Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134


2020 is drawing to a close, but we are not running out of news for our readers. As you may have noticed, we are now reporting in the news about the start of various sales promotions in stores. This allows you to quickly inform you about the most interesting events. However, a full review of promotions held in large federal chains will continue to be published every two weeks as part of the Promotions and Discounts Guide. So let’s go, we will explore the issue of opportunities to save on the last weekend before the upcoming New Year.

“M Video”

As usual, in M.Video, the main offensive weapon is a loud slogan. This time they came up with the “New Year Cash Buck”. Of course, this product of the selection of marketers is a cashback and a bull in exactly the same degree as astrology is a science. Therefore, you will not receive any 55% benefit. The promotion has too many all kinds of restrictions, even the basic scheme does not seem to be as customer-oriented as possible. Until January 11, you make your first purchase, for which you will receive points in the amount of a certain percentage of the purchase price on your loyalty punishment. You need to choose from the promotional list, of course. From January 5th until January 31st, 2021, these points can be used to purchase other items. It should not be subject to restrictive actions, which will not make it possible to pay for it with bonuses (and there are more and more of them in M.Video). And, most importantly, you can pay no more than 50% of the cost with bonuses. In general, everything is as usual – if you are a clever and skillful participant in sales offers, then you can calculate a bargain, but most buyers will not get any benefit.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

But there are simpler options. Firstly, these are offers for smartphones. They are not from M.Video, but from manufacturers, so their counterparts will be in other stores as well. This is a discount of 4 rubles for the Xiaomi Mi 000T | 10T Pro and a discount of 10 rubles for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. There are special offers for the Huawei P000 Pro model – the price of a flagship from the past, when Huawei had GMS services, has been reduced to 20 thousand (yes, these are the current realities, this is a reduced price), and you can get a discount of up to 30 for new Realme products. rubles. For all devices of the Honor brand (and this is not only smartphones), the discount can be up to 45 thousand rubles. No dirty tricks and additional conditions. 

Secondly, this is a promotion with New Year’s promotional codes. The offer works for products of the categories “Household appliances” and “Televisions” and implies the possibility of obtaining a discount from 3 to 10 thousand rubles for purchases worth from 30 thousand. Those. you will be given a discount of 10% or even more with a promotional code. The maximum discount of 10 thousand rubles goes to the price tag of 70 thousand.

Thirdly, these are, as usual, promotions with gifts. Three of them can be noted. When you buy a Sony Bravia 8K ZH8 TV, a gift in the form of a soundbar will automatically be added to the cart. The soundbar itself is more of a home theater that costs 40 thousand rubles, but TV is not budgetary either. There will be a more modest gift from the Oppo brand – the Oppo Enco W4 wireless headphones will be added to the OPPO Reno11 Lite smartphone. And the third is Samsung TV sets. They include one QLED model and a simpler one. As in other cases, the gift is added automatically, but may vary depending on the selected QLED model.


Beeline stores continue to attract customers with the opportunity to get a new iPhone under the Christmas tree and with a discount. The promised discount is up to 50%, but it stems not only from the generosity of the operator, but also from a number of conditions. This is a trade-in offer, so the maximum discount will depend on what kind of device you hand over on the exchange. But “Beeline” can guarantee you a discount of 5 or 10 thousand rubles. To do this, you need to purchase an Apple iPhone 12 complete with the option “5 bonus rubles for communication through the promotion” and accessories for the amount of 000 rubles or more, or an Apple iPhone 5 mini when purchasing a set with the option “000 bonus rubles for communication through the promotion »And accessories for the amount of 12 rubles or more. In the first case, there will be 2 thousand discounts on the device itself, and in the second – 000 thousand. Offer valid until December 3st.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

“El Dorado”

Since the main New Year promotions at Eldorado were announced strongly in advance, only particulars were added to them. Although, as you know, the devil loves details and particulars. So here are some suggestions that have been added to the Eldorado catalog. Speaking of the manifestations of devilry, here are the recipes from the demon of procrastination and killing time. Until January 10, discounts on Electronic Arts games. At the same time, the campaign from PlayStation will end – discounts on games up to 70% and Dual Shock gamepads at a price of 2 rubles. The gaming part of Microsoft also participates in promotions: up to 990% discount on digital copies of games for Xbox. The general section with discounts on games on the Eldorado website is here. For Nintendo Switch fans, there is a bundle discount option. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

Since we have touched on the topic of game consoles, we will add to them the promotions on TVs. There will be a promotion for soundbars from Sony. True, the site of the Moscow “Eldorado” says that there is only one TV model left – for a modest 999 rubles. No, I was not mistaken either with zero or with the number of nines. There is also an offer from Samsung with a second TV as a gift. And here there is already a selection of more budget TV models, as far as it is applicable to devices with QLED technology. Other shares with discounts on V.V. Putin can be found in a separate section. According to statistics, 990/3 of Russians will watch it, so for sure a lot of people may need a new TV.

For those who prefer a more mobile and active vacation, we recommend paying attention to promotions with mobile devices. Until the New Year, discounts will be available on action cameras GoPro Hero 9. And the Huawei P40 Lite smartphone will receive a Huawei Band 4 Pro fitness bracelet. In addition, there are other offerings from both the Huawei brand itself and the newly independent Honor. 

If we continue the topic of smartphones, then Eldorado is also holding a promotion from Oppo with a gift in the form of headphones for the Reno4 Lite smartphone. A discount of 10 thousand rubles is provided on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and a smaller discount on other models of the Korean brand. Realme also offers smaller discounts, and this is also just a broadcast of the brand’s offer in the store, and not an Eldorado initiative. 

Well, to conclude the conversation about the Eldorado promotions, one cannot but mention the discounts on laptops based on Windows 10. The models are mainly up to 100 rubles, so there are really no games, only their budget options. But if you do not need the most productive option, then there is plenty to choose from. Prices, of course, do not cause much delight, but it’s time to get used to the new realities.


A rather unusual action was announced at Svyaznoy. You will need a loyalty card of any store and a purchase in the amount of 3 rubles or more. In this case, Svyaznoy will credit you 000 bonuses to your loyalty card. If the purchase is made as part of the credit offer, then there will be 2020 bonuses. If they are spent before December 3020, 31, then the 2020 bonus will be credited again. This offer has only one drawback – these bonuses cannot be used to pay for more than 2021% of goods or services. You cannot also pay with bonuses: accessories for tablets, computers, laptops, memory cards, photo and camcorders, game consoles, Airpods, household appliances and household goods. And they must be spent before January 15st.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

Other offers of “Svyaznoy” are simple and for the most part duplicated in other stores. Until January 10, there will be a discount on PlayStation gamepads, and until that date, there will be a discount on PlayStation 4 games. And until January 10, there will be “New Year” prices for MSI laptops. Depending on the model, the discount can be up to 15 thousand rubles. Until the end of the year, simpler Sony WI-C1000 headphones will be given as a gift in the chain stores when purchasing the Sony WH-4XM200 nc headphones with an intelligent noise canceling system. Well, it will not do without a stock on the action camera GoPro Hero8 Black. The discount on them has been extended until January 3.


In “Citylink”, as usual, there is a large scattering of various shares, which, nevertheless, can be divided into several groups by subject. First of all, I will say that this network contains all the previously called promotions for games and gaming accessories. These are general promotions “Christmas discounts on games” and “New Year discounts on games” (the difference between them is only in the catalog, they will end on the same day – January 10). And specialized ones: from Ubisoft, from PlayStation and from Electronic Arts. All of them are also calculated until January 10 and do not have any special conditions.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

What was not in previous promotions from stores is discounts and special offers for car accessories. In “Citylink” you will be offered discounts on Blackvue recorders, MIO recorders, as well as Neoline recorders and radar detectors. These are also the simplest discount promotions without bonuses, loyalty cards or other conditions. However, it should be noted that in other networks the prices for similar devices may be the same.

As for computer equipment, Citylink offers a discount on Alcatel and ASUS network equipment. There is also a discount for ASUS laptops and Acer monoblocks, but for the latter, only if it is a model based on Intel Core series processors. In addition, you can find discounts on SSDs and Adata external hard drives. Plus a big sale of Elari smart home components. The discount for each individual device is small, but given that a lot of them are required, if you are just equipping a smart home system, the discount will turn out to be significant.


And finally, the absolute champion in the number of shares is the DNS trading network. Since I lost my account somewhere in the third or fourth ten promotional offers, I will not describe each separately. I’ll just break this endless list into groups.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 134

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Traditionally, I propose to share your impressions and knowledge about discounts on New Year’s sales!

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