Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

Black Friday is a thing of the past, and soon the whole of 2020 will go there. But December is a traditional time for New Year’s sales, when sometimes you can find discounts, in fact, no worse than that notorious Friday. And how things are now, you can find out from our next digest of sales of federal electronics stores.

“M Video”

In “M.Video” again they stake on luring customers with promises of “cashback”. Of course, they mean bonuses to the loyalty card. And for me, for example, it looks like an ambiguous choice from the point of view of the buyer. I usually ignore such promotions for the reason that a deferred discount on a product is often not suitable for anyone on the next purchase due to additional restrictions that stores always try to put on the most popular products. However, if prices jump in January, then bonuses on a loyalty card can be a useful thing. On the other hand, isn’t it wiser, knowing about the upcoming price increase and the inevitability of spending, to make a purchase in advance?

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

But let’s not talk about the ambiguous, let’s look at what is already there. And there is, for example, “Double Benefit” for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S20 +. When buying these devices, you will be given a discount of 4 rubles and another 500 will be credited to your loyalty card. Actually, that’s why it’s double. There is also the “Super Offer for Samsung TVs”. By today’s standards, the store offers really great prices. Although, of course, there were better offers before, and the discounts are not as great as the M.Video website is trying to show you. In addition, be careful, very many models for the action are showcase samples. But this promotion is compatible with another one – “12% discount on online cinema”. When buying audio and video equipment (certain models, not any product in the category), you get a 50 or 6 month subscription to ivi, Okko or Megogo online cinema with a 12% discount.

In addition to stocks for Samsung goods, there are also a couple of stocks from Huawei / Honor. When you buy a HUAWEI P40 lite smartphone, a HUAWEI Band 4 Pro fitness bracelet is included as a gift. By default, you are offered a pink bracelet, but you can replace it with a black or red one. With the Honor brand, you are promised a more substantial discount – 16 thousand rubles from the base price of the Honor Hunter V700 laptop. This offer “at the start of sales” is valid until December 14. I would like to note that the shares are not unique, they can be found at other partners of the company.


There are not many shares in Beeline, and besides, one of them is just an operator discount for buying a smartphone in installments with accessories and a communication package. But the second is a discount offer for new iPhones. As they say, whoever did not have time, he is not late yet. I mean, Black Friday wasn’t the last chance to get iPhone 12 at a discount. The promotion applies to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models. Firstly, for a purchase paid online, you will receive a 3% discount on the price. Secondly, you can turn in your old smartphone for trade-in, getting up to 12% discount on iPhone 50. But to this you can add even greater benefit – 10 rubles for an Apple iPhone 000 when purchased complete with the option “12 bonus rubles for communication on the action” and accessories for the amount of 5 rubles or more. Or 000 rubles for an Apple iPhone 5 mini if ​​you purchase a set with the option “000 bonus rubles for communication with a promotion” and accessories for an amount of 5 rubles or more. Not bad for Apple devices that only recently debuted on the market.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

“El Dorado”

Having looked at the actions in M.Video, one could assume that in Eldorado there will be the same low-joy picture. But no. And it’s not even a matter of yet another iteration of EldoSale. There are other proposals, including those repeating those in “M.Video”. Of these, I will name the offer for the Honor Hunter V700 and discounts on Samsung TVs (by the way, in Eldorado, for some reason, there are no more recent copies of them). The offer for Samsung smartphones is somewhat different. Here they decided not to limit themselves to S20 +, but gave a discount on a bonus card and 15% “cashback” bonuses. Not bad, considering that there are practically no Samsung phones left on the market at the old prices. Wider and share and on Honor. In addition to the Hunter V700, there is a discount on the MagicBook Pro – the version with Intel Core i5 and 512 GB SSD will cost 89 rubles, i.e. exactly at the price at which it was offered on Black Friday. And from TVs on sale not only Samsung, but also LG. Although the discounts for them are smaller. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

Plus a promotion from Xiaomi. In honor of the start of sales, the Mi 10T series costs 4 thousand rubles less than the recommended retail price. Plus, for those who are still not ready to pay off 46 thousand rubles for a Xiaomi smartphone, there are proposals for installments, which can be from 2 thousand rubles per month.


Not only Beeline, but also MegaFon have new iPhones for the promotion. But with completely different conditions of purchase. You will not be given a direct discount on the device, however, to all buyers of Apple iPhone 12 mini, Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro or Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max who connect or switch to tariffs of the “Turn on!” Line: “Write”, “Speak” , “Have fun”, “Chat”, “Choose”, “Watch”, “Premium” or the line “No overpayments”: “Calls”, “Internet”, “Everything”, “Maximum”, as well as “VIP” and ” Premium ”, a free connection of the option“ Unlimited Internet for 1 year ”will be available. An additional bonus – insurance from “Alpha Insurance” in the “Screen Protection Light” option for free. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

For those on a budget, there is an option with a gift to purchase the Samsung Galaxy M31. Another smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, comes with him as a gift. But there are additional conditions and bonuses. You will need to have two tariffs from the “Switch on!” Line: “Write”, “Talk”, “Have fun”, “Chat”, “Choose”, “Watch”, “Premium” or “No overpayments” also “VIP” and “Premium”. Both will need to connect the option of 500 promotional rubles, plus for 60 days there will be free access to the Gigateca service.


The electronic discounter Citylink has become one of the few stores that did not stop after Black Friday and announced the launch of a new major sale. Although his “Super Prices” have long been steadily at the same rate as “EldoSale”. Those. There are a lot of goods, discounts seem to be large, but those that are really at the bottom of the market are few, if you do not take into account the goods that came out a year or more ago, and therefore are of limited interest to the buyer. The sale for legal entities looks much more interesting. It is announced as the “Final Sale”, and taking into account the end date of December 31.12, it is difficult to come up with a final one for 2020. The stated maximum discount is 35%, but mostly the size is smaller. The assortment includes office supplies and computer equipment. This is where the big multi-brand sales in Citylink are over. Therefore, we turn to an overview of proposals for specific brands.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

And we find that Huawei and Honor have the most stocks. Huawei has a discount of 3 or 8 rubles for the MatePad 10 and Matepad Pro tablets. The promotion called “Discounts on Huawei Laptops” in Moscow turned into a promotion for one single option – MateBook X Pro, there are no other options. Honor has more variety. In the laptop world, discounts are offered (like everyone else) on the HONOR Hunter V700 and MagicBook Pro. Of smartphones, Honor 10X Lite is especially highlighted, but there are discounts for other models – Honor 30 Pro + (discount of 5 rubles) and Honor 500i (discount of 30 rubles). Plus, until the end of the month, discounts on Honor smartwatches.

There is also a discount on smart watches from Samsung – until December 14, the discount will be for buyers of Watch Active 2 (40 and 44 mm options) and 41 mm and 45 mm versions of Galaxy Watch 3. From computer equipment, it can be noted that until December 31, some devices with the preinstalled Windows 10 OS, they will come with a discount of 2 rubles using a promo code. You can also get a 000% discount on Asus motherboards with the promo code, but this offer is only valid until December 10th. And, finally, the last thing that needs to be mentioned in relation to Citylink is discounts of up to 17 rubles on Kivi TVs. Considering the price level of these TVs, the supply isn’t too bad. True, there is nothing to compare it with, the brand is not very widespread. 


In MTS, this time it was promotional offers with a gulkin’s nose. Actually, this is the start of sales of Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro, which everyone has, but not quite the same option as everyone else. The discount is formally offered more than the market average (as much as 12 rubles), but it has one catch. To obtain it, you need to purchase accessories. And not any, but purely from the “Gift Set” section. Which pulls for 700 rubles. So think after that, whether or not MTS has a big discount on new Xiaomi products. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

The second option is phones again. This time Samsung. But already without a discount, but with a gift, as stated, up to 25 thousand rubles. And here it would be to joke in the spirit of Tinkov’s advertising, but still more cunning. This is not such a small discount, but the offer is not easy. Firstly, the size, of course, depends on the cost of the device itself, so you can count on the cherished 25 thousand rubles when purchasing the company’s flagships. Secondly, you will not see direct discounts right away. It is given in the form of a promotional code for the next purchase, fortunately, without the restrictions on the percentage that can be paid for this purchase, loved by other stores. However, there is a component in this promotion that makes it profitable in any scenario. On it, you get the right to use the “Unlimited Internet” option with an unlimited 100% discount on a monthly fee. To do this, you need to be a subscriber of the Tariffische tariff or switch to it after purchasing a promotional smartphone. The discounted option is activated automatically and is valid until the tariff is changed to any other. And this is just very interesting.


They do not change themselves in the DNS and organize big sales infrequently. So far, they are not observed in December. There are separate offers by brands and categories, among which there are quite good ones. Even if not unique. These include:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

They can be found in other retail chains.

From what I came across just at the DNS, I will note the following. Until the end of the New Year holidays, you can buy Beats headphones in DNS for 9 rubles. True, if you look more closely, it would be more correct to write “from 999 rubles”, there is a discount for several models, and not all of them are at the indicated cost. The next 9 weeks, liquid cooling systems for ROG processors will cost 999% less – if anyone was going to spend the holidays at home at the computer, then this is for you. For those who are going to gobble up Olivier to the President’s speech and the Blue Light on New Year’s Eve, a discount for paying for TVs online may come in handy. The maximum discount for this promotion is 2 thousand rubles. The models in the assortment are very different, so for some it may be only 20 rubles a discount. 

From smartphones with a discount in DNS, you can also find models from the Tecno brand (the offer will be valid until January 10) and the realme brand (the offer will be valid until January 11). For Tecno, a discount on the entire current model range, and for realme – on a limited list. Plus an interesting promotion from Nikon. When purchasing cameras from this manufacturer, you can choose some accessories as a gift. Formally, the discount is spread over the camera and the accessory, but in fact it is always equal to the cost of the accessory. An interesting action is that you can choose not a photographic gadget, but a product from the list, which includes not accessories at all, but smartphones. The choice will depend on the camera model. 


I would like to point out two shares at Svyaznoy. Both of them are timed to coincide with the purchase of New Year’s gifts, so they piled literally everything in them. The first is called “Magic Choice” and promises a discount of up to 70%. In general, you understand that there will be no such discounts for anything other than very cheap accessories. The second one is called “Buy gifts profitably” for some reason. For some reason – this is for the reason that Svyaznoy for some reason decided to rebrand the name of the action by trade-in. Nothing has changed in the conditions, so this is just a new sign. Let me remind you that in fact “Svyaznoy” does not accept anything in trade-in, you just need to show the device in the photo.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 133

Traditionally, I suggest in the comments to share my experience of buying stocks lately. And if you know about interesting offers in other stores, then share them with our readers!

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