video, except that another brand of Chinese TVs is being promoted.
  • “Express service for 2 years. When buying a promotional TV “… Until November 30. Choose a TV set from the list (prices – from 44 thousand to 4 million rubles), purchase, after which you need to call the contact center by phone 8 800 250 25 25 and inform about your desire to take advantage of the promotion. Express service will be free of charge. The promotion is not compatible with any others, except for increased bonuses to the loyalty card.
  • “Pre-order for Honor Hunter V700 laptop”… Not a standalone promotion, pre-order is included in the long-running “Bonus Card Discount”. The price has been reduced from 160 to 128 thousand rubles, which corresponds to the brand’s offer in the company store.
  • “XBOX One S for only 19 rubles”… Until December 4th. Any bundle, as well as a branded variation in CSKA colors, costs 19 rubles. There are no additional conditions.
  • “Start of sales of HONOR 10X Lite”… Until January 10. Loyalty card discount – 1 rubles. No coupon promotions, trade-in, discount for online purchases and accrual of increased bonuses are available. It is possible to buy in installments and on credit, as well as pay with accumulated bonuses. Bonuses from partners are promised, but at the moment there is no information about them on the store’s website.
  • “Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5 G with a benefit of 8 rubles + 000-0-0 installments”… Until January 10. In addition to the installment plan indicated in the name itself, the purchase of an accessory worth from 1 rubles is also required to participate in the promotion. The purchase can be partially paid for with bonus points. Not compatible with other promotions.


MTS also has a Black Friday section, where, as in the case of Beeline, they simply collected everything for which the store offers some kind of discounts or gifts for the purchase. It is impossible to consider this as a promotional offer. Either the broadcast of the discount from the brand, or with the same conditions, the product was sold earlier and will be sold later. The actual discounts are as follows:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

  • “Discounts on Samsung smartphones along with communication”… Until November 30. The action is extremely simple. Choose a smartphone and get a discount on it if you buy in conjunction with a tariff plan suitable for the promotion. You can either get a new SIM card or switch from the old tariff. The promotion has certain variations by region.
  • “MTS Music as a gift with the purchase of headphones and portable acoustics”… Until November 30. It would be more correct to write “… or portable acoustics.” There are no additional conditions. A promo code for a month of using the service without a monthly fee will be printed on the receipt.
  • “Headphones or fitness bracelet as a gift when buying a smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T”… Until December 31st. When buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 64 GB, a gift will automatically be added in the form of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2, and for the purchase of a version with 128 GB of memory, a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C fitness bracelet. There are no additional conditions. The promotion is valid online.
  • “Discount when ordering Honor 10X Lite”… Until November 30. Discount – 1 rubles. Actually, all official sellers have such a discount. The promotion has no special features, the discount is applied when the product is placed in the basket.


In “Citylink”, as always, there are a lot of promotions that give only bonuses to the loyalty card or as a gift to the product comes a store certificate for a certain amount. Of course, this is also a discount to a certain extent, but I see no point in describing or even listing such promotions. After all, they rarely influence product selection, but rather allow them to maximize future benefits. But since I don’t know how to predict tomorrow, I won’t even talk about increased bonuses. Moreover, at the moment, the list will be very extensive.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

  • “Black Friday”… Until December 4th. Actually, nothing, except for the increased duration (it began on November 16), “Black Friday” in “Citylink” is not remarkable. There are no special conditions for the promotion – the section contains products that are sold at a certain discount (o-varies greatly, I find it difficult to even name which figure it tends to, just that it is far from the maximum 70%). The difference from most promotions inside the store is that there is no need to enter a promo code or fulfill any other conditions to receive a discount.
  • “Installment 0-0-12 / 24”… Until November 30. In fact, there are even more installment programs than indicated in the name. There is an opportunity to take a loan for 6 and 10 months, also without a down payment. Drawn up directly on the website, issued by the bank “TINKOFF BANK” or JSC “OTP Bank”. The option is also possible through the “Post Bank”, but in this case the agreement will need to be signed at the bank branch. A number of other banks are also present, but according to the information on the site, not all of them give the opportunity to make a complete decision on lending online according to the accelerated (3 minutes promised) option.
  • “One year of Megogo subscription as a gift! When buying a Hyundai TV “… Until November 30. Very similar to the actions from “M.Video” and “Eldorado” action. With the only amendment that the service is both cheaper and looks preferable. The level of TVs, both in quality and in price, is approximately the same for all three stocks. Additional conditions include the introduction of a promo code in the shopping cart.
  • “There is an antivirus for any virus”… Until January 31st. A 1-ruble discount on Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus along with any computer, office suite or operating system. There are no additional conditions, but you need to add the antivirus to the cart yourself when ordering.
  • “Reliable protection for you and your family”… Until December 10. 10% discount on antivirus KASPERSKY Internet Security Multi-Device + Family doctor online (2 devices. 1 year) when purchased from a PC or laptop. You need to put the product into the cart yourself, there are no additional conditions.
  • “Gift with the purchase of Microsoft software”… Until December 25th. Antivirus Eset NOD32 Smart Security Family 3 devices 1 year (scratch card) as a gift when purchasing Microsoft software. The gift is added automatically, there are no additional conditions.
  • “Black Friday with SoftClub”… Until December 6th. Discounts on company games. Likewise, until November 29 for Ubisoft and Electronic Arts games, and until December 6 for 2K Games.
  • “Discount up to 7 rubles for Huawei laptops”… Until December 6th. There are no additional conditions, the price on the website is immediately discounted. The cost corresponds to the offers from the brand in the company store.
  • “Benefit up to 17 rubles for Huawei laptops”… Almost identical to the previous promotion, but for other models and with the obligatory indication of the HUAWEIBF promo code. Validity period – also until December 6th.
  • “Great offer from BEATS”… Until November 28. Discount on two models of the brand’s headphones. The price is immediately discounted, the offer is common in the market, not unique to Citylink.
  • “Discount on HP Accessories”… Until December 20. Discount on brand accessories (mice, bags, backpacks) in the amount of 20% of the cost when you enter a promo code in the shopping cart.
  • “Honor Laptops Discount”… Until December 8th. Discount – 9 rubles for the HONOR MagicBook Pro model with a promotional code. The price will be typical for the market.
  • “Discount on HONOR tablets”… Full analogue of the action above with the same terms and the same conditions. The difference is in the nominal amount of the discount and the use of a different promo code.
  • “Discounts on Huawei smart watches”… Another typical action that attracts attention only until January 18th. Also, a promo code, price at the bottom of the market and the absence of additional conditions.
  • “Lenovo Headphone Discount”… Until December 18th. Discount on cordless models HT10 and HT30, as well as wired HF118. The size of the discount is up to 500 rubles. It is required to indicate the promo code in the shopping cart. There are no other conditions.
  • “Discount on MFPs, printers, cartridges and projectors EPSON”… Until December 15th. Discount – 10% when specifying a promo code. 
  • “Installment for HTC virtual reality helmet”… Until December 4th. Available offer in the format 0-0-12. Purchase is possible only in the full-format Citylink store. Courier delivery and self-pickup from the point of issue are not available. Both helmets and whale kits take part in the action.
  • “Marvel Avengers game cheat for purchasing Intel processors”… Until December 15th. Promotion from Intel, accordingly, registration of the purchase on a special site is required. You need to activate the code before March 31, 2021, registration of a purchase is possible until December 27.
  • “Discount for Windows 10 Devices”… Until December 4th. When you specify the BLACKWIN promo code, the cost of computers running Windows 10 is reduced by 2 rubles. For some, in this way, the minimum price in the market is reached. Unfortunately, the promo code only works with a small list of promotional items.
  • Black Friday with GIGABYTE and Intel… Until December 4th. If you have an Intel processor and a Gigabyte Z490 motherboard in one check, the cost of such a kit will decrease by 10%. You do not need to enter a promo code, the price is recalculated automatically when the second item is added to the cart.
  • “50% off Microsoft Xbox Game Pass when purchased with a Windows 10 laptop.”… All the content of the action is in its title. No promo code required, just put both items in the cart and place your order. There are no additional conditions. Valid until December 5th. The list of models in the action is very extensive.
  • “7 days of free communication and the Internet”… Until December 31st. When buying a push-button phone (not a smartphone), you can choose a SIM card from the catalog and receive a discount in the amount of the cost of the starter tariff package. Condition – both products must be in the basket when ordering. You cannot get more than one tariff plan in this way.


Perhaps, the section on the DNS retail network could be thrown out altogether, because almost all the offers that are now available from federal networks for the sale of electronics have already been listed. The DNS itself has its own Black Friday discount aggregator. There are 96 additionally highlighted offers for the Moscow region in the store now. There is no way to enumerate such a number, especially since, as has been said, for the most part they coincide with those that have already been named. I will note the following. Attention is drawn to the traditionally large list of computer components and peripherals for which discounts are offered. But for the most part, this is a small discount of 10-15%, and the price tag ends up being absolutely typical for the market. They also traditionally warn about the “Installment or Benefit” promotion. Instead of a direct discount on the product, the DNS store offers you bonus points for a loyalty card. As a result, in comparison with other chains, it turns out that you are purchasing goods at a higher price. Whether the savings will be later or the points will simply burn out depends on many factors, so in general this scheme seems to me the least profitable for the buyer.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 132. Black Friday 2020

I came across two remarkable promotions with gifts:

  • “Buy a Nokia 8.3 smartphone – get a TWS headset Nokia BH-605”… Valid until December 4th. You can choose a black or white headset. As usual in DNS, the discount is split over the price of both items. The buyer himself must add both products to the cart or choose a set on the promo page.
  • “Buy a Huawei tablet – get an Okko-premium subscription”… Valid until December 10. When you buy a MatePad tablet from the promotional list, you can get a subscription to the Okko online cinema. After purchasing, go to the Member Center app on your new Huawei device and copy the promo code number from the “My Coupons” section. The promo code will be available in the Member Center app 3 days after activating the tablet. Download the Huawei AppGallery from the app store and install the Okko app on your MatePad Pro, MatePad or MatePad T 10s. Register or log in to the application. In the “Settings” section, open the “Payment for services” tab and enter the promo code in the appropriate field, after which you will have access to Okko-premium in the “Subscriptions”. 

Traditionally, I invite you to share your ways of saving on Black Friday in the comments.

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